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Jupiter Neighbors Against Illegal Labor Hold Rally In Florida, Leaders Approve Of Illegal Aliens

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A group of neighbors in Jupiter, Florida organized a group called Jupiter Neighbors Against Illegal Labor and held a 50 person rally outside of their annual festival. The growing discontent with illegal labor and illegal aliens in communities throughout the country have caused groups to spring up across the country as more people become fed up with crime and crowded streets. Like the Redondo Beach community the Jupiter neighbors brought up their dissatisfaction with community leaders and were ignored. Instead the leaders propose a sanctioned housing and job center to facilitate the illegal aliens so they're not visible on the street as day laborers.

Palm Beach Post

Neighbors claiming their streets have become an employment zone for undocumented workers protested Saturday afternoon, wearing red shirts and holding up signs with slogans such as: "Illegal Labor is Racketeering."

A group called Jupiter Neighbors Against Illegal Labor led the three-hour protest with about 50 members during the high-traffic hours at the intersection of Indiantown Road and Military Trail. The demonstration took place just outside the town's annual Jupiter Jubilee festival.

For months, the group has attempted to call attention to the issue of undocumented workers with speakers at town council meetings and before local political organizations. The group claims unchecked illegal immigration is responsible for the town's growing day laborer population.

"We have no clue who these people are," said Britt Burton, an organizer. The Coast Guard veteran believes the presence of undocumented workers is a homeland security issue. "This country is not indestructible. People need to realize that 9/11 really happened. My motivation is to protect what my ancestors built."

The protest is also the latest attempt to stifle plans for a proposed neighborhood resource center that would become the main job referral source for day laborers

The story gets more ridiculous as it goes on. With the Mayor of Lake Worth proposing they should build dormitory housing for illegal aliens so they're not as annoying. Several other proposals in the article are for specific job centers where illegal aliens can hang out waiting to get a job. In places they are even issuing ID cards approved by town officials for illegal day laborers. There's not one mention of actually enforcing the law.
In Duluth, Ga., for example, the Spanish-language ministry of Calvary Christian Church has established the Hispanic Community Support Center. The center gives job referrals to about 80 people daily during peak season. It has become a successful hiring center that has cleared local streets of most "hornaleros," or day laborers, on most mornings, said Executive Director Mara Espinosa Garca.

"There's a great demand for them here," Garca said in Spanish. "People will waste a lot of money on protesting a center without resolving the problem. We need to begin a dialogue about it. The laborers here have gotten involved in the center and addressed community issues because they feel like the center is a second home."

Town officials also have issued a city ID card that keeps out-of-town day laborers from gathering on Duluth's streets.

"It became a very bad problem for everybody," said Mayor Shirley Lasseter. "People would jump into cars while at fast-food restaurants. It came to the point of being obtrusive to our residents."

The city resolved the issue with the ID cards, issued through the police department.

Day laborers with ID cards will not be ticketed, Lasseter said.

That's great, sanctioned aiding and abetting lawbreakers, which's just what we need.

Jupiter Neighbors Against Illegal Labor approached Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) for support in their fight against the center.

"They quite frankly have very limited recourse," said Mike Hethmon, a staff attorney for the federation. "When you scratch the surface, it's a very very complex issue. That's why it's a problem the council is grappling. They have to deal with a problem that has federal and national makings. We don't know of a single case where institutionalizing these labor markets has some sort of positive effect. You end up with a magnet for illegal aliens."
What would you expect from giving handouts to illegal aliens and actually encouraging them to stay in the area? They tell their other illegal alien friends and family coming into the country and you end up with a flood of not only people looking for work, but criminals. Most would argue that casino's bring crime, but put one of these places up in your town and every coyote and smuggler in the area will be making regular stops in your neighborhood to drop off their people.

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