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Governor Schwarzenegger Says He Will Not Approve An Illegal Alien Drivers License Bill

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gil_cedillo.jpg Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once again has reiterated that he will not sign a bill allowing illegal aliens to be allowed to get drivers licenses. The legislation which keeps being put forth by one man, Sen. Gil "one bill" Cedillo, would allow illegal aliens to dirive all of the benefits of a drivers license including the lax way in which states, airlines and banks continue to use them for identification purposes.

Sacramento Bee

"The federal government is coming up with a solution in the next 18 months to let us know what the guidelines should be," he said, referring to supporting documents that applicants would have to present to guard against terrorists' acquiring driver's licenses.
Cedillo recently backed an ad in Variety by a group of 32 stars and unknowns from Hollywood that signed on to give illegal aliens drivers licenses.
No stranger to the intersection of Hollywood and politics, Schwarzenegger said he appreciated the ad, which ran last week in the trade paper Variety before the Academy Award nominations were announced, and the entertainers who signed it.


Cedillo said the message is something "people can understand in a very human way." Schwarzenegger's response, he said, disappointed him.

"Legally, he's not prohibited from taking action," Cedillo said of the governor's decision to await direction from the federal government.

"Morally, he should be taking action because there's 22 million drivers whose safety would be increased if all drivers in the state were licensed."

Gil Cedillo is a former member of MEChA whose membership goals include:
"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."
AZTLAN includes the returning of eight or nine states including Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington to Mexico.

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