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Senate's Agenda Missing Immigration Reform

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Here's a big surprise for everyone who has been following the immigration reforms passing through congress in the last year. James Sensenbrenner basically bowed down during the vote on the homeland security bill with a promise that it would be the first issue picked up in the new session of congress. With the tsunami it was understandable that it wasn't number one, but now the Senate has brought forth their top 10 agenda for this session of congress and guess what's missing?

Washington Post

Senate Republican leaders outlined their 10 top legislative priorities yesterday, focusing mainly on cutting taxes and restructuring Social Security. But two notable omissions -- changes to immigration laws and a ban on same-sex marriage -- underscored tensions with their conservative wing.


Although their House counterparts are preparing to offer anti-terrorism legislation that includes broad crackdowns on illegal immigration, Senate Republicans did not mention immigration in the legislative agenda they outlined for reporters yesterday. With several Republican senators supporting expanded guest-worker programs, "we don't have a consensus" in the Senate GOP caucus, said its third-ranking leader, Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.).


Frist said the GOP agenda "will work towards securing a safer America, a stronger America, a freer America, a healthier America and a more prosperous America."

Frist is so full of shit it makes me ill. How can you have a safer America with a wide open border? What an Asshat! This is just one more stick in the eye from the Senate who refuses to address an issue that the majority of Americans want solved.

The Democrats are no better, here's their top 10 priority list.

The Democrats' top 10 list includes: allowing prescription drugs to be imported; creating national standards for federal elections; restoring overtime pay benefits to workers who lost them under a 2004 labor rules change; adding as many as 40,000 military troops by 2007; improving veterans' benefits; increasing Pell Grants and other college tuition subsidies; and increasing access to family planning services and insurance coverage of birth control products.

Tipped by: Captain Ed, who is pissed as well.

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