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Outrageous Last Meeting Between Tom Ridge And Santiago Creel, Interior Secretary Of Mexico

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In the last meeting of DHS Secretary Tom Ridge and Mexico's Interior Secretary Santiago Creel, little was done other than demanding the give illegal aliens benefits, not to punish them and to, in general, give illegals free reign at the border and throughout our country. Tom Ridge did nothing but encourage all that they were demanding. At one point Tom Ridge even quipped "I like being his amigo".


Creel also used the occasion to denounce an Arizona ballot measure - approved by voters in November - that limits government services for illegal immigrants.

"It's incompatible with human rights and does a disservice to both countries, the United States as much as Mexico," he told reporters at a news conference following the meeting in Calexico, a border city about 100 miles east of San Diego.

Well then keep your people in your country by developing it rather than forcing them into ours to demand services. If he's so worried about it why don't they have vast welfare services for their people?
Ridge said other states were unlikely to follow Arizona's lead if the United States introduces a program for temporary workers.

"There will probably be far less inclination by any states to vote a similar way again ... because the people that will be here will be here legally and they will certainly be in a much better position to support themselves without relying on any public funding," Ridge said.

Public fuding is only one issue in the immigration reform debate. Proposition 200 in Arizona also requires identification for voting purposes. Even if the Presidents "guest worker program" (read amnesty) passes, there will still be illegal aliens in the country and receiving services they should not be.

The fact is if you are here to work then you should not be receiving benefits of any kind. If you cannot obtain a job that is paying you enough to stay here legally then you should not be here under a guest worker program. In my opinion government provided services should be for citizens and citizens alone.

Lou Dobbs sums it up nicely.

Lou Dobbs ( via Lonewacko)

DOBBS: Well, that's certainly a contributing factor, as you point out, Casey, but hardly the whole story. The -- I take it the Homeland Security chief didn't mention perhaps controlling the nation's borders?

WIAN: No, he really -- he really didn't say much about that at all. He had a couple references to it, but most of the discussion was focused on trade and ways to facilitate more cross-border traffic faster -- Lou.

DOBBS: Am I correct in noting that of the five items the interior minister brought forward there, all five would be the responsibility of the U.S. government, not the Mexican government?

WIAN: Absolutely. It's a very interesting point that you make. The Mexicans are demanding the U.S. government take actions, but it seems that the Mexicans are willing to offer very little in the way of action on their own, and the U.S. isn't demanding much of them on the other side.

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