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Drivers License Fraud Rings, Identity Theft, Terrorism and Illegal Aliens

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Identity theft, fraudulent drivers licenses, illegal aliens and terrorism, all things that are being helped along by fraud rings at DMV's around the country. Some of the 9/11 hijackers had fraudulent drivers licenses and they are a sought after quest for illegal aliens across the country because they not only allow you to drive, but to open bank accounts, get on planes and in general move freely throughout the United States.


Tracy Lucas-Stevenson earned $40,000 as a state motor vehicle employee, so she raised investiators' eyebrows when an acquaintance said she bragged about buying a Lincoln Navigator, a pool and a new kitchen within a year.

What authorities uncovered was a web of illegal immigrants, shady middlemen with names like "Chile" and "El Gordo" and motor vehicle examiners like Lucas-Stevenson who are accused of issuing illegal driver's licenses.

Connecticut had developed a reputation from as far away as Florida as a place where people could buy fraudulent driver's licenses for as much as $3,500 without having to produce any identification. DMV workers also took payoffs for stealing the identities of legitimate license holders, police say.

The article has numerous examples of some things they caught.
  • In New Jersey, nine state motor vehicle employees pleaded guilty to a scheme that involved payoffs for bogus licenses.
  • In Illinois, a federal investigation into the trading of bribes for driver's licenses led to dozens of convictions and the indictment of former Gov. George Ryan on racketeering and other charges.
  • In Virginia, more than 200 people are losing their licenses because of suspected fraud by a former Department of Motor Vehicles worker who allegedly sold licenses for as much as $2,500 each.
  • A $4,000 line of credit was taken out in the name of Patrick Milling, an assistant principal in Farmington, to buy an expensive watch and diamonds. Another fake ID card was used to withdraw $11,500 from the bank account of a Bristol man.

    A DMV employee allegedly received an envelope containing $700 for issuing one of the fake ID cards.

    Authorities also are investigating more than 200 registrations and 18 driver's licenses traced to a business in Danbury that caters to immigrants from Ecuador.

    Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said the Fairfield County city is struggling with a wave of illegal immigration.

    "We're literally being overrun," Boughton said.

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    I have been a victim of Drivers license fraud in pittsburgh pa. someone in philadelphia has a copy of my license and has gone as far as bought a car in my name. they have gotten tickets after tickets. it's been the biggest pain in the ass. this person has gotten tickets after tickets. My profession is a driver and i have had to appeal every one of these tickets. I have filed numerous police reports and it just seems like nothing is working. Ayn suggestions??

    Posted by: bob on December 20, 2007 11:51 AM

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