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Michael Chertoff, Director Of Homeland Security, Who Is He?

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So this fellow Michael Chertoff has been selected as the new Director of Homeland Security.

Lee from Right Thinking From The Left Coast asks "who?"

I thought the same thing. To fill us in on who this fellow is, we go around the web. These are only excerpts, you should really go read the whole entry.

Outside The Beltway

I don't know enough about Chertoff's history to know how solid a choice he is. His résumé is fairly impressive--a Harvard Law grad and former clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan. The latter is interesting, as Brennan was perhaps the most liberal justice on the court during the 1970s and 1980s.


Apparently, however, part of the new job description includes a bald pate and facial hair.

Maybe the President meant to pick this guy all along and told Card to "pick the bald guy with the mustache" and he accidentally got Kerik.

Michelle Malkin

Judge Michael Chertoff for DHS chief? It's good news. Yes, it is annoying to hear President Bush emphasize that Chertoff is "against racial profiling." But a look at Chertoff's strong, aggressive record and statements on homeland security shows that Chertoff supports exactly the kind of hard-headed, threat profiling measures and immigration enforcement opposed by the anti-profiling zealots.


Judge Michael Chertoff, the man who headed the Senate's Whitewater investigation has been tapped to head up the Department of Homeland Security.

Chertoff will replace the original choice of the White House, Bernard Kerik, who withdrew his name last month amid the emergence of his having employed an illegal alien as a nanny.

Rooftop Report

The five second version of the upcoming debate:

Right: He is great. The best person ever. He will own the position like nobody else could. If it wasn't this, we would elect him President.

Left: Leader of Homeland Security? Please, this guy can barely walk straight. He may or may not advocate torture, killing of puppies, and bombing of retirement homes.


Who is Michael Chertoff? Former chief of the DOJ's Criminal Division, and most recently a judge (that skated through the Senate process 88-1) for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. A living Law and Order guy I guess you could say.

So what have we learned by going around the web to find out who this guy is?

1) Lee at Right Thinking From The Left Coast doesn't know who he is.

2) He was a liberal justice in the 70's and 80's.

3) He is bald with facial hair.

4) Michelle Malkin thinks he's cute and approves of him.

5) Chertoff doesn't hire illegal aliens to be his nanny.

6) He can barely walk straight, likes to torture and kill puppies and on his off time bombs retirement homes, but he'd make a good president.

7) Unlike his former co-star on Law and Order, Chertoff is alive.

Beltway Traffic Jammed

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Well then he's OK with me too.

Posted by: Jane on January 12, 2005 07:09 AM

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