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Immigration Reform Rally In Redondo Beach January 15th

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There will be a rally at the Redondo Beach Civic Center on Saturday January 15, 2005 from 10AM-2PM in support of enforcing our immigration laws. The rally is being organized by SaveOurState.org and SaveOurLicense.com. The rally is being put forth after numerous complaints by business owners and citizens in the Redondo Beach area on masses of illegal aliens clogging the streets, harassing individuals, bugging tourists and customers.

On December 8, 2004 I reported on the crackdown on illegal aliens and the outcry from open border supporters and racially motivated activist groups that caused them to be halted in my entry "Redondo Beach Blocked From Arresting Day Laborers".

For more information on the rally see the public release at Save Our State that has information on parking, a map of the location and meeting up.

On Saturday, January 15th from 10am-2pm, grassroots activists from SaveOurState.org and SaveOurLicense.com will rally at the Redondo Beach Civic Center to support Redondo Beach and their efforts to crackdown on illegal alien day laborers and gather signatures for the SaveOurLicense initiative prohibiting illegal aliens from acquiring state drivers’ licenses and other social benefits.

After receiving numerous complaints from citizens and business owners regarding the public nuisance created by illegal alien day laborers who congregated and solicited for work on their streets, the Redondo Beach Police Department conducted a two day sting operation in October in which many illegal aliens were arrested for unlawfully soliciting for work in public.

On behalf of the illegal aliens, the racialist Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund sued the city claiming that these illegal aliens and their First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech were being infringed upon. United States District Judge Consuelo Marshall issued an injunction citing “serious questions” about the city ordinance.

Although City Attorney Jerry Goddard has stated that he will aggressively defend the ordinance in court, we feel it is imperative that citizens publicly show their support for the city and its efforts to eradicate the scourge of illegal immigration. Only then, will the rest of the politicians who represent us at various levels of government begin to understand the peoples’ wrath over illegal aliens and the threat open borders and illegal aliens pose to our national security, our economy and our quality of life.

Here's a chance for you to show your support for enforcing immigration law. If you are in the Redondo Beach area please think about heading down there if only for a little while.

If you do head down there and get some pictures, feel free to send me some and I'll post them to the site and give you a plug!

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Thank you for your support of our event.

Joseph Turner

Posted by: Joseph Turner on January 13, 2005 03:27 PM

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