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Around The Blogosphere In 80 Seconds #13

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The unlucky thirteenth installment in interesting and thought provoking news from around the web.

There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere. See if you can get through these in under 80 seconds -- or 80 minutes for that matter.

(All links open in a new window for faster cruising)

The Command Post reports on Italy's Prime Minister Berlusconi calling for a G8 summit on the tsunami disaster.

Slashdot has several stories of interest. First off is the bittorrent website LokiTorrent being sued by the MPAA for hosting torrents that allow some nefarious individuals to download movies. This is an interesting case similar to the one against Yahoo and MP3.com years ago on whether a service of hosting links alone should be grounds to hold the parties owning the website responsible for what the users do with it. LokiTorrent is fighting the lawsuit and looking for some donations. The second story is that A U.S.company has bought the rights to Commodore Computer for $33 million. My beloved Commodore has now become a running joke as a company named Yeahronimo Media Ventures Inc has purchased them and is planning to whore the name out to promote it's mp3 download service and maybe a potential mp3 player under the Commodore name.

Captain's Quarters reports that Mrs. Anthrax wants some sympathy, asking to be freed to get some treatment for breast cancer that has been in remission since before the fall of Saddam. I tend to agree wholeheartedly with Captain Ed who says:

Well, at the risk of seeming somewhat callous -- tough s**t.

Armies of Liberation reports that North Korea sold some arms to al-Qaeda factions.

In The Bullpen says the Islamic Army in Iraq is threatening attacks within the U.S. Big surprise there.

Dean's World is attempting to put the smack down on internet anonymity. Good luck Dean. Excerpt:

From this moment forward, I will no longer be allowing comment accounts in which the commenter does not include a valid working email address and an actual human name for public display. No cutesy pseudonyms will be allowed.


If you happen to be named something like "Jack" and don't want to give your last name, and someone else already has taken "Jack" for his display name, you can use an initial, or be mildly creative, like "Jack from Boston" or even "The Other Jack." But no "Jack Sprat" or "Jack Rabbit" or any of that. If you're going to be "Jack Straw from Wichita" you'd better be from Wichita and your last name had better be Straw.

Whatever, Dean, it's your site. Guess Digger won't be commenting there anymore, I wouldn't want deans internet police showing up at my house demanding my birth certificate with Digger on it or they'll haul me before the court of Dean to be hanged for my transgressions.

Ever wondered about the history of the vibrator? Well Julia over at Julia's Java Joint gives us the answers.

Did you know Kevin Spacey Will Play Lex Luthor in A New Superman Film?

Michelle Malkin discusses her baby's chunky feet, his first haircut and some female inventor in Britain that has created a helmet for walking. That's right, a helmet so your toddler won't hurt their head if they fall while walking.

The one L Michele over at A Small Victory asks herself "am I an asshole?"

Ace of Spades tells us to stay away from The Village.

Beautiful Atrocities stays on the case of my favorite Senator Barbara Boxer.

Blogs of War has some news on the IAEA discovering a secret Egyptian nuke program.

Darleen's Place takes us to the wonderful world of the leftie and their thought processes regarding the insurgents [terrorists] in Iraq.

Hyscience on the Arbil attack in Iraq and an apology from a U.S. General for the mistaken attack.

David at In Search Of Utopia has the headline of the week with Mikey Rooney's Ass Banned by Fox.

And because David and La Shawn love each other so much I have to put them back to back.

La Shawn Barber casts her New Years resolutions.

Chris Short brings us news that "Spongebob and Barney Really Are Flamers".

Protein Wisdom can't resist the charm of Senator Barbara Boxer either.

Rooftop Report brings us the quote of the week by Ann Coulter.

Preston at Six Meat Buffet sends a message to the world. It's all pleasant and nice and happy.

Slant Point questions whether blogs are running out of material. Well according to this edition of ATBIES#13 I'd say, no.

Watchers Council bestowed me with 10th place. See my entry here on this nomination (which happened to be my 600th post apparently).

VodkaPundit reports on how Palestinian Presidential Candidate Mahmoud Abbas spent his Christmas vacation.

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Posted by Digger on January 8, 2005 11:21 AM (Permalink)

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1. I guess I can post at Dean's if I call myself Ed Wonk. hmmm Mr.Wonk has a certain ring to it.

2. IBM's computer division is now owned by some "Communist" Chinese firm. Pride goeth before the fall...

3. I Wish the 'Realm a happy and traffic-laden New Year!

Posted by: EdWonk on January 9, 2005 01:00 AM

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