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Washington Times Columnist Rips Me Off

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That's right, they ripped me off! In Tony Blankley's latest Op-ed piece not only does he use a controversial, yet funny headline for a conservative, but he goes on to praise Hillary Clinton for her latest immigration comments.

My entry Hillary Clinton Rocks!

Their ripoff entry God Bless Hillary Clinton!?

In the last few weeks the ever cold-blooded Miss Hillary has started to stake out a position to the right of the Republican Party. Just listen to her Pat Buchananesque defiance: "[I do] not think that we have protected our borders or our ports ... we can do more and we can do batter?I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants... Clearly we have to make some tough decisions as a country, and one of them ought to be coming up with a much better entry-and-exit system so that if we are going to let people in for... work...lets have system that keeps track of them... People have to stop employing illegal immigrants."

These are hardly idle pensees coming from The Iron Maiden of Chappaqua. Rather, it is a part, and a big part, of her calculated strategy to shed her liberal image and seize the White House from the Republicans in 2008 by attacking them on the most vulnerable part of their right flank: open borders, illegal immigration and lax anti-terrorist security.

I never thought I would write the following words, but: God bless Hillary Clinton. Though her motives are cynical, their effects may well be vital both to our national security and to our sovereign responsibility to control our borders.

Thanks to Powerline for pointing out their arrogance and I'll be expecting a portion of Mr. Blankley's check in the mail any day now, thank you very much.

Now maybe my kids will actually get a present this year.

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Posted by Digger on December 16, 2004 12:13 PM (Permalink)

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Yep. You clearly got ripped off. Does it KILL these guys to give you a single sentence attribution? It would entail very little effort for Blankley, but it would make a big positive difference for the 'Realm. It would have brought several hundred more readers to your site.

This reminds me of a certain Well Known and Highly-Regarded Female Conservative Writer/Blogger, who I (also) tipped about my exclusive interview with Shiba Pillai Diaz.

Needing a break, (I am a small blog, and it was my fifth week blogging.) I sent it in to her, with a request that she add us to her blogroll. She responded that she WOULD blogroll the 'Wonks, and link us in a post.

I was OVERJOYED!!! Little effort for her, a big positive difference for the 'Wonks....

She linked me alright. My name was mispelled as Eduwonk (Which is a very liberal pseudo-blog of a Democratic Party think-tank.)in a post. And the promised blogroll link? It's never appeared. :(

Posted by: EdWonk on December 16, 2004 07:07 PM

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