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All Female Wells College Decision To Allow Men Draws Lawsuits And Some Student Exodus

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Ahh, I just love the smell of sexism in the morning. Wells college, an all girls school, decided to go all politically correct and allow men. They now face not only lawsuits of breach of contract, but threats of students leaving to go elsewhere.

I personally hate this shit. We had the girl who wanted to get in The Citadel and then once admitted was on news channels crying that they made her work out. Then we had the women who wanted to go into the Augusta Masters Gold Tournament. there were lawsuits to allow girls in the Boy Scouts.

Well now I say suck it to you whiny bitches that are crying now. My personal belief is that sometimes people just want to relax with people they are similar to and have similar backgrounds. There is nothing wrong with that and any outsider that wants to put themselves into the middle of this when they don't fit in needs to be beaten with a extra long bullwhip until they bleed a couple pints on the ground. Leave people the fuck alone.

FOX News

A decision by Wells College, which has been all-women since 1868, to begin admitting male students in order to boost enrollment has riled female students.

Many students are threatening to leave the upstate New York college, but two have moved beyond threats and filed a lawsuit that says the decision to enroll men constitutes a breach of contract and fraud.


"We all leave our doors unlocked. We can run around in our nighties. It's all girls and we feel really safe and that will change," said student Starbuck Hersey.

OK, I take all that stuff I said above back. I want in on this deal!

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Posted by Digger on December 10, 2004 04:06 AM (Permalink)

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What really gets me is that these people are probably the same people who insist we celebrate diversity.

How the %$*! are we supposed to celebrate diversity if we can't be diverse because it's more important to be politically correct and include everyone in everything regardless of anything?!?!?!?!? (see also: Boy Scouts)

Posted by: tallglassofmilk on December 10, 2004 08:44 PM

wow. you sound really angry. whiny bitches? get some help. counseling might help your woman hating.

Posted by: Kelly on August 27, 2005 09:52 PM

If you read the post I am actually slamming all people who seem to want to break up any kind of tradition or environment where people feel comfortable. The "whiny bitches" part is simply to point out the ridiculousness of the whole situation. I love women!

Posted by: Digger on August 27, 2005 11:06 PM

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