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Fallujah Investigation - Evidence Of Atrocities, IED's and Weapons Caches [ Pics And Images ]

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Investigations in Fallujah have turned up a number of facts and images that show us the horrors that were happening in the city. Several facts that have emerged (courtesy of IMEF & MNC-I EFFECTS Exploitation Team).

Mosques in Fallujah100
Mosques used as fighting positions/Weapons caches60
Hospitals used as Defensive Positions3
Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Factories11
Slaughter House/Toture Chambers3
Number of Major Weapons Storage Areas in the city203
Evidence of Foreign Fighter Involvement2

Above is Fallujah with locations of violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict, as of Nov 20.

Click images below for a larger popup image.

Weapons and IED materials found ready and staged for military action in a mosque.
Cemetaries also have hidden weapons caches and weapons ready and staged for military action.
An IED near CompletionTruck bomb (Rusty has more on this truck with Texas Plates)
RPG'sHomemade Shoulder Fired Missiles

A blood stained room.Blood stained wall
Hostage discovered in Fallujah.
Mortar and AA gunsWeapons Cache
What appears to be Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's BannerAnother Banner

Thanks to Rusty Shackleford and John Donovan for the tip.
They both also have coverage on this.

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Thanks for screen grabbing these photos. It's the exact proof I need to build the case of US false-flag ops. If you remember, that SUV found in the "bombmaking facility was found to have Texas plates. After the recent discovery of Mossad agents posing as British SAS disguised as Mahdi Army Arabs with wigs and dishdashes, riding in a Cressida packed with explosives, and the most recent revelation this week of a "stolen" US liscensed cars found prior to a suicide bombing, it leaves little doubt who's really behind many of these events.



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