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Around The Blogosphere In 80 Seconds #4

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So, you think you've seen it all do you? You think you've seen all the latest and greatest stories around the Blogosphere? Well you haven't punk!

See if you can chew on all of these in under 80 seconds.
( All links open in a new window for easy cruising, so click them all! ).

Michelle at A Small Victory rails against the arrogance of a blogosphere movement of bloggers to be named Time Magazine Persons Of The Year.

Ace of Spades covers Germany thinking about requiring all Muslim sermons to be in German...Wha?!?

Alpha Patriot has a little health news on how blogging can give you glaucoma and how you can lose weight by sleeping.

Jane at Armies of Liberation calls out Iran on its latest flip flop on nuclear enrichment.

Backcountry Conservative and Speed of Thought are covering the Argentina bank bombings.

BusinessPundit's blogging has been outed by his business partner and now tells all.

The Interocitor and Your Daily Prescott covering the double standards of the Muslim world regarding the mosque shooting and the Hassan shooting.

SoCalLawBlog reports on a PR firm overcharging LA $4.2M. The nerve of them!

Do you pee in the shower? Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities wants to know with his latest poll.

Blogs For Bush covers the fact that the Washington state governors race is still not decided. Slow bastards.

Captain's Quarters and Running Scared covering PETA saying fish have feelings too, comparing fish intelligence to that of pet dogs and cats.

Dean's World on the iconic photo of our times.

Miss Costa Rica 'nuff said.

Chad of In The Bullpen covers Irans support of terrorists in Iraq.

Just One Minute on the Progressive Muslim Union of North America is that anything like the Progressive Blog Alliance?

Rusty at The Jawa Report covers those hostages that have been killed in Iraq.

Steven at PoliBlog comments on John Kerry returning to the Senate as "a changed man".

Right Thinking From The Left Coast covers Iraqi's anger at the Hassan execution.

Rob at Say Anything reports on some Canadians wanting to arrest President Bush for war crimes the next time he goes north of the border.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler on how nice it is to be an Englishman (unless you just climbed a beanstalk).

Kevin at Wizbang on Star Jones...Wha?!?

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» Sortapundit linked with The Future of the 'Sphere
» ISOU linked with I was hoping this would be the reaction...

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