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Mysterious Masked Man Wins Seat On County School Board

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Steve Rocco As Imagined By Digger
A man no one seems to know and that didn't actively pursue a seat on the California Orange County Unified School District Governing Board, was elected to it with 54% of the vote. It's a strange story because no one knows what his standing is on any of the issues. As Rob at Say Anything says "Better you not vote at all than vote for somebody you don't know.". Words to live by.

San Diego Union-Tribune

Nonetheless, the candidate being called a mystery man pulled off a political feat by easily beating an opponent who is active, and relatively well known, in the Orange Unified School District.

Now, all that's left is to find him.

[Steve] Rocco provided little information about himself in his candidate filings. He ignored mail from district officials and the teachers union during the campaign. When the PTA sent him an invitation to a candidate forum, the letter came back unopened.

"Absolutely nobody, but nobody has seen this guy," said Paul Pruss, a middle school teacher and president of the union. "The whole thing is just bizarre."


"Not knowing anything more, most people voted for the educator/writer over the park ranger," said John Hanna, an attorney who ran successfully against an equally elusive Rocco two years ago for a seat on a local community college district.


If he shows up to the monthly meetings of the district, Rocco will receive $750 per month. But officials are wondering what they will do if he is as scarce in office as he was during the campaign.

He will be one of seven board members in charge of setting policy for a district that has a budget of $230 million and serves nearly 32,000 students at 42 schools in Orange and surrounding cities.

What a very strange thing, to place the budgeting and allocation of funds -- nearly a quarter billion dollars -- into the hands of a man whom you have no idea what his primary stances on issues are.

The Education Wonks, of course, have more to say on this since they are educators and live around those parts. Read their take on it.

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Posted by Digger on November 8, 2004 12:18 AM (Permalink)

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Steve Rocco the "missing candidate" is a celebrity in hiding. Many of us have been following his writings at http://www.puzzlementary.com

Posted by: Huey Williams on November 13, 2004 09:46 AM

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