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Black Watch Checkpoint Bombing Video Released

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Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi's terrorist group has today released a video of a checkpoint manned by Scotlands Black Watch being bombed. In the video some crappy little car drives away as a camera is trained on it. It passes several cars and from a distance you see as it comes to a checkpoint and can see several guards come up to the vehicle. At that point the car detonates in a large blast. On the video there's some crazy lunatic spouting "Allah is great" over and over.

You can get the video from Global Terror Alert at this link(Window Media 3.5M).

It is not a graphic video, but it does show what our troops are up against over there. I would like anyone who watched the video to remember that they are just trying to scare us into withdrawing from the area. I'd also like you to remember that these terrorists are in the minority. If you look at the casualty count you will realize that this is not a large-scale happening. If all Iraqi's were against us being in the region there would be widespread bombings and attacks. The fact that they are so rare just goes to prove that it is a small group of terrorists trying to manipulate the American public into pulling out of the region.

I struggled with whether to even post this video since it is exactly what they want us to do, however I feel that if more people see exactly what is going on it will actually work against what they are trying to do. With a crazy lunatic saying something over and over while he watches someone kill himself they believe that will bring them a victory and that they are doing it in some higher powers name. I believe that it just proves why we need to defeat these people rather than convincing us that they are right in what they do, which is what they intended.

Tipped by: Chad at In The Bullpen, who also has comments you should read.

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i am disgusted in this being showin as my cousin was involved in this attack and lost his life

Posted by: samamntha dillury on October 12, 2005 04:51 AM

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