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California Ballot Propositions And My Comments On Them

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We in California have about 16 propositions on the ballot this year and while it's late on the eve of the election I figured I'd run through them and make a few comments on why I'm voting the way I am. Items are all available at smartvoter.org (all links pop in a new window).

Proposition 1A. Protection of Local Government Revenues -- State of California
    Should local property tax and sales tax revenues remain with local government thereby safeguarding funding for public safety, health, libraries, parks, and other local services? Provisions can only be suspended if the Governor declares a fiscal necessity and two-thirds of the Legislature concur.

Yes - Yanking local taxes is stupid. If you're going to take their taxes, get rid of the local tax altogether and just make it a singular state tax.

Proposition 59. Public Records, Open Meetings -- State of California (Legislative Constitutional Amendment)

    Shall the Constitution be amended to include public's right of access to meetings of government bodies and writings of government officials while preserving specified constitutional rights and retaining existing exclusions for certain meetings and records?

Yes - Full disclosure of what the hell you're doing with our money should be required. Especially in this state where a ton of backdoor dealings have put it at risk. The only ones standing against this are the League of California Cities, the California State Association of Counties and the California District Attorneys Association. Hmm wonder why...

Proposition 60. Election Rights of Political Parties -- State of California (Legislative Constitutional Amendment)

    Shall the general election ballot be required to include candidate receiving most votes among candidates of same party for partisan office in primary election?

No - Kind of stupid to ammend the constitution for something that doesn't go far enough. It also leaves loopholes in the constitution for people to mess around declaring some little party of their own and being required to be on the ballot.

Proposition 60A. Surplus Property -- State of California (Legislative Constitutional Amendment)

    Shall the sale proceeds of most surplus state property pay off specified bonds?

Yes - If it's surplus property why do we have it. Sell it and pay off some debt. At least this would specify where the money is going instead of just into some general fund.

Proposition 61. Children's Hospital Projects. Grant Program -- State of California (Bond Act. Initiative Statute)

    Shall $750 million general obligation bonds be authorized for grants to eligible children's hospitals for construction, expansion, remodeling, renovation, furnishing and equipping children's hospitals?

No - Stupid Californians. They sit around and bitch that we're in debt, wah, wah, wah, but they just want to continue voting required monies be spent.

Proposition 62. Elections. Primaries -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

    Should primary elections be structured so that voters may vote for any state or federal candidate regardless of party registration of voter or candidate? The two primary-election candidates receiving most votes for an office, whether they are candidates with "no party" or members of same or different party, would be listed on general election ballot. Exempts presidential nominations.

No - Just an attempt by the Dems to hijack all elections. If two Dems get the most votes then they will be the ones on the ballot.

Proposition 63. Mental Health Services Expansion, Funding. Tax on Personal Incomes above $1 Million -- State of California (Initiative Statute)

    Should a 1% tax on taxable personal income above $1 million to fund expanded health services for mentally ill children, adults, seniors be established?

No - Egads! Raise taxes on the most productive people to give to one little group of non productive individuals? WTF. Keep taxes down especially in this difficult time in California.

Proposition 64. Limit on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws -- State of California (Initiative Statute)

    Should individual or class action "unfair business" lawsuits be allowed only if actual loss suffered? Only government officials may enforce these laws on public's behalf.

Yes - Shuts down frivolous lawsuits.

Proposition 65. Local Government Funds, Revenues. State Mandates -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)

    Should reduction of local fee/tax revenues require voter approval? Permits suspension of state mandate if no state reimbursement to local government within 180 days after obligation determined.

No - Prop 1A covers this and is favored by Governor Arnold.

Proposition 66. Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law. Sex Crimes. Punishment -- State of California (Initiative Statute)

    Should the "Three Strikes" law be limited to violent and/or serious felonies? Permits limited re-sentencing under new definitions. Increases punishment for specified sex crimes against children.

No - Three strikes law is fine how it is. If you're continuously breaking the law over and over, you need to be put away.

Proposition 67. Emergency Medical Services. Funding. Telephone Surcharge -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

    Should the telephone surcharge be increased and other funds for emergency room physicians, hospital emergency rooms, community clinics, emergency personnel training/equipment, and 911 telephone system be allocated?

No - This is suppoed to raise 1/2 a billion dollars to compensate hospitals for providing care to the "uninsured". Out here in California that means illegal aliens. I'd prefer to pressure the government into actually doing something other than giving them the easy out of some proposition.

Proposition 68. Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion. Tribal Gaming Compact Amendments. Revenues, Tax Exemptions -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

    Should tribal compact amendments be authorized? Unless tribes accept, should casino gaming be authorized for sixteen non-tribal establishments? Percentage of gaming revenues fund government services.

No - I'm all for gambling, but this proposition has tax loopholes in it.

Proposition 69. DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding -- State of California (Initiative Statute)

    Should collection of DNA samples from all felons, and from others arrested for or charged with specified crimes be required with submission to state DNA database? Provides for funding.

Yes - This one is a toughie. Should all felons be required to submit DNA that will then be stored in a database? 34 other states require this. Other than civil liberties being infringed a little if it keeps criminals off the streets then I have to be for it. Plus it increases sentence length for certain crimes.

Proposition 70. Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights. Contributions to State -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

    Upon tribe's request, should the Governor be required to execute a 99-year compact? Tribes contribute percentage of net gaming income to state funds, in exchange for expanded, exclusive tribal casino gaming.

No - 99 year contract for tribal gaming? WTF came up with this dumbass idea.

Proposition 71. Stem Cell Research. Funding. Bonds -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

    Should the "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine" be established to regulate and fund stem cell research with the constitutional right to conduct such research and with an oversight committee? Prohibits funding of human reproductive cloning research.

No - Stem cell research is being touted as the cure all of this century. Well it's not there yet and our state is in a financial crisis. Why should stem cell research be funded by the government? The pharmaceutical companies and private hospitals are the ones that are going to benefit from any findings. If there was a guarantee that any discoveries made by these government funded entities would then be turned into low cost care for all Americans then I'd be all for it. Right now though this little "headline stealer" is trying to get the money faster than a dot com startup during the bubble days and is all about snake oil salesmen. Let stem cell research stay in the privately funded arena for now and when California gets back on its feet revisit the potential for government funding.

Proposition 72. Health Care Coverage Requirements -- State of California (Referendum)

    Should legislation requiring health care coverage for employees, as specified, working for large and medium employers be approved?

Fuck No

That is all.

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