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Political Beliefs Assessment Test

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There's a funny little test that The Truth Peddler over at Spreading Understanding found. It has some really hilarious questions of which he peddles a few of them to us.

The test is pretty damn long at 179 questions and can be located here. Your choices are Conservative, Liberal, Liberterian and Communist.

Since it's annoyingly long, yet funny here's a few samples (that I lovingly ripped of from the peddler). I found the last one particularly hilarious:

7: The Center for Public-Health Dietary Self Control releases a study that says eating just one jelly donut is as harmful to human health as smoking 10,000,000 cartons of cigarettes. Do you...

CONS: keep eating jelly donuts.
LIBL: demand that jelly donuts be removed from vending machines, and public school cafeterias.
LBRT: hoard jelly donuts before they are regulated off grocer's shelves.
COMM: hoard jelly donuts so you can sell them on the black market.

23: What are your thoughts on castrating (either through chemical or traditional means) repeat sex offenders?

CONS: It's about time we gave those perverts a punishment that fits the crime.
LIBL: That kind of sentence is certainly prohibited by that pesky little clause in the Constitution banning cruel and unusual punishment.
LBRT: Excuse me, but what if the guy is innocent? Is the procedure reversible if years latter the person who really committed the crime confesses?
COMM: Megadittos to the conservative response.

66: The speed limit should be...

CONS: 75 MPH on Interstate highways.
LIBL: reduced to 15 MPH to save lives, and resources.
LBRT: abolished. This will result in an immediate 50 percent reduction in highway fatalities, because a motorist barreling along at 150 MPH only spends half the time exposed to the hazards of the road, as someone plodding along at 75 MPH.
COMM: irrelevant, because after the revolution everyone will commute in public transportation.

173: What unfair stereotypes must be exposed as untrue?

CONS: Conservatives are racists.
- Conservatives are misogynists.
- Conservatives are money grubbing.
- Conservatives are mean spirited.
- Conservatives are warmongers.
- Conservatives are unenlightened.
- Conservatives are outside the mainstream.
- Conservatives are ignorant dolts.
- Conservatives are Neanderthals.
- Conservatives are just like Archie Bunker.
- Conservatives are not fit to hold public office.
- Conservatives are evil.

LIBL: People on welfare could probably find jobs if they really applied themselves.
LBRT: Men with lots of tattoos are probable violent ex-convicts.
- Women with lots of tattoos are wild in the sack and probably promiscuous.

COMM: People in communist countries are starving.

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thanks for the free publicity! you're awesome!

Posted by: Truth Peddler on October 4, 2004 04:09 PM

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