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San Francisco School District To Celebrate Terrorism And Suicide Bombings Today!

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What a cheerful celebration it will be at the Harace Mann Middle School today as they celebrate "The Struggle for Palestine: 4th Anniversary of the Intifada." That's right, a public taxpayer funded school is putting on the hosting of an event that recognizes the actions of blowing up buses, children and people getting some coffee in Israel. The event being sponsored by the International Solidarity Movement and International ANSWER is sure to be a blast.

From FrontPage Magazine

... The Intifada means the violent insurrection started by the PLO in September, 2000 that has resulted in over 25,000 terror attacks and more than 1,000 innocent people deliberately murdered in cold blood.


Simply put, this event is being staged in San Francisco with workshops designed to train “activists” to undermine anti-terrorism efforts abroad and to help devise ways to aid the “resistance” in Iraq that is killing American soldiers and other Coalition forces. Some of the groups participating also actively fundraise fungible assets that, once they arrive overseas, can go toward financing more terrorism.

The application form, filled out in the name of International ANSWER, a group that supports North Korean communism, states the event is merely an “Educational Forum on the Middle East.” There is no mention of celebrating the Intifada or supporting the Iraqi Insurgency.

International ANSWER and its affiliate, the International Action Center (IAC), advocate a communist revolution. The IAC is led by Ramsey Clark, Saddam Hussein's defense attorney

Go read the article for more, it's really ridiculous. I'm all for free speech except when it is intended to deliberately undermine the United States and it's military.

In the article, and on the website of the group sponsoring the event, they state one of their reasons for the event as:

Support the resistance in Palestine, and make links with others who are fighting against the US occupation of Iraq, and against US Imperialism around the world.


If you wish to contact those involved, and I urge you to do so, here is the contact information from the article:

Let San Francisco Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman know how you feel: ackermana@sfusd.edu. So far her office has stonewalled any common sense solution to not letting this event go forward. While you’re at it, contact Governor Schwarzenegger as well: http://www.govmail.ca.gov/.

Here is the information for the San Francisco Unified School District: San Francisco Unified School District
555 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: (415) 241-6000
Fax: (415) 555-5555

Thanks to Chad at In The Bullpen for the tip.

Also covering the issue: Say Anything

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Some people are really sick and twisted. They just don't get it.

Posted by: Jack on October 2, 2004 10:24 AM

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