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American Hostage, Jack Hensley, Beheaded By Terrorists [update]

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On September 16th Tawhid and Jihad, a group headed by al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi, took hostage two Americans, Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, and a Briton Kenneth Bigley. Yesterday, September 20th, Eugene Armstrong was beheaded.

Today the terrorists holding the hostages have claimed to behead Jack Hensley on an Islamic website that has been the mouthpiece for their repulsive activities.

via NEIN

Zarqawi's group announces "slaughter" of second American hostage A message posted moments ago on the Ansar message board announced the murder of American hostage Jack Hensley. The posting was made by the same individual who posted yesterday's announcement of Armstrong's murder, and who has a history of posting announcements from Zarqawi's Tawhid wa Jihad group.
This was not totally unexpected because of the track record and warnings from this group of terrorists, but it is no less disgusting. Where is the Muslim outrage over these incidents? Where is the Muslim outrage over the other hostages in these terrorist groups captivity? When are the Muslims going to stand up and do something about this? If they truly find these actions despicable wouldn't they join in fighting these groups rather than issuing some press release or making a simple comment to the media?

When are we going to be fed up enough to send in some hired guns to find these terrorists? Zarqawi has a $25 Million bounty on his head by the U.S. government, but that's not going far enough. I think we need to actually hire some groups of mercenaries to actually go in and get them. It's fine to offer a reward for information, but that is not a proactive step to ending this kind of hideous activity, it is simply an incentive for information. The reward has not produced results, so further action needs to be taken. Drastic action.

Our thoughts are with the family of Jack Hensley and the family of the remaining hostage these assholes are holding against his will.

Hat tip: Fox News

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Jane of Armies of Liberation has this heartbreaking beginning to her entry

When there was still hope> :"His daughter, Sarah, would just like to say, ‘Daddy, I miss you and I love you, please come home,’ and me too,” said Patty Hensley, speaking from Atlanta, Georgia.

“We are putting a lot of strength in our belief that Jack was honestly there to help the people and because of that they should not harm him and hopefully will not,” Mrs. Hensley told ABC’s “Good Morning America” show.

The family of hostage Jack Hensley has received confirmation that the headless body handed over to U.S. officials in Iraq is his, a family spokesman said Wednesday.

The family was told the news Wednesday, the day Hensley would have turned 49, Cobb County police spokesman Robert Quigley said outside Hensley's Marietta home.

The body was handed over to American authorities in Baghdad, the U.S. Embassy said.

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It is incomprehensible to me that such outrageous atrocities are being committed upon one another - those lower-than-life cowards have to hide behind yards of clothing and masks to murder defenceless human beings; they are not men, they are not even animals - at least animals look their prey in the eye to kill. They deserve to be eradicated from the face of the earth - immediately, with no more consideration than we would give an army of mosquitoes

Posted by: SHELLEY on September 21, 2004 12:16 PM

It is too painful and sad to watch; I would gladly drive a stake through the heart of such cowards. They deserve to die.

Posted by: STEVEN on September 21, 2004 12:19 PM

I agree Shelley. Something has to be done other than just waiting around for the Briton to come to the same fate.

While pulling out of Iraq would seem to some to solve this issue of hostages, just remember September 11th and recent reports of a "more glorious" terrorist attack in the works by al-Qaeda. If we pull out they'll just come here or go to places where Americans and its allies are overseas to attack them there.

The only way to avoid that is to pull out of EVERYWHERE, and then they'll just come into our border to attack us here. Pulling out won't solve the hatred and indecency they have.

Posted by: Digger on September 21, 2004 12:49 PM


Posted by: pattie on September 21, 2004 03:33 PM

Quote: "While pulling out of Iraq would seem to some to solve this issue of hostages, just remember September 11th and recent reports of a "more glorious" terrorist attack in the works by al-Qaeda. If we pull out they'll just come here or go to places where Americans and its allies are overseas to attack them there."

What are you on about, the Americans Bombed places like Iraq and Afghan before September 11th and when they did bomb them contrys they killed more civillians than what got killed in september 11th, America is the main problem. Im not saying the beheadings aint bad cuz they are, its just people are overlooking america.

Posted by: Suspiria on September 21, 2004 05:51 PM

C'mon America, wake up. Your president launched this invasion (along with my idiot PM) not to liberate Iraq, but to steal its wealth. American weapons have been killing Arabs in Palestine and now Iraq, by the thousands...

I feel for the families of all those who've lost a loved one through this insane 'war' (one-sided as it is!) but if you shit on a people, they will innevitably shit on you.

Makes me laugh that you've had this reaction to less than a handful of people murdered at the knife of Jihad... get used to it, or get out of Iraq.

It's really simple.

And while you're at it, do something about the IDF murdering Palestinians... Don't bother denying it, I've worked in Gaza for four years and I've seen what they do to the Pals... and you cry about a beheading.

Get real.

Posted by: Stoopid on September 21, 2004 06:10 PM

You idiot stoopid.

Did you have your head up your arse on 9/11 we wer attacked and thousands of people lost their lives. If you knew anything about Americans you would know if you kick our dog we will kill your cat.

We lost 6,000 men in one day at Gettysburg. Get real loss of life is part of the American heritage of this country.
Murder always outrages citizens no matter what the circumstances.

Jihad my arse they are cowards that will not face the American army they hide behind their women's skirts and capture unarmed construction workers. They think America will tuck their tale and run.

They forgot one little thing. G. W. is from Texas and everyone knows you don't mess with Texas. The sport in Texas is bungi jumping and in earlier years that was at the end of a rope.

Make no mistake about it, Americans are strong willed and will not allow a buch of girllie Jihads win this one. Beheading is just part of the war waged against innocent civilians. The tortured their own so why would we think they would not torture and murder Americans and other innocent people.

I am proud of George W. Bush and beheading is not something that particularly bothers me or most Amreicans. That is what cowards do, harm those that cannot defend themselves.

What a bunch of Girlie women.

Posted by: adjustedstone on September 21, 2004 09:02 PM

Hehe "Girlie Women"

Posted by: Digger on September 21, 2004 11:12 PM

We are presently engaged in a historial "war of civilizations." In a twist of history not of our own choosing, it is evident that this low intensity conflict will stretch on for decades. The world is finally waking up to the hateful, ugly side of fundamentalist Islam - a religion in which black letter text gives the "green light" to butcher non-believers. If you are a woman, a homosexual, a Christian, a Hindu or anyone else other than a Muslim, you should be freightened by what is happening now. This war must be waged as a fight to the finish. These evil hateful bastards have got to be defeated. Every country that supports their efforts should be targeted and brought to its knees by any means necessary. The prospect that the Iranian fanatics could get their hands on nuclear weapons is utterly freightening and will definitely result in a nuclear exchange or an act of nuclear terrorism. The Iranian nuclear program must be erased at all costs. To allow it to proceed is to delay a castrophe of which has never before been seen on the planet. God bless America and its sons and daughters who wage war against evil across the globe.

Posted by: Another Round For Egor on September 22, 2004 07:16 AM

I agree Egor. The people advocating isolationism forget that with nuclear weapons an enemy can do some serious damage to a country that just sits around ignoring the rest of the world.

Posted by: Digger on September 22, 2004 09:19 AM

Why are we not killing all of these dirty sand monkeys. We should leave the land of the animals and let them kill each other....

Posted by: EddieV on September 22, 2004 06:37 PM

I decided to watch all of the beheading videos this evening and can't believe these people stoop this low! We cannot allow these people to exist in the world and we MUST follow this thing through until it's finished. My heart-felt condolences goes out to the families of all victims.

Posted by: EricG on September 22, 2004 09:47 PM

Why are we living in a world where we take life as if it were nothing? How can one man or even many have the internal ability to take the life of another? I am ashamed to call myself human and I wish that I was just the shit on somebodys shoe, at least then I could have the ability to say that I am better than all of you murdering bastards.
My hearfelt sympathy to all those who have lost.


Posted by: Louise on September 23, 2004 03:38 AM

What do you expect, from a proud nation who is having its resources exploited from a bunch of war mongering so called westerners. it makes me ashamed to even be associtated with the Culture. you say that beheading is cowardly what about popping a cap fill of self guided missles into a proverty stricken area of Iraq, in the middle of the night.. George bush your fearless leader- the man who ran away from national guard or what ever you sepos call it. What is this war about do you even understand any of it... weapons of mass destruction my arse... oil of mass profit... I think.
Lets not forget the the us is the only country to be covicted of state sponsored terriorism, 1992, remember world court found them guilty, however the mighty pround and rightous US chose not to recongise the decision

Posted by: urallfuked on September 23, 2004 03:52 AM

You stupid yanks believe anything your fuckwit president bush says.The idiot shelley said that these people are hiding behind yards of clothing and that they are cowards,what about the mass destruction of innocent civilians in iraq cuased by some faceless gutless yank hiding behing a computer screen,no different to me.You yanks are the problem.Yeah go in blow em all up that will solve it,NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its your foreign policies that breeds terrorism.I dont condone any killing,but these people have an eye for an eye mentality,so get the hell out of iraq.All the bush admin wants is to rape iraq of its oil and assets.He dont give a flying fuck about the people of that country.So you all get your heads out of your asses,and start to think for yourselves,not what your fuckwit government tells ya.

Posted by: freddo on September 23, 2004 04:06 AM

yeah freddo

Posted by: urallfuked on September 23, 2004 04:13 AM

I can see both sides to the story...although the beheadings are terrible to watch Americans have it easy compared to what the rest of the world has to deal with regarding war. It's time that the American people get a grip on reality. This is war. It is terrible, horrible, and senseless, but this is the reality of the world. Your pride and haughtiness has made you blind.

May God have mercy on us all.

Posted by: Bethie on September 23, 2004 07:26 AM

freddo is right america are there to rape the country and good look to them there all just a bunch of scumbag peasants islamic shit. september 11 and all these beheadings are playing right into the hands of america there dont care about a few casualties it given them the excuse to impliment there ultimate goal to be the most powerful country in the world physical and financally and hopefully we british will be there along side them getting our share of the pie MUHAHAHAHA unless blair bottles it like he did with the IRA SHITE FUCK THE MAD MULLAS WE WANT CHEAP PETROL MUHAHAHA MUHAHAHAH

Posted by: jim on September 23, 2004 09:35 AM

The sad thing is,

America is a great country full of great people. People from all walks of life, from all over the globe. Our blood has mixed, and been spilt to defend and promote one basic principal.


We are a noble people who believe in helping those who cant help themselves. Many of my countrymen have died defending complete strangers against oppression and tryanny. I have fought with these men, and know what drives them, it isn't George W Bush, it's bravery and the thought that they fight for whats right.


It's time to regain our position in the world as a leader, a defender of basic human dignity and restore our morals.

Invading Iraq was the wrong thing to do - MANY MANY Americans know this. But we are loyal to our flag, and loyal to each other. Our country has always tried to do the right thing - we sometimes just go about it in the wrong way.

Iraq was a mistake. I hope in the end - the free peoples of Iraq, who 30 years ago had a thriving middle class, universities, and good medical systems, remember what it's like to live without fear.

I fought there in 91 - people of that region are very hospitiable, just different. They cant fight worth a shit either.....

Anyway - America get out and vote - GEORGE BUSH IS RUINING OUR COUNTRY!

Posted by: Spartan on September 23, 2004 10:53 AM

The beheadings are definitely a sign of things worse and yet to come. America and the World needs to wake up and realize that it has nothing to do with any of them. This is a spiritual war which has to be fought out so good can prevail over bad. If you are mindful of the ways of third world countries from the beginning of time there was wars upon wars. Americans are a part of the plan for the end of time. It has nothing to do with President Bush or any President of Iraq. It has to do with a Holy War. Wake up people. Your time is running out. Our men and women in the Armed Forces are fighting spiritual warriors in an Army that is guided by God himself. You are either a part of it or a part against it.

Posted by: preacherwoman on September 23, 2004 11:36 AM

URall and Freddie- obviously you are non- American, and that's fine. You sound almost as vicious as the people perpetrating these atrocities. Yes, America is a world power. That's a fact. Deal with it. No, we are not always right, but we truly feel we fight on the SIDE of what is right.

NO OIL, or anything else has been taken from Iraq. Did you not hear PM Allawi this morning? THis is a genuine man- fighting for HIS people to be free.

Sure there are problems in Iraq- and there will be for years to come. I seem to recall, that we stayed (and are still there) MANY MANY Years to re-build Europe, and assist the Brits with re-building after WWII and the AMERICAN PEOPLE PAID FOR ALL OF IT. How quickly you forget.

Try at least to be fair, and understand because you have NOT been attacked what it feels like to have been attacked. NO ONE deserves to have to go through that- NO ONE.

There are a FEW sick individuals twisting the thoughts of many people with the beheadings and barbaric behavior and spreading terror, which is their objective- but let us not sink with them to that level. Like ignorant children, they continue to push the envelope in order to get a reaction from an indifferent audience of parent-figures. But, to remember the words of the Japanese commander at Pearl Harbor- these people have "awakened the sleeping giant" and they did it with 911. And now that the giant is awake- there will be no peace until it is over. The winner dictates the rules- and WE WILL WIN.


Posted by: AnArmyMom on September 23, 2004 12:43 PM

I could not have said it better than ArmyMom did above. I do agree that we Americans are vastly disliked because of our seemingly arrogant, ethnocentric attitudes, as well as our perceived inability to consider the other side. I also know that the people who call us arrogant, rude, and ethnocentric aren't considering that the majority of us Americans are interested in making the world a better place, a safer place, a freer and more democratic place for non-Americans as well...and this is precisely what gets us into trouble. Because we apparently should only worry about ourselves and leave the rest of the world to suffer and rot under the Hitlers and Idi Amins and Husseins. Get as angry as you want with us...we have become quite used to it. Just know that your anger won't change our way of looking at the world or our way of doing business. And yes, you angry Europeans out there...it seems that you HAVE forgotten that the US bailed your butts out of many a jam during WWII. You're welcome, by the way.
Regarding George Bush...right or wrong, he is a STRONG president and a leader, and he believes in us. And I have grown to love him and I will stand by him. If you are sarcastic or bitter or angrily defiant of this, go ahead and express it! This is your most sacred right...the right to express yourself. Until recently, Iraqis could be slaughtered for giving an opposing opinion on something.
Regarding the beheadings on the internet, I don't particularly view this as the same sort of right to free speech. What about their families? Their friends? How low we have all stooped to be entertained by such abhorrent garbage. I would give a million dollars if I had it to stop these postings just to allow the families the dignity of never having to know that millions of strangers are gawking at the last horrible moments of their brother or husband or son. How horrible.
These tough guys wrapped up in their tablecloths will answer to Allah for what they have done. They don't even know Allah...putrid excuses for humanity that they are...Hell will be entirely too comfortable a place for them. Allah akbar!

Posted by: Danny McBride on September 23, 2004 02:08 PM

well... Im 14 and i knew mr. Hensley. He was a sub at Pine Mountain Middle(which i went to last year) and he ALWAYS had a smile on his face. he always carried a blue flashlight around his neck. He was one of the kindest people i knew. God bless sara and patty. Im hoping to go to his funeral...to say one last goodbye.

Posted by: Lauren on September 23, 2004 03:25 PM

wow lauren im really sorry about that. give the family my support

Posted by: Kevin on September 23, 2004 04:07 PM

yeah me too
my name is lindsay and i agree with what the people are saying. THIS IS ALL BUShs fault

Posted by: lindsay on September 23, 2004 04:09 PM

Lauren, May the grace of our lord shine on you and those at the funeral.

Posted by: TJ on September 23, 2004 05:06 PM


Until I see our President holding the knife, I refuse to put the fault of this evil upon Bushes shoulders.

Only God may judge.

Posted by: TJ on September 23, 2004 05:09 PM

Lauren, I'm sorry that one so young has to see something so ugly up close.

Lindsay, you need to grow up and think for yourself- not just go along with "what all the other people say". The state of this world is NOT the fault of one person, or one group. It is all our concerns, and there is not a blameless human on the face of the earth. It is CLOSED minds that follow blindly what others tell them...
sound familiar Lindsay?

Zarqawi's followers LISTEN to him... and you see what they are. Don't be part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

It is INDIVIDUAL people who make problems for all- only by sensible people exhibiting the courage of their convictions, can these types of situations be overcome. Sometimes force IS necessary- but Pres. Bush didn't start this. Remember, many opportunities to get ObL were missed in the 90's. But that doesn't make Clinton responsible either- Evil takes many forms, and ObL is just one such Evil person.

Open your mind Lindsay, and study ALL that is going on, not just that which is convenient to you.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on September 23, 2004 05:40 PM

I just watched the video, and cried for these innocent people losing their lives. When is it all going to stop? I say Bush needs to step up to the plate and let them know we mean business... show them how this hurts all Americans!I pray for Hensley's & Armstrong's families. Prayer is really the only way to console these people. Nothing we do can bring their loved ones back but REVENGE on those "so called" men will be so sweet. God Bless Us All and pray that our troops and others who volunter to go over there will return home to USA safely and very soon.

Posted by: sandi on September 23, 2004 05:56 PM

Yes, it's me again. Thank you so much everybody. I've actually recieved a lot of emails concerning this topic from people all over the world. You never really expect that this could happen to someone you know and love. Usually, you think, well theres millions of other people out there. How on earth could it ever happen to someone I know? Unfortunatley, it could happen to anybody. My heart goes out to all the people over seas and their friends and family. I think what upsets me is i hear people CRACKING JOKES about it. They are just so clueless to how huge of a problem this is. These people commiting these crimes are vicious. Something HAS to be done before this issue turns into an even bigger problem. I know i am too young to do anything, but I feel this is the only place that i can truly express my feeling without getting labeled about my beliefs. Once again, Thank you for all the support. You guys can email me if you would like to say anything to Mr. Hensleys family sice I will be seeing them soon.

Posted by: Lauren on September 23, 2004 08:24 PM

I am just as horrified as everyone else at the cruel injustice of all the innocent people loosing their lives in this devastating war.

But make no mistake about this fact. Bush will dominate Iraq, and for one purpose only. Their oil. For all of you who don't believe this, please pull your heads out of the sandbox you're playing in. Bush, his government, and the presidents before him, have been plotting this for many years. Why else would they have past alliances with Osama, Sharan, Shiraz, and the many more men like them who now have turned on the US in defiance.

Little people like Armstrong, Hensley, Bigley, the two Italian women, and all the thousands of children and women in the East and from home; they are all part of the deal. He will not back down, and sadly, this will be our undoing.

Bush is so focused on what he believes to be the finale, that he's missing the big picture.
Mark my words, in under two years, he'll go after the oil.

In the meantime, all we can do is ask our loved ones to come home and stop risking their lives for these insane men... Bush included.

An interesting side note... Were it Tony Blair's son, or Bush's daughter being held hostage, you can believe they'd have sent in mercinaries faster than the lear jet's last flight in order to save the people they love. Sadly, he doesn't have the same agenda for everyone else, and logically, he wouldn't allow them to go in the first place.

Posted by: Jennefer on September 24, 2004 07:34 AM

I think the U.S. should blow the whole country away (Iraq). I don't care who they are they all should die. They would not like it to much if the U.S. took some of their women that they say the U.S. have and cut their heads off. I am truly sorry for the Hensley family. May peace be with Mr. Hensley and his Family.

Posted by: Keith on September 24, 2004 09:03 AM

I knew Jack Hensley and never saw him without a smile on his face until I saw him on t.v. as a hostage. His wife, Pati, is a wonderful and caring person, just as Jack was. He was a wonderful, involved father who loved his daughter very much. I watched the videos of the beheadings even though I was afraid to. Every American should have to watch this before election day so they can see just exactly what the Bush Administration has done to our countrymen. No, Bush didn't hold the knife. But then, you've never seen him actually fight in a war either, have you? It's easy to sit high and mighty and send others to do the job. I believe with all my heart that this "war" was planned before George W. ever took office. LET'S GET BUSH OUT OF THE WHITEHOUSE BEFORE HE GETS US ALL KILLED! I, for one, will do my part in making this happen. We don't have much time, folks, before the election. Jack Hensley has no time left at all now. His wife and daughter will never hold, touch, see or talk to him again. Was this necessary? NO!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Kathy on September 24, 2004 02:00 PM

Hello Everyone, I live In Austell, (Near Marietta) Close To were Jack Hensley Lived, We Started Out Collecting Money For The College Fund That Was Set Up For Sara, Well I found out Last Nite, That That Fund has Raised More Than Enough to Send Her To College, So We Opened a SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR SARA TODAY,That Will Be Held For Her Until she is 19, If U would Like To Donate to This U Can Go to ANY SOUTHTRUST Bank ANYTIME AFTER THIS TUESDAY Sept. 28th,2004 and Tell Them U would Like To Donate to The Sara Hensley SAVINGS ACCOUNT.They Have Branches in 9 States,I am Sure U can Check the South Trust Bank Website for the Nearest Location Or a Phone # or Mailing Address. Please Pray For this Family.

Posted by: Michelle on September 24, 2004 02:52 PM

Enough beheadings!
I say go in there and kill all of them!
Take no prisoners!
They are also in the US waiting to KILL YOU!

Posted by: Rusty Ryan on September 25, 2004 06:40 AM

I say we start issuing our troops ammunition dipped in pig blood. By their own theology this would condemn them to hell and forfeit their right to even one virgin, much less 70.

By the way General Pershing is the one who dreamt up the idea of the bullets and pig blood. He rounded up 50 terrorists, slaughtered a pig in front of them, and as the executionees watched with horror, the soldiers dipped their bullets in the blood.

Pershing then ordered all but one of the terrorists killed with these bullets. The final terrorist he released. They had no more problems with terrorism after that.

Posted by: Doug on September 25, 2004 07:07 AM

Kathy - Do you really think that putting Kerry into office will accomplish anything different or better than what Bush has done. The Presidential responsibility does not mean he dictates. Keep in mind it only means he approves or disapproves actions. The same people will be in office, and getting Bush out of office, and putting in Kerry accomplishes nothing except promoting liberal views.

"just exactly what the Bush Administration has done to our countrymen"?? I doubt Bush owns a black hood. I have seen the videos, and not once have I thought - DOWN WITH BUSH!! Don't be so skewed in your views as to use beheadings of men and women to promote a liberal agenda. Seriously

Posted by: Steve on September 25, 2004 08:56 AM

I watched the very first video of the South Korean and that was bad enough; but to watch the video of Eugene Armstrong.......

What a torturous way to die =( The only way I know how to pray about things like this is, whatever the militants do to our hostages, I pray that that shame falls back ON THEM!

Posted by: Missy on September 25, 2004 11:26 AM

I am an active duty US Marine and have served in Afghanistanand Iraq (yes, combat tours), and I am getting readdy for my third tour starting in January. For those of you that think removing GW Bush from office will stop the killings in Iraq and Afghanistan, you are sorely wrong. I beileve it was Kathy that said "you don't see (GW) over there doing the fighting". Well, let me tell you something you don't hear about on the news. One night in Khowst, we had a helo land in the dark of night. We had to use night vision to even see it. We had a quiet, well secured formation...somewhat of a half circle of about 150 Marines. And guess who walked into the middle of our circle with tears in his eyes...you guessed it. And yes, he was in the middle of all of it with us. He told us how proud he was of us and that our sacrifices were changing a world...one country at a time.

Americans, it was horrible in those places. As a Marine, I am trained to kill the enemy at any cost, but because I do it, doesn't make it easier. Our President has a strong will to defend our country. NOBODY CRIED WHEN WE LAUNCHED INTO AFGHANISTAN AFTER 9/11, even John Kerry. But here is the problm we have in America, things wear off quickly. The "heat of the moment" tends to fade away when some of you go back to your daily lives after the 9/11's stop. But I can tell you, there are many things going on over there that you don't, and won't hear about on the news.

You think Iraqi's beheading our Americans is horrible? We have more execution style murders in America each month than most countries do in a year. Don't get me wrong, I have had the opportunity to take out horrible people, and I did. Not because it felt good, but because it was necessary. Well, GW has us between a rock and a hard place right now, not because he necessarily wants to, but because he has to.

For those of you that are about to make a mistake and vote democrat in Nov, you think about what I am saying. I have been there, and I will tell you that we don't hold the course with the leader we have now, we will lose our ground over there, and they will gain ground over here.

My prayers go to all the hostages and their families. I can only hope that my work over there made enough difference. We came home to a better place, some didn't make it back alive. Our President has horrible decisions to make daily, decisions that affect the lives of people like you, I, and Mr. Hensley. That poor man was over there to make a difference, as well. He was a good man and didn't deserve what he got from the cowards that delivered it to him. I would gladly revenge his death, if I could, but we must press on. We are Americans. Our President has his heart set on America, even if he makes decisions that we don't necessarily like. He is not only running America, he running the free world.

Semper Fidelis

Posted by: A US MARINE on September 25, 2004 05:41 PM

hola!! yo soy mexicana,, y cuando vi el video se me parti el corazon,, no podioa creer lo que abia visto.. por mi parte lo ke pudo decir, es ke todo esto es estupido, nadie tien derecho tomar la vida de otras personas,, yo creo ke eso solo lo decide Dios.,, Bush,, no es culpable,, son todos akellso ke creen en las venganza,, pero aki esat la pregunta por ke estan luchando??? por tener mas teriorio , por ke??????? esto no tien sentido,, simplemente termina siendo personas ke se odian entre si,, y los inocentes ke?? todos akellos ke ahn sido asesinados, ke pasa kon ellos,,, yo creo ke aii ke dejar ir todo lo ke ya paso,, y empesar a tener una mentalidad limpia,, libre de rencores; se ke es mu dificl, pero pos todo se puede,, a mi no me gusat pensar asi: ojo por ojo, diente por diente,, asi nunca va a acabar todo,, la guerra,, ,, aber aki esta otra pregunta.. kien ace la guerra???? puess nosotros mismos,, con todos los recores y malos sentimientos,, pero pk no pensamos en nuestros hijos , lo que es mejor para ellos,, mm a lo mejor mucahs personas por pensar en su familia ayudan a ke la guerra continue, pk piensan ke en el futuro todo va a estar bien.. pero kien les asegura ke ellos no seran unos de las victimas de la guerra a la ke se esta induciendo.. ayy ke pensar con la cabeza fria,, no con la cabeza caleinte. y ke con todos los inosentes de alla de iraq.. tb ayy mcuhismas personas como ustedes, como nosotros ke no tienen nada kever con lo ke esta pasando entre los gobernantes,, ellso ke ,, es muy facil, buen no tanto solo tomar deciciones por todos los demas,, peor pues kien sufre las conecuencias son todas las personas que ni vela en el entierro tienen ,, meno.. ya no c ni lo quwe estoy diciendo, tengo tanto ke decir ke se me revuelbe todo.. mm. per., MI MAS SENTIDO PESASMA A TODAS LAS FAMILIAS QUE HAN PERDIDIO FAMILIARES, AMIGO O CONOCIDOS EN LA GUERRA, O EN MANOS DE PERSONAS QUE NO TIENEN COMPACION POR LOS DEMAS.. R.I.P ALL THE PEOPLE HOW WAS MURDER BY PERSNS THAT DONT HAVE COMPASION OF THE OTHERS, AND 4 THE FAMILY OF THE MURDER PEOPLE,, sorry 4 YOUR LOST..

Posted by: NCCA on September 25, 2004 07:05 PM

I am a close friend of Ty Hensley, Jack's younger brother, and just wanted to help spread the word about a site set-up to help Jack's family, jackhensley.org.

Posted by: john on September 26, 2004 11:30 AM

To US Marine: Thank you for your words. I am SO thankful to hear it said by someone WHO IS THERE and has seen President Bush UP CLOSE WITH THE TROOPS just being who he is.

I am TIRED of John Kerry and his liberal friends telling US what we think, and twisting everything into a political pretzel. The disrespect he showed Mr. Allawi last week after that brave man addressed Congress, makes me sick and his continued disrespect of a sitting wartime President is awful.

Thank you for your bravery- both in deeds and in your words. I hope to God people take them to heart. Piling more hatred on top of what of what we already face will do no good for anyone.

Posted by: An Army Mom on September 27, 2004 01:04 PM

I commend Bush if its oil he's after. Do you know how many Americans, particularly senior citizens, can potentially freeze during a cold winter? Cheap oil means higher quality of life. I support President Bush-He needs to wait till after the election before he eradicates the savages in a mushroom cloud of American glory. God bless Bush and his large lead in the polls.

Posted by: allie on September 30, 2004 01:08 AM

Maybe we should have an open hunting season here between the hours of 6:00 am till 6:00 pm in the USA.Prolly findem at the Tedeschis or 7-11 stores not to mention our gas stations.IRRADICATE FROM WITHIN so we can ERRADICATE elsewhere !!

Posted by: billy on September 30, 2004 04:50 PM

United we Stand !!
And divided we fall !!
Stand your ground !!
Or you will need to ask permission,
to stand on someone elses ground.
Go Army, Go Marines, Go Navy, go American Airforce !!!!!!!!!!!!!jack

Posted by: Jack Santi on October 2, 2004 04:24 PM

Its sad really.I mean you americans are brainwashed from an early age,to be patriotic,love the president,love your flag ect ect.So it comes as no surprise that you beleive your lying corrupt government.I kinda compare it to the nazis,who incidently burnt the reichstag,then started a propaganda campaign based on fear.Then they started to invade countries in Europe,killing innocents building concentration camps a la camp delta.Yeah Hitler had em sucked in,just like you gullible idiots.I hear your dickhead president wants to go after Iran next,then North Korea.Well i hope you do,and many more American body bags come to you,just like good ole Nam.You fucked up there,too.Bush is nothing but a lying pig,weapons of mass destruction,yeah right!Then he flip flops from one lot of crap to the next,go ahead an follow him,maybe to your death i hope.

Posted by: freddo on October 6, 2004 03:39 AM

Goodness Freddo, what a warm fuzzy soul you seem to be?! And what charming country do you hail from that you bring us such good wishes, or do you perhaps live in one of the countries where OUR MEN DIED so you could be free to level such ludicrous rhetoric such as you did here? Or do you perhaps live HERE in our VERY Great Country where our WONDERFUL Flag Protects Your right to be a total idiot?

It is people like you that truly make me wonder WHY we bother bailing the rest of the world out at the cost of our own sons and daughters.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 6, 2004 04:49 PM

The thing is you were lied to by your government about the reason for invading iraq,right or wrong?If you beleived your President you are a fool.I DO NOT condone any pre emptive strike on any sovereign country killing and maiming innocent civilians for no reason,the only reason your govt invaded is greed.Now i know youre gonna say we got rid of the ''bad guy'',but hey, there are bad guys all over the world,and does your govt.give a fuck,NO!!cause there is no oil.I t is a different story if you were to defend your self from invasion,but iraq was no threat to you what so ever.And i know your gonna give the spin on 9/11 and the connection with terrorism,and osama is saddams buddie ect ect.The facts are the Bin ladens are pals with The bush administration.The world is a more dangerous place since that moron Bush has been president.He is selling your freedom under the guise of fear and security.Your freedom of speech is slowly eroding.If you haven't already done so army mom,give Faranheit 911 a look,that will explain a few home truths.Speaking of ludicrous rhetoric,the Bush govt is expert at that.By the way if you have a love one involved in a military conflict,may they come home in one piece.

Posted by: freddo on October 7, 2004 02:55 AM

No Freddo, our government did not lie to us. They had faulty intelligence, which came from the U.N.; Russia, Britain; France Germany and many others and was believed by most of the civilized world, even as those countries were undermining us by taking pay-offs from Saddam Hussein and starving the Iraqi people. Michael forgot to mention that, when he showed what a LOVELY place Iraq was before nasty old America came in.

You've been watching way too much Michael Moore.
I suppose you thought Far.911 is gospel. I saw the movie- and it was a pathetic bid to make money off the political system, and advance his own agenda. Why don't you go through the movie- point by point and check ALL the information on the incidences he sites, rather than just accepting his rather warped views. There are plenty of non-partisan sites you can go to to verify the truth- if you dare.

I'm not sure where you get the idea that we are in Iraq for oil- as none has been taken from there, and they are now a sovereign FREE state- in spite of the terrorists trying to stop that progress.

The world is no more dangerous now than it was before- in fact, I think it is safer, because the cards are on the table, and Terror is on the Defense. You see only the obvious Freddo- that because they post things on the internet (like beheadings) you assume they are in control. Have you never asked yourself WHY they do that?? Its simple- because there are a lot of gullible people out there that will be scared and will want to "reason" with them. Do you REALLY think that if we had laid low, and left them alone, that they, like a nest of bees, would simply keep to themselves? They have an agenda Freddo, they've proven that in places all over the world, not just here. Their agenda is the killing of ANYONE who is not an extreme Muslim- they even kill other Muslims for not being of their sect. Just how long do you think we should have continued to "reason" with them, assuming that that was even one of the options.

And people like Hussein; or the Taliban... do you REALLY think the people of those countries were hoping we'd continue "talking nice? And in the Sudan- do you think THEY hope we'll be "diplomatic" or do you think they pray for SOMEONE in this world to do SOMETHING to prevent more "Ethnic Cleansing" (By the way, that term translates to Mass Murder...but I'm sure if we just TALK to them they'll stop ) Maybe Michael Moore can shed some light on that too.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 8, 2004 01:08 PM

what we need now is to NUKE allof the mideast

Posted by: observe on October 8, 2004 11:32 PM

what we need now is to NUKE allof the mideast

Posted by: observe on October 8, 2004 11:32 PM

I can't believe what i am reading on this site. To all americans wake up and smell the coffee you are doing the very same thing that Britain did to us in Ireland all those years ago pull out and let the people that are left deal with THEIR country in their own way. By staying in Iraq you are causing more and more pain and suffering Mr Bush shame on you for lying to the people of America and i say the same to Mr Blair. No weapons of mass destruction have been found and there didn't seem to me to be any link with al-quada. Bully Boys come to mind though this is not a school play ground.

Posted by: missmarty on October 9, 2004 06:04 AM

Sorry, freddo and home of the brave, you're banned. Lets at least try to keep it a little civil.

Posted by: Digger on October 9, 2004 10:02 PM

I say kill 'em all. Bomb the hell out of those ragheads. Kill the women, children, and everyone else so we don't have to worry about the next generation of the crazy fucks.

I'm disgusted. Jihad pussies.

Posted by: Chris on October 11, 2004 01:01 AM

Thats not nice Chris

Posted by: james on October 11, 2004 03:20 AM

Army mom,that post is a perfect example of how you've been sucked in.If Mike Moore wasn't spot on with his facts don't you think he'd be facing court for his veiw on the Bush govt?C'mon now!Do you honestly think that after the shock and awe campaign by the US military which killed thousands of innocent people,the people of iraq would say greatWe have been saved.?I don't think so.I certainly don't think the Americans are in control,you may beleive it,by the shit Rumsfeld dribbles.Also if you beleive that the inteligence was faulty,well you must believe in faries to.The President didn't know,sure he didn't.You need a reality check big time.The IVASION is an illegal MONUMENTAL mistake.No wonder so many countries hate americans,it's because you are so up youselves,so arrogant,you only pick on weak countries with hardly anything to fight with.On the WMDs thing,if saddam had them don't you think he would of used them against the US military?I certainly hope you go into North Korea,cause they won't fuck around with you.Go there you die,it'simple really.They will be only defending themselves.Remember what happened the last time you were there,yep,you ran with your tail between your legs.By the way,please explain why it is OK for the US to posess WMDs when other countries can't,as i recall your military has been the only one to drop TWO ATOMIC BOMBS!!!!!!Boy you dribble on about ethnic cleansing,you have a nerve.I have read a lot of non partisan veiws on Faren 9/11,i must say i haven't read to many to convince me Mike Moore was wrong.
You think the world is safer now than before 9/11,what a joke.One day you will have an attack that will make 9/11 look like childs play.The patriot act,thats another joke.If ya think thats gonna help you're in dreamland,it's just another measure to curb freedom of speech.The reason no oil has been taken yet,is because of the chaos.But if,thats a big if,you do gain control thats when iraq will be raped of it's resources.

Posted by: reggy on October 11, 2004 03:23 AM

Normally Reggy, I wouldn't even answer someone as uninformed and ignorant of facts as you obviously are. The mere idea that you put the words "mike moore" and "facts" in the same sentence is an abomination. You, as Freddo who I directed my last post- need to check up on that fat slob and see the real FACTS behind the propaganda he turns out. But, I know you won't- you don't have the guts to fight yourself or serve your country- but then, "men" like you ( and mike) don't. You stand by and hide behind a lot of toughtalk, profanity and non-facts.

It is not I that am delusional or confused, Reggy, it's you and those like you.

And just to be clear, wishing death on ANYONE is just pure wrong. You are not too far from the "thinkers" in Zarqawi's group, and that is very sad, for you and all who have to deal with you.

By the way- just out of curiosity, do you live in our country?

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 11, 2004 04:59 PM

you may remember me from above^^^ by the way you people are acting, this is a war between us americans. listen to yourselves. arguing with each other about small, unimportant things. if this continues like this, we will be in a war against ourselves...not iraq or any other country. before we can solve any other problems outside of the US, we have to solve the problems IN the US.


Posted by: Lauren on October 11, 2004 05:55 PM

Good Lord. How many more times am I gonna hear about this Mike Moore dude? He's just a peice of trash looking to make some money off of a tragedy. Someone should kick his ass.

Also, I watched the debate tonight on television. The two nominees for President of the United States of America are mentally challenged, I believe. Bush has to call daddy when something goes wrong. But, then again, at least he does make a decision and stick to it, unlike John Kerry. I love my country, but Nov. 2 is going to be a sad, sad day.

Posted by: Chris on October 13, 2004 10:46 PM

Read this,these are some of the facts wether you like them or not.But continue to go around with your head in the sand at your own peril. The World According to Bush
by William Pfaff

PARIS -- THE WAR NOW is past tense, the dead gone, the wounded paying the price for all the cheers and relief.

The controversy resumes in the present and future tenses, over Washington's planned (or, as it seems, largely unplanned) pacification and reconstruction of Iraq as an economic and political society and over what may follow in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Oil Ministry was secured early in the battle of Baghdad, even if the hospitals and museums were not; that told us about one Bush administration priority.

Former general Jay Garner and his team of American officials and businessmen are already, in the political realm, up against the factions, sects, and religious and tribal interests of Iraq, its exile and internal opposition claims, and the influence of interested foreign powers, Iran and Turkey, the Arabs as a whole - the Muslim world.

In the short term, American power will impose its choices. In the long run, Iraq will prevail. This, Washington would say, is negative thinking, but it is true. However, positive thinking is the order of the day because the Bush administration's brave new world is already under construction.

The moment of victory has been seized to start reshaping the Middle East. Step one is the intimidation of Syria, a presumably weak regime with an ophthalmologist as dictator, enjoying office because his departed father put him there, with a weak and under-equipped army, no oil, and a feeble economy.

The maximum goal in Syria is regime change. The minimum goal is an end to lodging and support for anti-Israeli militias, notably Hezbollah in Lebanon, a country that Syria now dominates.

Lebanon in the new order of things will become an autonomous state under US and Israeli surveillance.

The international ''quartet's'' road map for the Middle East will lead nowhere, to Tel Aviv's satisfaction and Tony Blair's chagrin.

Washington would like to terminate the power of the ayatollahs in Iran. Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Monday that ''all the nations of the region'' should now reconsider their positions. They undoubtedly are doing so, probably with a view to maximum dissimulation of maximum resistance to the new order.

President George Bush, pushed by the neo-conservative activists who surround him, has a second and more imposing ambition. It is to strip from the United Nations its political functions, leaving it to go about its humanitarian activities, continuing to provide its other useful and non-controversial international services, without interfering with the political decisions of nations, notably those of the United States.

Washington says the UN has ''failed,'' as the League of Nations failed. The league failed because its creators, Woodrow Wilson chief among them, built failure into it. They required unanimous decisions in both the assembly and the council of great powers. Even then, Poland defied it in 1920, France and Italy in 1923, Japan in 1931, etc. The United States, of course, never joined.

Those who defend the UN obviously do so because they don't want the United States to have unchecked power. That is why the forthcoming battle over the UN's role can be expected to become an embittered one. So long as the UN has universal membership and is generally recognized in international law as the sole authority that can legitimize violence by one state against another, it presents a problem for the Bush government.

The Bush administration wants a new international regime of democratic coalitions, which it says would possess a legitimacy the UN lacks and could deal expeditiously and effectively with threats to international order. Colin Powell says US interventions would come only on international request or when US interests are directly involved. But Colin Powell is not a neo-conservative.

NATO might be thought such a coalition, but Washington wants the problem to define the coalition so that each would be different and none would give members a veto over what the coalition does, as in the case of NATO.

Put simply, the Bush administration envisages a world run by the United States, backed by as many states as will sign on to support it.

Its stated intention is to maintain an overwhelming military advantage and do its level best to prevent other states from creating nuclear or other deterrent systems. It intends, where feasible, to disarm those already in possession of nuclear weapons. North Korea is a candidate for imminent preemptive disarmament.

Washington doesn't want any government in a position to check it through international institutions or legal opposition, which is why the UN has to go. Otherwise, the only obstacles to neo-conservative Washington's freedom of action (other than Chinese and Russian nuclear forces) would be Europe's economic power and potential political unity, and even there the American advantage is large, although not decisive.

Washington says that victory in Iraq was the first step in making a new Middle East and a new world order. There probably will be more resistance to both ambitions than it currently expects.

William Pfaff is a syndicated columnist. peril.

Posted by: reggy on October 16, 2004 02:07 AM

Hey army mom,your head still up your ass?Go to this site,read these letters if you have the GUTS!!!http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1005-22.htm

Posted by: reggy on October 16, 2004 02:28 AM

No Reggy, but you obviously have trouble seeing the sun shine on a regular basis.

Yes the UN IS irrelevant. The so-called Security Council, was equipping Saddam EVEN as they called for more sanctions and resolutions (stop... or I'll say STOP again, even louder). France, Germany Russia and China were all MAKING MONEY off the Food for Oil program. And gee, is it coincidence that Kofi Annon's SON Kojo, was the liason??? I think not. Let me revise the earlier statement-from irrelevant to a BUNCH OF CROOKS and Thieves. THey screwed the Iraqi people and HELPED a Mass Murderer for PERSONAL GAIN. IF that DOESN'T make them duplistic, untrustworthy and DOWNRIGHT SCARY due to a lack of honor (and maybe that's beyond your comprehension) then you'll NEVER see the sun!

And what a lovely, unbiased source you chose Reggy- an article from Paris. Wow, we're not the only country with biased, liberal media are we??
Oui? Reggy....?

By the way, if you care to debate- we'll do so, but gutter language is not necessary, unless of course, that's the only english you know. Grow up Reggy.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 18, 2004 03:20 AM


I concur. You are wasting your time with these idiots. They sit in the comfort of their American homes and bad mouth the American President to the American people about the American military mission. If any of them can answer up to me, let them try. Sure, they will use their foul, vulgar language to get their "point" across, but I can back up what you, and many others, are saying, as I spent more than two years now in Afghanistan and Iraq....and I am getting ready to go back.

As I am sure you know, we in the military don't have the luxury of bad-mouthing our Commander-in-Chief, as these two idiots do. I have spent my time laying in foxholes at night, sleeping 1-2 hours each night, eating food that should come with Ex-lax, and getting my butt shot at night after night so the loudmouthed idiots can criticize what I do and bad mouth the very freedom that I provide.

As a Marine Officer, I NEVER ONCE had to explain our mission in Afghanistan and Iraq to my Marines. They are all young kids, from every walk of life, and they do what they do because they are ordered to. But, after the orders are issued, and bullets stop flying (occasionally), they see the same thing I do; smiles on the faces of young people in those countries, and mothers and fathers with tears in their eyes coming to give us hugs of appreciation for what they currently have, but more importantly, what they will have for their children and grandchildren.....freedom.

I occasionally run across someone that protests my being in their country. Their hateful suggestions don't hold a candle to the idiots in my own country that protest a war they don't understand, or have the guts to go and fight. So, as these knuckleheads sit behind their televisions and observe the liberal "facts" about a war they only have knowledge of through the media, I just thank all those that support us and see a bigger picture outside the biased smaller ones.

If ONE of those idiots has been over there and made even one attempt to serve their country outside the comforts of their living rooms, I will gladly entertain their comments. Otherwise, I will continue doing what my country asks of me, vote for the man that has kept me and my Marines alive during the past two years, and retire from the military service with honor. And the medals I earned in the defense of freedom will be situated proudly on my wall in a shadow box, not discarded like a piece of trash.

If the knuckheads want to really get their point across, they need to come on a Marine Corps (or any other military service) base and voice it to those that serve. Otherwise, they can continue to bump their gums with their effortless assault; on the people that fight for their freedom and the freedom of the world. Bottom line: In the end, the war will continue until freedom is served, and there isn't a thing they can do about it except whine. Either way, we fight, they complain, we win, they lose.

Semper Fidelis

US Marine

Posted by: US Marine on October 18, 2004 06:15 PM

DEAR US Marine- May God Bless YOU and your fellow marines. My SON is in the Army- it is the best thing he could have done for himself AND HIS COUNTRY at this time. ALthough he is stationed in S. Korea just now as a patriot missile spec. I worry nonetheless, as a Mom. As an American, I am proud as punch of him, and you and ALL the men BRAVE enough (like Pres.Bush) to take ACTION instead of being little girlie men on the sidelines criticizing and complaining.

I know the media treats all of us shabbily and PARTICULARLY the military gets underminded; expecting us to take THEIR perspective as gospel. HOWEVER, and I hope you don't mind, but my brother is a popular radio talk show host in our state (PA) and VERY supportive of the troops. People call in and ask HIM where do YOU guys stand, and he's had other letters saying the same thing, but I'm also forwarding YOURS to him.

And I too would rather see the idiots that badmouth America and our President, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. They forget, or perhaps they are part of this new generation who idolize that moron MOORE, who think nothing of running their mouths because they've NEVER suffered the retribution for doing it, and certainly , never lived under a gov't where personal opinion equals death. (literally).

You ARE a great American, and I thank God for you and all like you.

Stuff it, Reggy . (sorry, couldn't help that last bit there- he's such a weenie)

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 19, 2004 02:53 AM

If i do not agree with the invasion of a country,which was portrayed by the US govt as a threat to the US,by possesing WMDs.The endless rethoric by Bush,Cheney,Powell ect.that iraq was involved in 9/11,i am looking at it from a different veiw.I am not an idiot.I was a soldier once,OK?and i served my country.I did not fight in any war,and i suppose if i had to i would.I am a civilian now,and i have a different outlook on military conflict.The closest i came was Nam.
Saddams military might was severely weakend after the 1st gulf war,his WMD program was dismantled.David Kay the cheif weapons inspector concluded that they no chemicle,biological or nuclear capability,nor did they have the means to produce said weapons.The continuing confusion of reasons for the war are in itself mind boggling.
1st it was it was the connection between al-qaeda and Saddam.It is well known that the Bush admin was itching to go into Iraq before 9/11.2nd it was the lies about WMDs,when none were found,then it was about regime change.3rd Rumsfeld said that it will be a cakewalk,after all the flowers were cleaned up after the capture of Saddam.Well,the killing continues.Over 500 americans KIA, and rising,countless civilians,killed by 'collateral damage'.
Propaganda is a powerful tool.When used by the US govt,with great affect,the repetition and constant bombardment of lies,it is no wonder you are convinced that you are doing the right thing.Thats fine by me.You are entitled to your veiw.I suppose you think that by the actions in Iraq,you are on a crusade to save the free world,from the bad guys.If you look at it from the other side,which i know is hard,they see you as the bad guys.And i aprecciate our forfathers who fought the wars for freedom,which is slowly eroding i might add.That was a different time and era.
Semper,it is good to get another perspective on the situation,but i still beleive it was a wrong decision as millions of others,while we agree to disagree,i'll continue to express myself,and i do get angry about it,some things we say or do seem irrational afterwards,but i'm no 'knucklehead'.

Posted by: reggy on October 19, 2004 03:26 AM

What a fight! Reggy (you must be a Brit or Canadian from some of the idioms you use), are just wrong about America's purposes. We were attacked on 9/11. In order to ensure that another attack doesn't happen we need to go to the source. The source is the middle east swamp. We needed to drain the swamp and now all the alligators are surfacing. Now we have to kill the alligators. Its not about oil. If it was, oil prices would be down by now. But prices are rising.

I have to agree with ArmyMom and US Marine. Listening to liberal knuckleheads like you would have us pull out now and make matters worse. The terrorists (or insurgents, if you will) would take over the place and their terror would spread to the US and whatever country you live in. The The US military would then have to come over to your country (again) and save your sorry asses all over again. We hate to have to do the same thing twice. So be glad we are draining the cesspools for you. Its a dirty job and we seem to be the only country in the world that is able (or willing) to do it.

Posted by: FreddieJ on October 19, 2004 01:15 PM

Freddie... it's morons like you that make the rest of the world despise America. NO WMDs, NO link to Al Quieda and for what?

>>Its a dirty job and we seem to be the only country in the world that is able (or willing) to do it

If you're so willing and able why are your troops refusing to do their 'duty' and why the fuck are you calling our boys to do it for your sorry yank asses?

I pray that you see enough body bags in the coming months/years to blow a hole in that arrogance you so willfully propagate.

If you like murdering innocents in the Middle East 'swamp'... become an Israeli and go live in their shitty little country... but leave the rest of us out of your fucked up wars.

The only good yank soldier is a dead one.

Posted by: choja on October 19, 2004 01:36 PM

Ah Choja, yet ANOTHER brilliant, concise posting by one of the MANY countries WE, the "dumb yanks" have bailed out over the years. Seems the only one in your country with more sense than the average goat is Mr. Blair. Good thing he's not as yellow as you evidently are.

Try looking at some facts- or at least books with PICTURES of facts in them...it's probably all you could handle.

For your information, my SON is one of those "yank soldiers" you're wishing dead.... and believe this, the day will come when Britain has its OWN 911, and I doubt its too far off, and then you'll cry and moan like the rest of your inbred European friends for the US to bail you out again- because you're not strong enough to do it yourselves.

If you're still in England-do us all a favor and STAY there. And if you're a transplant, GO HOME.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 19, 2004 04:35 PM

And Reggy, are you SUCH an armchair quarterback ??
Yes, we AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, believed there were WMD's TWO YEARS AGO!!! What should Pres. Bush have done- GAMBLED that ALL the intelligence agengies IN THE WORLD were wrong??? Suppose he'd have lost that wager- then what??? More buildings falling- more innocents killed?? Good grief, try to remember back to your military training- they don't usually give Hugging 101 in any branch that I'm aware of.

Did you ReAD Marine's post??? Thoroughly? HE'S BEEN THERE AND HAS THE GUTS TO GO BACK BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO and the AVERAGE Iraqi values what we are doing- ENOUGH TO EMULATE IT AND TRAIN TO FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES. Each time they blow up Iraqi recruits- MORE COME TO JOIN UP. Would you (like Kerry and his girlie men) like to invite the terrorists (Zarquawi and his crew) HERE for a love fest???

I've listened to people surmise all the reasons we went in there- the intelligence on WMD's which was THOUGHT to be valid at the time. AND THERE WERE and STILL ARE ATTEMPTS to get them. Would you PREFER that there HAD been chemical and biological agents for them to use on US,& OUR TROOPS as they did on their own PEOPLE??? Listen to yourself. It's ludicrous.

Do you not recognize the very basic grappling of good and evil here? It really IS that simple.

Is George Bush perfect?? No. but he is the FIRST President with the guts to BE President that we've had in many years. Does everyone love us, NO...we have charming friends like Choja, who thinks hiding under the bed and HOPING these people go away and leave us alone will do it. But it WON'T. They proved that three years ago in September. Do you ReALLY want to go through that again? And can you honestly THINK if we just ignore them, they'll give us the same courtesy??? How naive.

They want to annihilate US and ALL the free countries in the world- the ENTIRE Western Civilization.. why? Because we believe,all of us, in FREEDOM for EVERYONE... regardless of religion. Do you think the Afghani's are SORRY we came?

Those people went through MINE fields, and got shot at JUST TO VOTE...and MILLIONS came...to VOTE. For probably the first time in their lives THEY have control over all the things we are SO casual about- what to wear, whether or not to work, and if so, at what. WOMEN can walk freely in the streets. And vote. And show their faces now. They can raise their children and educate ALL of them, regardless of sex.

This makes us a HORRIBLE bunch of warmongers? Well if it does, then I'm proud of it, because we have given them the greatest gift available from one man to another- the FREEDOM to live AS THEY PLEASE. And it is the SAME gift we give, with the lives of our fellow citizens, to the Iraqi people. Of that, I cannot feel ashamed. And will not.

I am proud of my country and the MEN who have the guts to stand for what is right- whether the European wimps or the Terrorists like it or not. And to ANYONE who would wish harm to ANY of our soldiers- I say, GO TO HELL.

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 19, 2004 04:52 PM

Thanks, ArmyMom. The WMD situation isn't over yet. When I left, we were still finding 120mm chemical mortars (without the chemicals inside) and blueprints of fissile material configurations for improvised nuclear devices...dated in the year 2000. That's something you don't hear about on the news. I have pictures of an active biological agent processing plant 12 kilometers from Baghdad...took them on my personal camera. The chemicals were not present in the factory (good thing because we went in without MOPP gear). But here's the kicker...the factory had piles of automotive parts in shelves, but no machinery used to make automotive parts. The plant was constructed in 2001 (we found the blue prints). There were chemical agent separators and biological anthrax/smallpox specimens that had died because we knocked out their power during the "shock and awe" campaign and the refrigerators went out. And, we incovered a MIG that had been completely covered in sand, but sealed in plastic first. The aircraft could have been dug out, unwrapped, and fired up for action. The strange thing about the aircraft was that it had been outfitted for a sprayer assembly (fighter/attack aircraft), with nozzle controls inside the cockpit. There were three US flags and 2 British flags painted on the side with x's through them. We never figured that out, as they never shot any US or British aircraft down (during OIF or Desert Storm). I was over there during Desert Storm, as well. I can tell you that I had several friend from Great Britain. They were awesome soldiers. I get emails from them occasionally.

Those are just a few of many "WMD pieces and parts" we found, and they are still finding evidence of them today. I don't think we depleted their stockpile, rather, they disassembled and hid them, much like the MIG we found. It was stumbled on by some Air Force EOD guys conducting mine clearance operations. Had they not been at that point at that time, we would have probably never found the MIG.

Saddam Hussein's atrocities didn't stop with WMD threats or the hundreds of thousands he executed. The worst ones are the thousands he allowed to live. Half of that place is on the verge of going stir crazy. One Iraqi man I spoke to was telling us about the murder of his wife and children. The beheadings we see on the news don't hold a candle to some conducted by the former regime. They shot his children on the back of the head, while forcing him to watch (eyes held open with tape). They tied his wife to a table, and after hours of torture, they cut her beating heart out with a pair of tin snips. They told him that he wouldn't die, as his punishment would be to live with what he had seen for the rest of his life. He told us that he had tried to kill himself twice since, but failed. I mustered up the nerve to ask the man what he did to deserve that hell, and he floored me with his answer. "I don't know", he said.

I would like to say to all that read this. Any man that commits attrocities like this needs to die. The WMDs were something that he "could have done", but what he actually did to those poor people deserves a sentence of death. And those that follow him and continue the reign of terror, on their people and ours, are not the weak, poor individuals that you might think. They are cowards, though. I spent months fighting them. They fight for fundamentalism, and a corrupt version of what they call a religion. I read some British comments in a few of your emails. I will tell you that the British soldiers over there with us were brave individuals, fighting the bad guys just like we were. And they morned the death of their comrades, just like we did. Some of you are right. It is a horrible situation. And there are many innocent civilians (yes, children too) that get caught in the crossfire of US/British and terrorist's bullets. It is something that bothers me every night I try and sleep here at home. I am so sorry that I even caused some deaths that were unintentional. I will never be able to forgive myself for that. As a young man, I would probably not see anything outside of those horrible thoughts. But, I am 44 years old. I've been a Marine for 24 years now, and hope to serve for a total of 30 years when I can draw a decent retirement. I see the world a lot differently than I did when I was younger. As with WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, we sent thousands of our soldiers to fight and die for a simple cause...freedom. Sounds simple, but it isn't. It's tough. But, America, France, Great Britain, South Korea, and Australia wave their flags high. Not just because Americans fought, but because we all fought together for a common cause.

As friends and allies, the aforementioned countries all fought together, and the only battle we have ever lost was Vietnam, because we allowed public opinion and politics to play the game above the military planners and soldiers on the ground.

We have so many "arm chair quarterbacks" that want to judge the war in Iraq, hell, if they had an impact on the war it would be over by now, and Iraq/Afghanistan would free! Even all the worlds terrorists would be converted to liberal Christians and we could all live in a free world with high economic growth, stem cell implantation on every corner, and gas selling for 10 cents a gallon. The blind would see, the crippled would walk, every citizen in the world would be disease free, we would all have high paying jobs, and live in million dollar homes. But even one of those luxuries has to be earned. And as history as proven time and time again, it must be earned with the forward projected sacrifice of those who dare to fight the fight, not judge from the comfort of their armchairs. Blood is freedom's stain. Politicians don't bleed the same color as the soldier, but they lead our countries based on the best information they have from their sources. The mojority voted them into power, so if you disagree with them, you are the minority.

I hope to retire and go fishing someday.

US Marine

Posted by: US Marine on October 19, 2004 06:40 PM

GOD BLESS you US MARINE and ARMY MOM. America needs to know the TRUTH. People have their heads stuck in the sand in America and have no idea what Freedom truly stands for. For those of us who have been overseas and know what it means to kiss the ground of Freedom ,I thank you US MARINE and ARMY MOM for allowing us that priviledge. Our men and women are over there fighting so we can just wake up in the morning, sip our coffee and mozy off to work. I was never in the armed services but I am a missionary to Ethiopia. I have seen poverty, and people dying from a simple thing as tuberculosis because there was no medication, families being seperated and killed because of their religious beliefs, people with arms and hands and feet and legs missing because of land minds set, the rampant take over of HIV/AIDS and demise of thousands because of it. Yet, people can sit back from the comfort of their homes and critize and point fingers about those who are trying to keep our America free. I say to them: We are certainly praying for you because I am sure by now your head is having great difficulty getting out from the hole that you put it in.
Preacher Woman

Posted by: PREACHERWOMAN on October 20, 2004 02:42 AM

I was one of millions of people world wide who did not believe Bushes lies on WMDs 2 years ago.You see I did not listen to the crap he was talking.The reason you say all those people believed it is because of the constant repetition,in other words you are brainwashed.And honestly I feel sorry for you,in that you can’t think for yourself.Lets face it,Bush is a moron,just listen to some of the crap he comes out with,the one that blows me away is,when he said,’you are either with us or you are with the terrorists’great choice.I certainly ain’t with that moron.Another good one was’’it’s amazing I won,I was running against peace,prosperity and incumbency’’G.W. Bush 14th June 2001 speaking to Swedish prime minister Goran Perrson unaware that a live TV camera was still rolling.This guys odviously an idiot.But I guess good ole brother Jeb will help him rig it again.I t’s good to have relatives to influence an outcome of a ‘’democratic’’ election,but still if you think this jerk is OK vote for him.
By the way please answer this for me.Why don’t the US get rid of their WMDs,how come it’s OK for the US to possess them,and other countries can’t?And it was OK for Saddam to use them when Iraq was at war with Iran,cause you Americans were supplying Saddam,making millions along the way.It’s the hipocracy,double standards that stink.You go around chest puffed out,thinking everyones gonna accept that bullshit.Let me tell you one thing you are WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!!!!!! This why things like 9/11 happen.You go around assuming that every one wants to live in a democracy,what gives you that right?And if there is a country that’s oil rich like Iqaq,go in bomb the crap out of them,put in a puppet govt.,SHAZZAM you’ve got democracy.BULLSHIT!!!It’s the lets exploit the hell out if them,then piss off.
I know Saddam’s henchmen commited some wicked atrocities.Things like marine was saying about those shocking things that happened to that poor man should not be tolerated.Every day people are getting slaughtered by suicide bombers,these atrocities have been a sad result of this campaign.You see because of the different tribal factions within the middle east,there is a resentment of the west,when we interfere with this,this is the result,and it is only likely to spread and worsen.This gung ho attitude the US military weilds,in my opinion is the wrong way to go.Answer me this,there are thousands of wicked acts perpetrated by countries all over the globe eg. North Korea, at this very moment,with the reasoning that you ‘’saved the Iraqis from Saddam’’why isn’t there any interest in bombing theses countries to free the innocents?Is it because there isn’t any resources to exploit?The US should stop poking their noses into other counties affairs,this only escalates things.

Posted by: reggy on October 22, 2004 08:51 PM

It appears to me that you only take in the parts of the stroy that you agree with. We have been working to disarm and help North Korea for quite some time now; however, diplomacy is the first step. If you remember correctly we used diplomacy with Iraq as well. There is a point where diplomacy is no longer effective and I am sure that it will be reached sooner or later with North Korea. I guess that education about your arguments would just be a little to much to ask from you. As for your argument that the war in Iraq is only for their resources, think again. We are fighting a war in that country as we speak, and have had control for some time. What are our gas prices doing? What does that prove my poor poor democratic idiot?

Posted by: Katie on October 26, 2004 04:35 AM

Katie, Bravo. The calm voice of reason is heard once again. I am amazed that anyone, of any party can parrot such negative views of THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!! It is ReALLY getting to me. As you noted, WHAT resources have we taken? None. What resources will we take? None.( I'm sure eventually we'll BUY oil from Iraq) As will many others. I know we've worked to have many of their debts forgiven by other countries- but w'ere not benefiting from that either. So I'd like to know just WHAT these folks are accusing US of...good grief... they're part of this country...how CAN they be so disloyal??? And so damned uninformed... oh that's right some people still watch CBS for THEIR fair and UN-balanced coverage....

Posted by: AnArmy Mom on October 26, 2004 11:31 AM

Hey Army Mom, don't let it get to you. We are going to always have people in our country that have views like that. They are not wrong, just ignorant and misinformed by a media (their only source of "credible" information). Before I became a Marine, I used to get really upset with people like that, but it doesn't bother me now. I have learned to just shut up (something the Marine Corps taught me) when they speak of things they know nothing about. People like you and Katie realize the high cost of freedom and the big picture, outside the narrow ones portrayed in the media. I don't know if you have ever fought for it, but by the tone of your emails, I don't think you would have a problem fighting for anything that was worth fighting for!

We are "feeding their fires" by arguing with them. They will vote for Kerry (maybe), and good for them. They have that freedom. I will vote for Bush, but you see, I have met him personally. I am loyal to him for the FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS I HAVE HAD IN AFGHANISTAN when he visited us over there, and the videos he send us in Iraq. Every single thing he promised us over there...WE GOT! I have watched the news (and shake my head in disbelief), unfortunately, but I will tell you that every single thing they say negatively, with regards to Bush "not supporting the troops or caring about their welfare", is a total lie. I have been there (in combat), shook his hand, and watched his eyes tear up. I have also been on the receiving end of THREE personal sets of body armor. We had so much extra body armor that we hung flak jackets over the doors of our ARMORED Hummers. He has given us more than we need with regards to supplies and equipment. But the most important thing he has given us is his encouragement and prayers. And yes, I can honestly say that he was never beside me in a firefight, but he shouldn't have been. He fights battles for our country like a President should, with firm resolve, faith in God, and the support of his military leadership. And if anyone out there thinks he didn't listen to the Generals (like the media is reporting), they are seriously misled. He gave them carte blanche in both places to make tactical decisions. And I will tell you that 1,000 losses of brave Americans
(and the unfortunate losses of our foreign military brotheren) are an EXTREMELY small price to pay in comparison to the length of the fight so far, and the intensity of battle in those areas. Often times, my Commanders would give us briefs before an assault and delineate possible losses after the "fog" lifted. We never lost the numbers that were estimated, but the few we lost, nine (9) I knew personally, were painful to endure. I will never forget them. But, all of us know when we go out on patrol at night, or provide convoy security during the day, that we are taking one step closer to death for a cause; a cause much more important than our simple lives. So we fought the fight, one fight at a time, and buried our dead with the highest honor...never to be forgotten.

I hate war. I hate to fight. I hate fear. I became a Marine, originally, because I liked the uniform! I didn't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary when I was younger. I didn't realize what being a free American was all about, until I saw people that didn't have it and wanted it. It felt really good to give it to them.

I am in the states now, enjoying my country before I return to the sandbox in a few months. When I first got back, I had been exposed to so much violence, hate, and fear, that I had almost forgotten how it felt to relax, mow my lawn, eat a pizza, and drive my car to another state without stopping at a damned checkpoint. It felt good to walk around outside with my son without being shot at, and it is SO QUIET AT NIGHT! So peaceful.

Americans, please appreciate what you have here. Don't fight over information that comes from people that only "hear" about the war. They are simply ignorant to the reality of reality. They drive to work every day, stopping off at McDonalds for a sausage biscuit and cup of coffee, and have the freedom to vote for a President based on the issues presented to them by Fox, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC. I personally think they are spoiled and stupid, but I love them....simply because they are Americans.

Semper Fidelis
US Marine

Posted by: US Marine on October 29, 2004 07:51 PM

as usual Watch, you missed the more subtle point of what I was trying to show you and came barreling back with the obvious- a spelling check which I left there for you to stumble over, and you did not disappoint, lol. At least you're consistently stupid, and I can respect that. You're right, there's nothing more for us to discuss, your mind- small though it is - is obviously set in its direction no matter how misguided.

USMARINE, thanks for coming to my aid- as usual the Marines can be counted on for all things.
Army Mom

Posted by: AnArmyMom on October 30, 2004 06:03 AM

Hey Army Mom...HE WON!!!! Looks like there were more of us than there were of them. Got your email...will respond soon.

US Marine

Posted by: US Marine on November 4, 2004 06:02 PM

Yep I was SO relieved. I worked election night helping my brother track returns and wow, early on it looked terrible. PLUS another guy who's usually pretty much right on the mark with his political predictions called about 7:30 and said, it's over, Kerry's gonna sweep it!

So THAT Made it REAL scary for a while... I just wonder how they got the Exit Polls SOOOO Wrong!!
Wonder if someone stacked the deck???

Talk to you soon Us Marine!

Posted by: AnArmyMom on November 5, 2004 03:36 AM

ArmyMon, you are a moron. You need to wake up. Marine, you too are not too bright either are you? I was a British Spec Op and have seen this from all sides, I have been in Iraq, Afghanistan and places you Americans have never heard of. ArmyMom, you think the US bailed out most of the world, when was that exactly? Can you actually name a single conflict where you have improved things - and please, not the second world war, for so many years your government ignored world events and only when the Japanese attacked your Navy did your Government intervene. At which point the Russians had entered the war in Europe and it was all but over. You think the British needed your help? Get over yourselves for crying out loud.

This war is ill-founded and the invasion should never have taken place. Many more lives will be lost in this pointless struggle and for what? You really think you will convert these people to your religion? They do not want to be Christian like Bush, they believe in Islam and they are prepared to die for that belief - as many have.

You Americans think you should be the World Police - as if you have all the answers. What you cannot see is the power grab going on right under your noses. What your government and its successors are doing is erroding your freedoms one by one, all in the name of the War on Terror and you cannot see it.

I have fought, killed and watched good friends get killed around me. It's ugly and I hope you never have to see it.

You say you fight for freedom yet the very freedoms you claim to enjoy are being taken from you, a piece at a time. Your government, like ours in the UK wants you subjugated and afraid - so they spin this yarn about the War on Terror. This way they keep you controlled and compliant. You think you are truly free?

Bush goes in November but even if he stayed, you cannot win. You think the British won agains the IRA? It never happened, thousands were killed, many more were maimed and countless lives destroyed by grief due to terrorism yet how did it end? Look it up and you will see how this will end.

ArmyMom, I hope your son came back and Marine, I trust you kept yourself alive.

Posted by: uksoldier on June 12, 2006 05:09 AM

Bush goes in November but even if he stayed, you cannot win.

Actually uksoldier, Bush doesn't go until January 2009 when he passes power to his successor after the November 2008 elections.

So it looks like you Brits will have to suffer at the hands of our evil despot of a leader (sarcasm) for a few more years.

Posted by: Digger on June 12, 2006 05:21 AM

does anyone here know if viewing these beheading videos (research) is illigal? can someone who really knows-email me and let me know? since this country is drowning in laws.i have to know if this is a law.

Posted by: sean moor on January 21, 2008 03:10 PM



Posted by: A DISGUSTED BRIT on April 11, 2008 09:26 AM

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