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French Hostage Update 2

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The latest on the fate of two French hostages taken hostage on August 29th is still unknown, but the hostage takers have apparently posted a vitriolic attack on the French people saying that the French are not immune to Muslim attack simply because they opposed the Iraq conflict.

If you need a refresher, here's my 3 other entries on the French hostages (links open in new window):
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The Islamic Army of Iraq, which is holding two French journalists hostage, said that France is an "enemy of Muslims," in a statement on a website that gave no details on the fate of the captives.

The statement ... cited France with a list of "crimes" that France had allegedly carried out against numerous Muslim countries.

"France has distinguished itself for its war against Islam and Muslims and has committed butchery against the nation," said the statement, whose authenticity could not be verified.

"France's history with Muslims is a black one, blemished by hatred and malice and blood. Its modern history is no less so that in the past," the statement added, calling on the "Islamic nation to unite against its enemies," such as France.

It accused France of "playing a principle role in blocking Muslims from taking power in Algeria after their victory" in 1992 legislative elections.

It said French prisons are "full of Muslims" being held in the name of the fight against terrorism, while denoucing continuing French support for the "Zionist entity" (Israel) and its "war against the symbols of Islam, such as the headscarf" for women.

Wow, I didn't realize they hated France that much! I don't think that France realized this either or that they were on a targeted list of countries. The article continues on a bizarre tirade of how the group is not against aid and humanitarian workers, which is obviously bullshit).
"true professionals, be they journalists, doctors or others, who do not carry out any activity of sabotage ... are not the target of the Islamic Army," the statement said.

"We respect those who are on a genuine humanitarian mission ... and are not pursuing missionary or intelligence objectives."


The statement accused France of "active participation in starving the Iraqi people for 12 years," an allusion to UN sanctions on the regime of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) after the Gulf War (news - web sites).

And it ridiculed France's refusal to participate in the US-led war on Iraq last year, saying that was calculated to "protect its own interests and and not to please the Iraqis."

So even the terrorists weren't fooled by that one Chirac. Not only have you went for appeasement, but you've given them what they want and remained a target.

There's a lot more they accuse France in the article than I can print.

Hat tip: Brothers Judd

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