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US Finally Recognizes Genocide In Sudan

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The US has finally recognized the genocide occurring in the Sudan and has firmly planted it at the feet of Arab militias and the Sudanese government.


"We concluded that genocide has been committed in Darfur and that the government of Sudan and the Janjaweed bear responsibility and genocide may still be occurring," Secretary of State Colin Powell said in testimony prepared for delivery to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Ahead of Powell's testimony, Sudanese lawmakers said a genocide ruling would hurt peace moves throughout Africa's largest country and could trigger Somalia-style chaos in the oil-exporting nation.

"It will break everything. And the consequences will be so shameful," Angelo Beda, deputy speaker of Sudan's parliament, told a news conference on a visit to neighboring Kenya.

"The U.S. is acting like a bull in a china shop."

Awww, their poor government. It's going to hurt peace movements in Africa to stop the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents. I feel so bad for the Sudanese government. Can we have a moment of silence? We can't? Ok, onto the ridiculous statement by David Anderson at In Search Of Utopia then:
Now my reccomendation (sic)... Demand UN Peacekeeper action immediately.
David, David, David, haven't you learned by now that the UN isn't going to do anything? Have they done anything so far? If they haven't moved so far do you think they will anytime soon? I think not. The UN isn't the answer to everything. Without a civilian population to back them up like in Liberia a small contingent of UN forces is worthless.

I'm not sure how to handle the situation. The government of Sudan is not going to step in and change their course so something has to be done, but I'll leave action up to those with experience in these situations. I just hope they act swiftly. It's a fact it is happening, so you shouldn't need to pass 18 resolutions to get something done.

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