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Russia To Implement Pre-emptive Strikes On Terrorists Globally

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Via Reuters
Russia's top general threatened Wednesday to attack "terrorist bases" anywhere in the world, as security services put a $10 million bounty on two Chechen rebels they blame for last week's school siege.


"As for launching pre-emptive strikes on terrorist bases, we will carry out all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world," said General Yuri Baluevsky, chief of Russia's general staff.

More power to them. Why sit around waiting for your country to be attacked multiple times by terrorists before bringing the fight to them. Of course there's going to be some group against it. IMHO any group against this should be investigated immediately as possibly aiding terrorists. What group in their right mind would say "No, you shouldn't hunt down people planning to kill thousands and thousands of civilians and innocent people.". Like the ass in the Chechen response below.

Lee of Right Thinking From The Left Coast Says:

I think I see a pattern here. You ignore the threat of terrorism until you’re attacked, after which you lay the smack down on terrorists.

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler takes a shot at Kerry:

John Kerry is running around denouncing our coalition just like he denounced the US during the Vietnam war, while in the real world Russia is the newest defacto member.

Rusty's Little Pet Jawa

The Bush-Rumsfield Neocon cabal has obviously infiltrated Russia to the highest levels.

Other Blogging on the Russian pre-emption announcement:
| Slant Point | Backcountry Conservative | Blogs For Bush |

The Chechens terrorists actually had the nerve to respond to this by coming out of hiding.

Akhmed Zakayev, an envoy for rebel leader and former Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, said such a strike by Russian forces would create a dangerous precedent.

"It is a warning to other European countries that Russia may come and carry out an assassination on your soil at any moment," he said.

"I think these are probably not empty threats. In fact they have already shown in practice that that is the way they do things," Zakayev said through an interpreter in London.

"It is a very disturbing signal they are sending for all civilized countries," Zakayev said. He added that it's especially worrying for Chechens who speak freely about their dissatisfaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin's policies.

"To Putin, that makes them international terrorists," he said.

No asshead, storming a school, rigging explosives, blowing up women and shooting children in the back as they flee makes you a terrorist or even being caught planning to do such. This guy is wanted in Russia and London is providing him asylum. I say turn the bastard over. Come on you limey's, why would you harbor someone in cahoots with these barbarian animals?

Backcountry Conservative and Right on Red have more on the Chechen "envoys" response.

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