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The Italians Teach The Filipinos How To Be Courageous

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Not only does Italy produce the finest cooks, inventors, artists, academics, women, graphic novels, musicians, hardest workers and lovers (OK, OK, you got me, I'm mostly Italian) they have now taught those spineless Filipinos a lesson in courage. My poor wife, mostly Filipino (ok, all Filipino), is never going to hear the end of my lunatic rantings and ravings about this little snippet I stumbled upon at Armies of Liberation via Michelle Malkins (who happens to be Filipino) article Viva Italia.
The Italian government said Tuesday it would maintain its 3,000 troops in Iraq despite an ultimatum from a radical Muslim group holding an Italian journalist and demanding that Rome withdraw its forces within 48 hours.

A statement from Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's office said the government is prepared to make every effort to secure the release of Enzo Baldoni, a 56-year-old journalist who disappeared last week, but insisted Italian troops would remain in Iraq to help maintain order and security

My Pet Jawa has the full article and the best article title on the subject:

Berlesconi to Terrorists: Vaffanculo! (India to supply own KY, sadistic Kenya lookng to make it a gang rape)

Italians have a rich and thrilling history and while this won't even appear in the list of accomplishments in its history (as well it shouldn't, as it's more of a reinforcement of what they've always stood for) it still makes me that much prouder to have some of that angry blood running through my veins.

This post is Outside The Beltway Endorsed! (sorta).

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Posted by Digger on August 26, 2004 04:45 AM (Permalink)

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don't judge Filipinos based on the actions of its president. We are not cowards, if we were, how come so many filipinos are willing to go to other countries to endure discrimination and hard work, dangers and poor pay just so we can earn some money to help our families? If we are cowards, how come in WW2 we chose to help fight with the American troops against the Japanese invaders? If we are cowards, how come many US soldiers of Filipino descent are willing to fight against terrorists? I feel sorry for your wife, to think of her having to listen to racist comments such as those is enough to make my blood boil. Learn to at least keep your opinions to yourself as a sign of respect to your wife and her culture.

Posted by: filipino on September 9, 2004 11:30 AM

And btw, how did Italians teach Filipinos to be courageous? Were the Italians there when the filipinos such as Jose Rizal made a stand against Spanish power? Were the Italians there when the Filipinos tried to fight off the American colonialists?

Posted by: filipino on September 9, 2004 11:36 AM

I respect your opinion. However let's not twist the facts on why your President decided to pull out of Iraq after commiting to support the US led coalition.

The reason was public pressure, there were protests, there were masses of your countrymen and women making a direct statement that they did not want to stand by their commitments.

Not all of the Filipinos wanted this of course. Here in the US we have the same thing. However, you can't bow to the pressure of the terrorists and put other countries peoples at risk, and your own I might add, because of a selfish cowardice when faced with one act you don't agree with.

This has not only put your country at greater risk for future actions it has undermined every person in the world who doesn't agree with the terrorists.

Just take a look at the French hostages. Their country wasn't even behind the coalition forces, hell they even opposed the action, yet they still face the same situation. Why? Because the terrorists have seen that it's worked in the past with the Filipinos and the Spanish, thats why.

As for keeping my opinions to myself, I would be doing a disservice to every family who has lost someone due to terrorism or a hostage taking by not speaking out against those who would cower under a desk the first time they are faced with a difficult situation.

Thanks for your comments.

Posted by: Digger on September 9, 2004 01:37 PM

What about the attacks against Australia? It has remained a firm ally of the US in the Iraq war. Has it stopped the terrorists from attacking it? In fact, the JI in Indonesia cited the reason why they attacked the embassy was due to Australia's support of the Iraq war. The fact is, terrorists don't care wether you gave in to their demands or not. They are opportunistic, and juz bcoz you did not give it to their demands as you stated does not mean they are not a target anymore. The Philippines has always been a target, and by going out of Iraq does not make them a softer target than b4 pulling out. And juz because the Philippines prioritizes one of its own citizens over the policies of a foreign government does not make it selfish and cowardly. The US prioritizes its citizens and interests over anybody or anything else, does it then make it selfish and cowardly? The Philippines has always been supportive of the US actions and policies, yet juz bcoz it chose to do something different from what Bush dictates it has been unfairly demonized by ppl such as yourself. The majority of Filipinos empathised with the plight of that man Juan DelaCruz, even if he was juz a lowly truck driver. If it had been your father, brother or son who had been kidnapped and threatened to be beheaded, would you juz sit by and let them do it juz so it won't seem like u are giving in the terrorists' demands? By calling Filipinos cowardly and selfish, you are also calling your wife a selfish coward bcoz she herself is a Filipino.

Posted by: filipino on September 11, 2004 03:19 AM

America is willing to sacrifice our young brave individuals to protect not only our country, but many other countries as well, including the Philippines. There is something to be said for sticking to your word, even in the face of horrible tragedies.

We have sent Special Forces to the Philippines to help in your own fight against terror. Should we run and abandon our commitment in the event that a service-member may be killed? Would you want the US to stop supporting your cause because one individual is threatened by a ruthless band of thugs?

I understand the thoughts and connection between those in the Philippines and Mr. DelaCruz. We have felt the same connection with Nicholas Berg, Paul Johnson and the many others who have been taken hostage, even those who are not American citizens like Mr. DelaCruz for instance. No one wanted to see him executed. But, you cannot just abandon your whole fight and cause, because that is exactly why the terrorists are doing these things.

They will always do these things. If there was no action in Afghanistan or Iraq they would still find elsewhere to do these brutal things. Just look back through the last 40 years and there are many terrorist acts, without a real cause or meaning other than to attack innocent people who do not follow their beliefs.

I know you think this will not have any future ramifications, but when a country cannot rely on your words of commitment, the next time things are being discussed your country's commitments will be viewed with skepticism.

Take a look at this story: http://www.rnw.nl/hotspots/html/philippines010612.html

"Rebels of the Abu Sayyaf movement in the Philippines claim they have beheaded one of three American hostages kidnapped in May. The hostage was reportedly executed because the Philippine government refused to call off its "all-out war" against the Abu Sayyaf movement, which is fighting for an independent Islamic state in the south. The rebels are now threatening to behead the two remaining American hostages."

By your reasoning, the Philippines should have just pulled out of the south in order to free those individual sacred lives. Why did they not, because they were Americans?

"They were seized from a beach resort on the western island of Palawan last month along with 17 Filipinos and brought by boat to the island of Basilan. Nine of the hostages managed to escape, but the gunmen killed at least two of their Filipino captives, with one of them found decapitated."

I guess it's not because they were Americans. Explain to me the difference between fighting terrorists elsewhere that are supporting the Abu Sayyaf and fighting in your own backyard? The Abu Sayyaf are being supplied by these same Muslim extremist groups that are in Iraq.

So yes, I find it cowardly to pull out your troops and expect America to take out the terrorists supporting the group attempting to take over portions of your country over one individual mans life. There will surely be many more of your countrymen killed by not defeating them than will be saved by bowing to their demands.

Posted by: Digger on September 11, 2004 04:20 AM

Whilst I understand America's disappointment due to the withdrawal of the Philippine troops, I still do not think that it has entirely affected the US war in Iraq or the world for the matter. The reason why the US is helping the Philippines fight its own terrorists is due to its own self interest. The US is aware of the dangers to itself if the radical Muslim groups with supposed links to Al Qaeda gain an advantage in the Philippines and, being a superpower, it cannot and will not allow this to happen. The Philippines is aware of the US help and as such is gratefully acknowledged but it is does not solely expect the US to fight its own problems for it. The Philippine gov. is trying to hold peace talks with one of the major rebel groups in Mindanao with Malaysia coming in to help monitor the peace process.It is fighting terrorism in its own way, in its own limited capacities, and so far, no major attacks or kidnappings have followed (in the Philippines) since the withdrawal of its troops. Whilst the withdrawal certainly has been no help to the US, the kidnappings and beheadings would still have continued regardless of wether the Philippines withdrew or not. The Philippines had no business and no real reason to be in Iraq, unlike the US, other than to show support for the US. To call Filipinos 'cowards' is deeply insulting bcoz you are discrimating us as a people. Regardless of unfair judgements against us, I am still proud to be a Filipino and I consider myself no more of a coward than you are.

Posted by: Filipino on September 11, 2004 07:12 AM

how can it be that italians teach somebody a lesson in courage? Thst sounds like the british giving a lesson in cooking or gemans giving sb. a lesson in humor. Sure italians have fine cooks and artists, but they should stick with that, because since ww1 and ww2 ist widely recognised that italians are worthless in combat and have no idea of discipline under fire and braveness.

Posted by: tr on March 17, 2005 04:24 AM

and what is more: to insult people who invented such fine combat arts as arnis escrima and the like is not only showing a lack of disrespect and knowledge but also that you are not very smart.

Posted by: tr on March 17, 2005 04:27 AM

I am a Filipino decent with probably some Spanish blood. I do not like how filipino runs it government. I think the filipino government are the one who made the wrong decisions about Iraq not the people. The majority of Filipino people are selfish and snobby sometimes especially the upperclassman. They do not know about sacrifice, loyalty, and the future of its people. They are not like the Romans or Americans. The only time in history that I can compare Filipinos to the Western culture is when Jose Rizal ,and Aguinaldo were around. They fough for freedom against Spain in hope for a better future for its people. The way things are going today I think the Filipino failed Rizal and Aguinaldo. Withdrawing from Iraq instead of honoring the friendship with America is one example of their failures. However, there are small groups of Filipino like me who believe in honor, hard work and doing good things for humanity (with this I don't mean that I favor war and suffering). What I mean with this is Filipino should learn to be more human and hold it values instead of only doing things that favors them. If they do this I don't think people would say that Filipinos are cowards.

Posted by: American on August 10, 2005 01:49 PM

Filipinos are nothing but cowards

Posted by: aaqa on January 9, 2006 08:01 AM

I always have been against sending Philippine troops/doctors/whatever to Iraq (we can't even take care of our own here), but Gloria couldn't have thought of a worse time to pull out of that hellhole. That only made us Filipinos look like p*ssies in the eyes of the international community and, more importantly, terrorists. And personally I hate it because Filipinos in general are anything but p*ssies. Uneducated and at times utterly idiotic, sure, but not p*ssies. If anything, it's our politicians who are p*ssies: They cave in to Qaeda, the left, the Church, whoever (save those who voted for them, except if they've money). They're nothing but a bunch of vote-hungry pseudo-Christian spineless yes-men.

Posted by: ITALIAN-FILIPINO on February 13, 2006 09:30 AM

I agree it is all about the leadership. I just can't fathom how the Filipinos continue to put up with these leaders who do nothing but steal all their money and give no hope or opportunity back to the people. GMA, while not as corrupt as a lot of the people in the past, is still a corrupt leader who has done virtually nothing for the people.

Where the hell is the courage that the Filipino's who fought at Bataan showed?

One leader. That's all I believe the Filipinos need. One good leader who sets things right and gets things going. It's not like you're not getting help from anyone in the form of aid and military support. If they were going it 100% alone I could understand all the stumbling around, but the Filipinos have been supported for decades and haven't done a damn thing with all the help they've been given.

Posted by: Digger on February 13, 2006 03:54 PM

Listen people, i thought this thread is all about italians giving filipinos alesson about courage...i don't see the point...sorry...hahaha...
Realistically, corruption is everywhere...It has no exclusion whether you're superpower or not..

the thing about here is....here's an italian dude ....took a clipping. from a newspaper not even relating to filipinos...that's the weird thing..lol..and armed by a keyboard...
write personal views and opinions as if he knew so much about philippine political scenario....youmust have experienced being here, i suppose....or maybe..youmight have visited our beloved country, philippines?....

If the answer is a big "NO"...then....what's your basis of your pronouncement?...Think a bit...

Posted by: chaka_doll on April 24, 2006 08:33 AM

write personal views and opinions as if he knew so much about philippine political scenario....youmust have experienced being here, i suppose....or maybe..youmight have visited our beloved country, philippines?....

If the answer is a big "NO"...then....what's your basis of your pronouncement?...Think a bit...

Been to the Philippines-- check.

Married for 15 years to a resident alien from the Philippines -- check.

Sponsored my mother-in-law to come to America from the Philippines legally -- check.

Keep up on events going on in the Philippines regularly -- check.

Subscribe to TFC (The Filipino Channel), GMA, etc... via satellite -- check.

Regularly discuss political issues with my wife's extended family -- check.

I've thought quite a bit.

If you would have followed the entries previous to this one maybe you would have realized why I wrote this article.

There is corruption everywhere, yes, but there is also spinelessness and it is something the Philippines has shown over and over again. I love the Philippines, but hate their corrupt government which is punishing the poorest in their country. They refuse to give the poor a chance at a decent life preferring to keep them on the low end of the class system so that they can remain rich.

The day Arroyo goes will be a joyous day indeed in the Digger household.

Posted by: Digger on April 24, 2006 01:46 PM

chaka_doll: It's quite common too among upper-class (read: insulated) Filipinos to be guilty of knowing too little, and particularly idealizing to the point that their ideals have no basis in Filipino realities. They sport values that are alien and apart from the larger community within which they are living.

As for Italy (from where I partly draw my genes) I'd say this, though: Things are pretty much the same there as they are here. Corruption, unstable governments, poverty (particularly in the south), organized crime (sometimes govt.-supported), etc. The only difference is that thanks to their parliamentary-style govt., they have VERY frequent govt. shakeups instead of coups d'etat.

I don't know what you'd prefer.

Posted by: Italian-Filipino on April 25, 2006 09:41 AM

italians cowards? haha dude the reason why we fucked up in ww1 and ww2 is because italy wasnt prepared for war! ww1 italy was just unified and in ww2 the country was in a bad shape just like the philippines now. its like the philippines going to war against korea or even malaysia, its not gonna work becuase to win a war you must have armaments and italy back then was backwards compare to germany austria etc. learn your history boy!!
have you heard about the roman empire? because i never heard about the manila empire? read about u.s. marine basilone before calling us cowards! i respect filipinos but a filipino calling an italian a coward is like hitler calling mel gibson an antisemetic!

Posted by: mike on March 6, 2007 04:37 AM

Italians are not essestially cowards. The whole tried and true adage that Italy made a disasterous effort in WW2 is often the butt of every joke eg "what's the difference between an Italian and a piece of toast?- you can make soldiers out of the toast". Joke like these are largely unwarranted. One must look at the reasons of suck a disasterous war effort. The reasons are are follows-

1. Weaponry- Italy at the time of WWII did not have the industrial strength to build weapons of the quantity and quality of Britain and Germany. A lot of weapons that they used were considered obsolete, as they were used in wars the previous century. Weapons would often malfunction. They would have fared better if they had sticks for weapons against a splendid Royal British Artillery. No wonder why so many troops surrendered- they didn't have a choice

2. Training- training that Italian soldiers recieved was under par with the more developed parts of Europe. They received no more than basic garrison training that did not prepare them for the rigours of the battle-field.

3. No sense of unified purpose to fight- Italy was only newly unified, and most people did not have a sense of nationalism. Most Italians had more allegience for their home town, family or the Catholic faith.

4. Mussolini- He wanted the Roman empire all over again- but the Itailan people didn't.

All in all, the Italian people were a poor people, living in a mostly agrarian society. Mussolini wanted greatness for the Italian people, but they simply didn't have the means to fight in a war of this magnitude.

As for Fillipino's- Some of my greatest fiends are Fillipimo's and I find them to be a brave, resoursfull people

Posted by: Richard Cipollone on March 19, 2007 02:10 AM

I don't know where to start but judging solely by your article and the utterly RETARDED (Yes, "retarded", there may be more politically correct terms than this but i feel this is the only way to fully describe its lack of intellectual thought) title, which led me to actually clicking on this website, you obviously are

A) very proud of your Italian heritage
B) understanding and experienced with the Filipino race
but most importantly
C)... WRONG.

I can't even comprehend the stupidity of even CONCEIVING of such an INCORRECT and CHAUVINISTIC title!

and that's just the beginning...

it's clear that you state your whole entire argument solely BASED on the fact that
ONE, yes... ONE journalist who HAPPENS to be FILIPINO wrote
about how the Italian military is trying to save a man held hostage

so theorizing from your point of view
...Italians... per se, "TAUGHT" Filipinos how to be courageous... that is correct, right?
and this IS because of ONE reporter who wrote ONE article praising Italy for trying to save a man held hostage

I am both appalled and shocked

Posted by: The TRUTH on June 3, 2008 07:59 PM

I think that many of you know nothing about Italians. First of all, Mr.tr, it is clear that you never read books about history or Italy but the anti-italian propaganda of the WW2. Second, about the 1st war, you can read the Austrian lines about them, or Ernest Hemingway's articles. You cannot imagine how brave-heart were them. About the WW2, read the Rommel's opinion. You must consider that in those days Italy faced over 50 different nations, such as UK, India, USA, New Zealand, Poland and so on. Imagine that, please. Those nations bombed most of the Italian towns, killing thousands innocent people. They were women, old men, children. But before the war, ever since 1920s, Italy was politically subdivided into two parts: fascists, who were Mussolini's supporters; and partisans, consisting of communists and anti-fascists who hated Mussolini. Before the WW2, they fought and killed themselves because of politics. UK and USA knew that. So, instead of saying bullshits and invent a new history, such as "ist widely recognised that italians are worthless in combat and have no idea of discipline under fire and braveness", you should
consider that great part of those men who sided with the UK-France-USA helping them to fight the fascists were partisans, not cowards. I repeat, partisans who started their battle against the fascists before the war. Later the fascists surrendered unconditionally.
About the martial arts, it is supported by historical evidence that some sailormen of Italy, who were fencers, taught the art of fencing in the Philippines. They did the same during the Renaissance, for example in France with master Marozzo, in UK with Saviolo, in Spain etc. Therefore, no wonder that some guys of the Philippines learned the ancient techniques of western fencing (scrima) from Italians. Where is the problem? Today it happens the same in Italy. Many Italians study escrima or kali, they know that it comes from the Philippines and they love it. They do not judge the filipinos or the folks of other lands.

Posted by: blackjoplin on November 7, 2008 06:14 PM

About Enzo Baldoni, he was killed by those terrorists. But the Italian troops are still there, in Iraq.

Posted by: blackjoplin on November 7, 2008 06:23 PM

filipinos are awesome

Posted by: geraint on November 17, 2008 01:49 AM

your reign as civilised nation has come to be nothing... u r ruined by history.. italie a perdu...

Posted by: geraint on November 17, 2008 01:55 AM

italia es facista hasta hoy...

Posted by: geraint on November 17, 2008 01:58 AM

si compararemos italia entre las filipinas, filipinas es mas conservativo y los trabajan con todo fuerza, yo dico. mi gusto los filipinos , mas menos con los italianos. y pueden hablar ingles en bien pronunciacion...los haben el habilidad

Posted by: geraint on November 17, 2008 02:06 AM

Wrong choice of metal...It's the lead in the pipes that ruined Rome. It doesn't matter whether you're italian or filipino or mixed. What matters most is how you value your family and life. Anyone can be bought by money, that's politics in a nutshell.
Why do we get so defensive when we get insecure. You start to sound like a car salesman trying to sell a bad product."It doesn't have good brake pedals but we will give you a new pair of shoes"

Posted by: filipino_too on May 4, 2009 09:50 AM

so racist. you asshole. I hope you die.

Posted by: mark on August 14, 2010 03:29 AM

Without addressing the content of the article, you've got to be joking about a source from Michelle Malkins. She might be Fil. but she's also quite conservative. Along with the other FOX News bozos, I'd consider her more of an entertainer.

Btw, most Fils. are ultra-nationalistic to a fault. I was actually told by a college student in the Phils. that a Fil.invented the moon buggy and florescent light bulb. I looked it up. Complete and utter BS. A Fil. was on the design team of the moon buggy, but didn't have the original concept, and had no patents for it. About the florescent light bulb - also BS. When a Fil. named Flores got a French patent for the florescent light bulb, GE was already selling it to the public. If you bring these issues up w/ most Fils, they'll just get upset.

Posted by: Blue Dog on September 12, 2010 03:32 AM

"If we are cowards, how come in WW2 we chose to help fight with the American troops against the Japanese invaders?"

Think about what you're saying. You "helped" the Americans to defend your own country? Without America, you'd probably be speaking Japanese now.

Posted by: Blue Dog on September 12, 2010 03:35 AM

I do NOT agree to the fact that the Italians were the one who taught Filipinos courage. I'm about to find an Anti-Racism Blocker browser plug-in so I won't find any webpages like this in the feature. I hope my browser is not assimilated with Italian propaganda...

Posted by: no_one on January 23, 2011 11:45 PM

I think its not a good thing to just judge a race generally. I am a Filipino citizen and i somewhat don't agree with your opinion about us. You know, it hurts just by reading an aricle about how coward the filipinos are. you can't judge us just by hearing negative things about our country, having a bad experience staying here, or watching news in TFC about what is happening here. sometimes media are just throwing negative things or to lenghthen the issue just to have something to report. it's a business. Funny it is but media even publicize the attack of the Filipino soldiers againts abbu sayaf before the attack.it gives the enemy an oppurtunity to prepare. hahha.that is how ironic our government is.

corruption is another issue. yes i agree with your opinion on how corrupt our government is. and i am strongly against it. but as an ordinary citizen of the country, our words are not heard. only those who have power and money could speak out and be heard. especially when we talk about justice . if you heard the news about the ampatuan then that would be one of the example. another is the gloria arroyo's issue.it's their power that save them from justice.

well, maybe when we talk about filipino government, the citizens are coward just by letting unworthy people to lead our country. but as an individual, maybe not because each of us has our own thinking and capabilities. it's not because our government is bad, all Filipinos are also not good.

with all these, i"m still proud being a Filipino and i will not will be ashamed to be one. well through this article, i had been aware of how other countries dislike Filipinos but please dont generalized all Filipinos.yes it hurts but we cant blame you for having a bad impression about Filipinos.that's your opinion and i respect it. maybe all you could do is to help us pray for our country especially our government to be truthful and that may God touch them to do good for the wellfare of the many especially the filipino citizen so we will not be criticize and judge by other countries.

Thank you and may God bless us all...

Posted by: Joanna on February 10, 2011 04:37 AM

Filipinos are materialistic hypocrites and COWARDS!

They would rather go abroad than FACE the problems brought about by corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen and corrupt military! COWARD CUNTS!

Thank you author for posting this. Never mind these pussy Filipino hypocrites.

Posted by: XPLODE on March 3, 2011 04:33 AM

This stupid and retarded site has to GET OFF the Internet. Why is it there are a bunch of JUDGEMENTAL BASTARDS who enjoy saying that Filipinos are "cowards"?! In my opinion, Filipinos are NOT the same. Filipinos are industrious, unique, hospitable and COURAGEOUS!

Posted by: no_one on March 13, 2011 10:17 AM

That is totally opinionated, prejudice, and not accurate. I'm not gonna lie, they are some FINE Italians out there, but I don't say they are the gods of good looks. You have no right, to say Filipinos are not courageous people. Hello, our country has been invaded, by Spain, US, and JAPAN. We fought for our independence, so tell me again, how are we not courageous? - ree.

Posted by: reeniebaby on June 19, 2011 09:52 PM


Posted by: That_Italian_guy on June 19, 2011 09:56 PM

It looks like Digger is anti-Filipino... What is that thing a Filipino did to you that made you so pissed off? You're generalising people here!

Posted by: antivirus.exe on July 19, 2011 09:15 PM

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