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Register To Vote Or You'll Be Drafted Into The Military

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Via Backcountry Conservative we have an article from the AP outlining this new mailing by the Democratic Party.
A state Democratic Party effort to enlist new voters calls on people to make a choice between being drafted for military service or registering to vote.

The first page of the mailing shows a draft notice with orders to report to a Pittsburgh military induction center. The next shows a helicopter with troops in the foreground beneath the headline: “Officials in Washington are calling for more troops in Iraq.”

The mailing then asks, “Which form would you rather fill out?”

Katon Dawson, state Republican Party chairman, called the Democrats’ tactic “deceptive, despicable.”

“In a time of war, to use that piece of mail speaks volumes of where they are as a party.”

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Erwin called the mailing “a powerful piece... designed to grab attention.”

“I can understand why they think it’s despicable, but, sorry, we really do need to get potential voters’ attention.”

I'm no liberal, but I have to give the Democrats some props on the mailing. For those who believe that the Republicans are going to implement a draft and send them to war I can see it being compelling. There are no bills up for enacting a draft and the ramifications domestically of imposing one over the Iraq conflict alone would be damning. The only one I've heard personally bring up the draft was Democrat Representative Charlie Rangle from New York. Of course he only mentioned it in bringing up the "would you let your kids be drafted" debate with another Representative on a talk show.

I did get a chuckle out of the article and do see its merits even though it is a really despicable and misleading official mailing for a political party to send out. It reminds me of a PETA ad and their ambush marketing by throwing blood on fur wearing people while they themselves are wearing a leather belt. Imagine the Republicans sending out an official mailing with "register to vote or you'll get this..." with a bunch of aborted babies pictured below it.

And no I'm not against abortion...

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Posted by Digger on August 24, 2004 05:52 AM (Permalink)

» CALIFORNIA YANKEE linked with Desperate Dems' Despicable Draft Deception
» Backcountry Conservative linked with Dem Mailing shows choice between being drafted or registering to vote

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Digger, I like your site. It's been added to my blogroll.

Posted by: Tom Galvin on August 24, 2004 01:28 PM

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