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Pakistani Arrested is An Illegal Alien

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That Pakistani guy, Kamran Shaikh, arrested for taking pictures and video of skyscrapers, public transportation systems and a Texas dam illegally entered the US through Mexico.

According to the documents located on The Smoking Gun:

Shaikh provided the affiant with a New York Drivers License ... in the name of Kamran Shaikh ... also produced a Social Security Card

He [Kamran Shaikh] stated that he originally entered the United States in 1991 by illegally crossing from the Tijuana, Mexico Into the United States.

Shaikh claimed he had been back to Pakistan in 1996. The Affiant asked him with what documents he was able to re-enter the United States. He replied that he used an Employment Authorization Card. The affiant informed Shaikh that an alien couldn't enter the United States with an Employment Authorization Card. Shaikh responded by saying that he entered using an Advanced Parole document. Shaikh stated that he had been applying for political assylum but withdrew his application.

The affiant and ICE Special Agent Deborah Cannady checked the Central Index System and ... the Deportable Alien Control System showed that Shaikh had been found Excludable/Inadmissable and that the administrative final order of removal had been issued.

Several times during the interview Shaikh claimed to be legally in the US with a "Green Card". After further discussion, Shaikh finally admitted that he did not have a "Green Card" ...

Here's some other nice things he was taking pictures of for his scrapbook:
A review of the videotape contained in SHAIKH's video camera showed video of the downtown area of Charlotte, North Carolina including the Bank of America Building and the Wachovia Building where the local FBI is located. SHAIKH allowed agents to view other tapes in his possession.

These tapes included video of buildings in the downtown areas of Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; and New Orleans, Louisiana ... SHAIKH also had video of public transportation such as MARTA in Atlanta, the Downtown Transit Center and the Downtown Metro Trolley in Houston, trolley cars in Dallas and New Orleans. At times, SHAIKH turned the camera sideways in order to videotape the entire building and often zoomed in on street signs.

OK, it's pretty obvious this guy is a freakin' liar, but the fact he snuck in illegally from Mexico, got a valid Drivers License and Social Security Card is a disgrace to any organization that claims to uphold the laws of the United States.

The real sad thing about all of this is the number of people out there who would sympathize with this guy and claim it was a racially motivated arrest because a middle eastern man was videotaping and taking pictures of things totally ignoring the fact that the things he was photographing are places that terrorists have mentioned attacking.

After all of the hassles I hear people having with the DMV the fact this illegal alien sneaks into the country and manages to aquire a Drivers License is absolutely incredible.

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