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North Korea

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North Korea. What a pain in the ass! I was watching a special on CNN today about North Korea and it's just sickening. We give them food aid and continue to support this regime by keeping it in power and their people believing that their leader is a successful provider since he does give them some food. Yet there is a huge problem with starvation there to this day.

The estimates are that 2 million people have starved over the last decade there. Now I'm all for supplying food to help people get started towards a better future, but I have serious problems with giving food to a regime that is hostile to us and continues to threaten the free world with development of nuclear and other types of weapons with the possibility of them exporting those weapons to our enemies.

The 1994 deal that President Clinton made with them was a huge mistake! It allowed them to go forward with their production of these weapons even with inspectors in the country. It allowed them to put in place a means to blackmail the free world into a position that they now have to continue supporting their regime staying in power for if we do not they will sell off this weapons in exchange for the support they need.

The reality of the situation is that if we cut off these supplies people will starve ad the regime will be forced into a corner of having to attack eventually. They will first sell off weapons but then realize they cannot get enough support that way and as soon as their military starts running out of food and other amenities they will revolt. So, before that happens Kim Jong Il will have to put that military into action to keep them from forming a revolt against him, which means he will have to attack in order to keep them busy.

The Roman army did this back in the days of the empire by putting their soldiers to work doing public works like building roads throughout the empire. Keeping them busy in areas of the empire that were not currently active militarily but needed a garrison to be present.

Something needs to be done. We should have attacked sooner. Iraq is a perfect example. If we do not strike evil regimes before they get a means of available weapons they will proliferate these weapons and are not in a secure position to not use them. Any slight threat to their regime will make them seriously consider using these weapons before they are forced from power.

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