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Egyptian 'Revolution' Will Result In Mass Death And Abject Poverty

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Benjamin Franklin
Revolutions almost never work. Of the thousands that have occurred since the American Revolution of 1776, you can count on one hand the times it has actually played out in favor of the people for more freedom and opportunity for success. The key ingredient to a successful revolution has always been the people around when the revolution occurs.

These people have to be well educated in history - what has worked and what has not. They have to have ideas that make sense and are easy to understand. The goals of a new government, responsibilities of the people and laws of the land have to be clear and well stated.

The Egypt revolution shows no signs of a group of thoughtful and reasoning men like that of 1776. Back in the formation of the United States there were men that were admired as brilliant worldwide, even back then in the days of slow communication and travel. Revered men like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. These were people that the world would point to and say "Yes, they have a good idea there, but can they make the experiment work?"

The formation of our country here in the United States was done with care and debate by people who were established and well read. Their ideas were not shunned by the rest of the world. Sure, they were looked at as not workable, "Man cannot rule himself, he needs someone to tell him what to do," they would say. But they were not so off of the charts that a reasoning person would cringe.

Our country succeeded and became a super power in the world because of the fact that it was a merit based system with clearly stated goals and a people willing to actually do some work to make it happen. The people weren't looking for handouts and free food and jobs and housing. Those with good ideas and inventions were rewarded. Those who worked hard had a shot. Some would argue that our system has strayed far away from that and it now comes down to who you've paid off in congress or at the local level, but there is still a chance for success. All avenues have not been cut off as of yet.

Now we turn to Egypt and all of these other countries who are holding "revolutions". The people they are pushing to the forefront are former UN people and religious based people who are about as educated in history as a 6th grade school student. They are talking nothing of the specifics of their goals for the country. They are using generalized terms such as "Social Justice" and "for the people" and nothing in regards to any means to make that happen. The reason being they have no means. There is no mention of the work the people will have to do to make their country succeed. All there is talk of is what they will give the people. That gift is not the promise of opportunity, that gift is things. Their goal is to take the country over and slam a jack boot down on the people's throats. There will be no open debate. They want control and power and that is all. The people be damned.

The sad thing is that the people over there are willing to sell out their freedom and opportunity for the equivalent of glass pearls. Settling for such, they are no more than cheap whores with no respect for themselves or their family. They have been used.

I'll state it again, Revolutions almost never work. They certainly don't without a plan and that is why Egypt's revolution and all of the current crop being agitated in the Middle East are destined for failure. The people as a whole will be enslaved into abject poverty - or worse - to be killed en masse. They should not be cheered, they should be mourned.

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Posted by Digger on February 11, 2011 11:27 PM (Permalink)

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Well said - the "revolutionaries" have no specifics or plans. And YES at every turn you find the UN is involved. I agree, Revolutions rarely work - our righteous American Revolution is unique in the history of the world.

Posted by: Robin Hvidston on February 13, 2011 05:32 PM

It is well-known that President Mubarak has opressed the Egyptian people and that he and his sons have gotten tons of money and other assets which they did NOT have prior to Mubarak's entering office. Many young Egyptians have college educations but can't find work in their country for even a halfway decent salary. Many who have been interviewed claim that all the money Mubarak has truly belongs to the Egyptian people. I know because two Egyptian Coptic Christian couples with whom I am good friends that used to live in my neighborhood claim that the Egyptians are sick and tired of a government that has been robbing them blind for decades.

Posted by: Justo Roteta on February 16, 2011 07:41 PM

A lot of people don't realize that after the Russian revolution there was a "provisional" western style government. It lasted about one month before the Bolsheviks took over. Egypt will be the same. The Muslim brotherhood will squelch any chance they have of becoming a "Democracy" or a Republic.

Posted by: thedailypamphlet.com on March 2, 2011 11:40 AM

Revolutions never work? WRONG!

1) The French Revolution -- it was in all the papers -- deposed a monarchy. The result was a strong, industrialized country. Yes, France is a pain-in-the-ass, but hardly a failure.

2) The English revolution of 1642. Commenced as a civil war between Parliament and King, culminating in the execution of Charles I and the establishment of a republican Protectorate

3)Young Turks revolution of 1908. Forced the autocratic ruler Abdul Hamid II to restore parliament and constitution in the Ottoman Empire.

Lots of other examples....

The notion that only the American revolution worked is pure nonesense.

Posted by: think again on March 3, 2011 11:38 AM

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