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I Disagree With Col Allen West Joining The Black Caucus [Video] [Update]

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Col Allen West is joining the Congressional Black Caucus. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. There is no place for race-based caucuses in this country. This is a public entity and funded by taxpayer money to support the goals of only one race of people. If this was a white caucus there would be public outrage.

I love congressman-elect West and agree with him on so many issues, particularly illegal immigration, but I don't agree with his actions because it is legitimizing the continued race preference based legislation being passed in this country on the backs of taxpayers of all races.

Col West says he is joining to challenge them. If that be the case, then I challenge him to challenge them to close up shop.


Some on my Facebook page commented on this article and said they weren't too worried because Allen West will not be sucked into their beliefs in the CBC. That was not a concern of mine either as i find him to be a man of the utmost in integrity.

My concerns are that:

1) It is a race based group that self-segregates itself and focuses on legislation targeted at favoring one racial group over other Americans.

2) By West joining he is in essence saying that they are a legitimate group

3) West joining gives credibility to them.

For instance, say you had a group that was not held in the interests of the country or in the interests of giving all Americans the same benefits to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A group that wants to steal from all other groups and give to only those of their racial group. Now you may know little about this group until you hear that someone you admire has joined the group. You have no concerns that that person would be affected, but he has instantly given that group credibility. He has in effect endorsed them as legitimate and worth paying attention to. Whether he joins to challenge them - or for any other reason - he has inadvertently given them more credibility than they deserve.

He should not have joined; he should have made a public statement or declaration that they be disbanded as being anti-American and wrong in their goals of race-based benefits.

With that being said, make sure you join my Facebook page if you haven't already. There are always interesting comments and debate from people around the country and world. And yes, I come down into the trenches to comment and join in, not like some others who just post their stuff and watch the commotion.

Col Allen West On His Meeting With The Black Caucus

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Posted by Digger on November 18, 2010 05:57 PM (Permalink)

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No truer words ever spoken.
Right on the money.
Hit the nail on the head.

Posted by: Nightowl on November 18, 2010 06:57 PM

Negros will always gravitate towards their "Brothers & Sisters" regardless of ideology. That's their nature.

Posted by: Infidel on November 19, 2010 03:36 PM

Unfortunately, when you consider the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow and racism, it becomes clear as to why organizations like the CBC, NAACP, SCLC and others exist. Any sociologist will tell you that whenever a racial or ethnic group is discriminated against for such a long time period as African-Americans were in the USA the discriminated-against group will develop (perhaps rightly so) an even deeper hatred for the perpetrators of said hatred and discrimination. Wether we like it or not, the real reason why Black and Latino caucuses exist is because minorities are still discriminated against (if only in very subtle ways) even today. Case in point: Martin Luther King, Jr. told President Lyndon Johnson that he feared (although he DID NOT want it to happen) that the USA was headed toward a full-scale race war and that the USA was headed toward becoming two Americas: one Black and one White.

Posted by: Justo Roteta on November 20, 2010 10:07 AM

Justo Roteta, in today's world, whites are discriminated against more than the rest. What you refer to as 'discrimination against (if only in very subtle ways)' is what happens when the so-called minorities are pandered to over and above the rest.

Equal treatment has never been obtained, and its now so lop-sided you can't even crack a grin. Its not so much as discrimination as it is anger and resentment for being shoved lower and lower on the human scale year after year. Wasn't all this supposed to equal standings? Bring every color up? Its reversed them.

Some people would say right on, but what in the heck did I ever do to deserve my freedom and liberties to be shunned in order to give them to someone else? Shouldn't I retain mine while minorities gain their's?

What needs done is all this 'minority talk' garbage to be abandoned because all its done is create many forms of reverse racism which keeps the cycle fresh. We all need to grow up and cease the blame game because all it does is expand the devision.

Posted by: Nightowl on November 20, 2010 06:43 PM

"Keep your friends close, and you enemies closer."
There are all kinds of "race based" caucuses on Capitol Hill, i.e.: Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific Caucus
Love Allen West!!! He says he wants to finish out the job he was elected to do in the House. Good strategy to learn the ropes, ins/outs, people, movers/shakers, etc. Then look out 2016!!!

Posted by: Advocate_Mom on August 8, 2011 02:13 PM

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