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NM Governor-Elect Susana Martinez: 'I don't support amnesty'

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Susana Martinez
A breath of fresh air is about to enter the governor's mansion in New Mexico after years of pro-illegal alien pandering from Bill Richardson. Republican Governor-elect Susana Martinez came out swinging when it comes to illegal aliens stating she doesn't support amnesty or a pathway to citizenship. She also said she is eager to meet with President Obama and tell him to secure the southern border.

I am awaiting the response from the pro-illegal alien groups and supporters and how they will attack this woman. She is of Hispanic decent and the illegal alien lobby will simply be apoplectic in trying to come to terms with someone so outspoken.

While many have gotten behind neighboring state Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer, Brewer has never come right out and said that she opposes amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. Martinez has done so before even taking office.

Martinez also says she wants to end the practice of giving illegal aliens driver's licenses in her state and to revoke those that have already been issued.

My hat is off to Governor-elect Martinez.


"I don't support amnesty… there has to be some other way of dealing with the issue," she told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King. "It may be we identify individuals but we cannot just have a path to citizenship created when there are people in line already doing the proper things."

She also spoke out against the New Mexico law that allows illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses and then have the ability to travel throughout the country.

"My focus has been on removing the driver's licenses and revoking those that have already been issued," Martinez said. "I never want an individual who's in New Mexico who has been a victim of a violent crime not to be able to dial 911 and call the police and get the same treatment that any American citizen would receive as a victim of crime."

Is that a breath of fresh air or what from a governor of a state? Straight forward with no wishy-washiness. It's almost as if you are in a dream.

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Posted by Digger on November 10, 2010 06:13 PM (Permalink)

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Yeah, but she also said she would never do a sb1070 type deal in her state. Which means she does NOT support Arizona's sb1070. So this is a huge negative in my mind and I think this lady needs to be watched carefully.

Posted by: Nightowl on November 10, 2010 07:43 PM

Wow! How about this ticket for the 2012 Presidential election.... Chris Christie & Susana Martinez?
About time we started getting people into office who actually have common sense.

Posted by: MBee on November 11, 2010 06:56 AM

Governor Martinez - We are very encouraged about our new state (former Texans) b/c of you. Yes, you are a breath of fresh air. Since retiring from education in TX and moving here 3 yrs ago, we have struggled to remain in our dream location of Red River. Most recently, we began building our dream residence (a small log cabin) last March and you would be shocked at what has happened to us: The first contractor wrote hot checks on our property which we covered. The second contractor had no crew (?) and could not build the stairs let along a house and quit after 3 weeks with 60% of his money and 15% of a house. The third contactor started w/a full crew and did great for 3-4 weeks, then his crew began to drag it out at a chage of $20k in labor, made changes which cost us $10k abd after 8 wks still did not get us to dry-in as agreed. We have already increased our loan by $50k and now have no money left. We have snow and rain coming in on both levels. After paying this crew $32k we still have no roof, no windows, and no srairs. We have been totally ripped off, money stolen from us. Our payment has now increased by $250 per month and we cannot afford it. This is the biggest mess we have ever been in. We are living on-site in a tiny camper - in the cold mountains. Please help us.

Posted by: John & Diane Pruessner on December 30, 2010 12:03 AM

She did not act this way when in the Mexican Caucus and full of cheering that there are Mexicans galore (implying they would soon rule) graduating from colleges 180,000this year and more the next and next. That there were 50 thousand voters, and the atmosphere was one of winning the USA. The big plans for Mexicans now are to talk softly, but mean what they really want. to take over both sided of congress and get their way, with more Mexicans allowed to come in and amnesty. I don't believe a thing Susana Martinez or Rubio Marcos soft sells us, because they have Mexican backing all the way. They're just discovered a way to get around stupid Americans. Now Jeb Bush and New Gringrish are planning on following their recipe to success. If it looks like a 2headed snake, question it.

Posted by: chingo on January 24, 2011 01:02 PM

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