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America Still Not Secure 9 Years After 9/11

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Twin Towers
Nine years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the heroic efforts of those aboard Flight 93, the government of this country refuses to ensure the safety of its citizens. On the contrary, they work against any efforts to deter terrorists and unknowns from freely entering and leaving the country unobstructed. There has been little to no effort to truly secure our wide open border. There have been more pushes for "quick background checks" of those who wish to come here in order to "clear the backlog". Does this make us secure?

I ask you how does this ensure us that those who enter our country intend to do us no harm?

We allow people into our country on temporary visitor and work visas and then do not track whether they do indeed leave. If they are caught by some circumstance, they are brought before a court - or tried in absentia - and ordered to leave the country. Then they are released back into the community. Those who have remained illegally and managed to get pregnant are given a free pass. We're told it would be heartless to send a fugitive illegal alien back to their home country with their child - or children.

Fraud is rampant in our immigration system and the government seems not to care. The protection of both our southern and northern borders has been done piecemeal and prevented at every step. Our government is controlled by politicians who are looking for nothing more than votes, power or money from blocs of voters they perceive as united as one. They are pampered by business lobbies and interests to do their bidding. They do not care about the safety and security of the American citizen as their actions prove.

Meanwhile, the American people continue to cry out for our laws to be enforced. They continue to be portrayed as hateful villains or non-inclusive xenophobes and are ignored as "fringe" despite polling that shows they are the majority. States that want to stand up and ensure the public is being protected are being sued by the federal government.

The terrorists who came to this country to try and destroy our way of life used fraud, illegally entry and overstayed visas. They came in with full knowledge of their hateful intentions and our government failed at every level to prevent them.

What has changed since 9/11/2001? Nothing. We are still just as vulnerable and our government has learned nothing from the terrorist attack in 1993 on the World Trade Center to the attacks of September 11 to the present day.

We dishonor those who have died by allowing their families and children to remain vulnerable to just such another attack. We also dishonor the American people who will yet become victims due to this lack of action. We dishonor the daily victims who are robbed, raped, murdered and killed by those here who should have been caught; their actions of destruction to people's lives should have been prevented.

Every year, on this date, I sit back and think if our government has truly made our country any safer. Every year I am disappointed at realizing that they have not done so. When you realize the reasoning behind why they have not done so, it should outrage you as it does me.

All those taxes, all that talk, all the false promises, none of which they ever intended to keep. All for self-interest, greed and power at the expense of our safety and security and our efforts by each citizen to remain the most amazing and incredible country on Earth.

Remember the victims of 9/11 and their families - and please vow that you will prevent future victims by speaking out. Doing so after the fact is just so tragic.

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Posted by Digger on September 11, 2010 03:14 PM (Permalink)

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Nothing will happen to keep us safe until our government decides to get serious about it. And under Obama it's become more and more obvious that they have no intention of keeping us safe. It is riddled with TRAITORS through and through. But the ordinary citizen who speaks up is labeled a bigot.

Add to that the news media which fans the flames. Who exactly would ever have heard of that little preacher in Florida if it wasn't for the media? And when you have prominent government officials condoning an Islamic Center within spitting distance of Ground Zero but then intimidate a little preacher who threatened nothing illegal according to our laws (and I bet he was intimidated), and a general who is fearful for his troops (what are they there for except to fight instead of cower?) what have we got except rot through and through.

God Save America, but if we go on like this even God won't be able to save us.

Posted by: Rose on September 11, 2010 05:18 PM

Obama is a joke, its like watching an unfunny clown, he's just out there flopping around, so non-impressive is the Obama administration, the only praise I offer Obama is with the unemployment benefits. other than that he has tanked on everything, taking no real stance or taking no solid action in defeating our economic and national security woes.

Posted by: Andrew on September 12, 2010 01:25 AM

The Government spends millions of dollars on airport security that requires searches and I.D.'s Yet allows millions to cross the borders illegally. They issue visas and never follow up on them. The Government stands ready to amnesty all of them, no questions asked!The President pleas with a Florida minister not to burn Korans, while he stands by and watches millions of illegal aliens march in our streets flying foreign flags and burning ours.We are giving up our freedoms more and more everyday to terrorist and illegal aliens and then give them constitutional rights.Build the fence and stop issuing visas to countries who supply us with terrorist! It's a privilege to be a U.S. citizen not a human right! While we are at it we may as well Vote out all our congress critters that cater to big businesses that want cheap labor and large profits. Or those that give entitlements to illegal aliens for votes under the guise of poverty! Heck NO our country is less secure now than before 9/11.

Posted by: Sonja on September 13, 2010 11:23 AM

So, did you notice how Harry Reid (the scumbag!!!) just recently tacked on a stealth amnesty bill to a defense spending bill? Why is it we can't have clean up-and-up bills so the voter knows what the SOBs are voting for? Of course both sides do it, but in this case there was dirty doings on Harry's part, because if the republicans vote for the bill to fund our troops they will also be voting for the stealth amnesty for illegals; if they refuse to vote for the bill as it is then Harry can point the finger and say, "See, they refuse to support our troops!"
I swear, I HATE politicians more every day.

Posted by: Rose on September 19, 2010 09:35 PM

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