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One Woman's Experience At The Restoring Honor Rally

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Carmen & Joe at Restoring Honor
My good friend Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak For Me attended the Restoring Honor rally on August 28, 2010. She has an excellent take on what I believe many experienced at the rally. Thank you for sending this to me Carmen.


To all my friends out there I wanted to let you guys know a little of our great experience, we had a great time at the Glenn Beck restoring honor event.

It was a wonderful feeling standing there with respectful, honest, friendly, and very patriotic people. Joe and I talked to some of them a lady from Wisconsin who was telling us that she took her kids out of school and is now home schooling them, because of what they are being taught in the public schools.

The night before we took a cab to check out the area where we would be the next day and it was so beautiful, there were people everywhere with blankets, chairs, flags, mostly families united with their children, it was a beautiful night, and by the fence facing the reflecting pool with a big flag singing the Stars Spangled Banner and God bless America was a group of people, I got so emotional it was such a good feeling watching all these happy people, but we knew at that moment that we should've done the same thing, camp out there and wait for daylight, but we weren't prepared for our stuff was at the hotel.

Joe and I knew that by the time we return on the next morning that probably the place would be packed, because people were arriving as we spoke. We walked around a bit and returned to the hotel.

The next morning we got up at 5:00 AM, ordered breakfast for 6:00 Am, ate breakfast got ready and walked downstairs to find a cab. We had a hard time waiting for a cab they were all too busy. We finally hopped in a cab at around 7:15 we got there at around 7:30 and we had a hard time looking for a spot where we could see at least the huge screen we found a place but not too close but yet not as far as other people, who arrived much later than us, we were around halfway from the Lincoln Memorial. Some nice people moved their chairs over so that we could put our chairs next to theirs. We stood there with our white T-shirts that we bought the night before, we tried hard to find a "Restoring Honor" T-shirt but could not find one so we bought two white T-shirts with the great seal of the Nation's Capitol.

The weather was good and we sat there waiting for Glenn Beck, while they played music and we talked to the lady from Wisconsin for a while, then we ended up bumping into a nice couple from Springfield, New Jersey and the cowboy from Arizona who I took a photo with because he looked so nice and patriotic with his cowboy hat and a red, white and blue shirt, he told us he was a rancher from Arizona and we ended up talking about my favorite subject "illegal immigration" and our unsecured borders, and of course our weak government.

We had a little cooler packed with bottles of water. When at around ten minutes to 10 the music started changing and preparing us for Glenn Beck's appearance I started getting excited and getting goose bumps and I could hear people from afar yelling and applauding so I figured they must've spotted Glenn, when finally it was like counting the minutes on New Year's eve, counting the minutes until finally we heard the boy scout announce the pledge of allegiance which was wonderful, and then Glenn Beck's voice and the crowd went wild, OMG I will never forget that feeling.

After that I kept struggling to see because where we sat and all of a sudden more people came in and sat in front of us which was the walkway, then I really had a hard time trying to see, most people finally gave up from trying to see because they really had no where to go, and just listened which is what Joe and I did.

I was amazed at how good people were, no one was angry, no angry looks, people helping each other, there was a garbage can by us which was full to capacity and every time someone passed by they would pile up more and more garbage finally we stopped picking up whatever fell from the sides because for some reason people though that it would stay on the pile of garbage but stuff kept falling out so we made a little pile by the side, of the garbage can.

People were wonderful. We sang, and there were tears, and some laughter. I will never forget where I was on August 28, 2010. Something I wished my children and grand children would've seen. Lots of families with their kids which I thought was a great thing to have these kids learning history.

When it was finished people walked out of the area everyone looking for cabs and no one could find one they were all busy. Joe and I ended up walking towards the hotel just one block at a time, I did not see not one person complaining or upset, even though they were tired and sweating from the heat.

After walking maybe 5 blocks we finally waved a cab down and boy did it feel good to sit in an air conditioned cab, finally making it to the hotel. What a wonderful experience, I missed some of my patriotic friends from all over the US, I was hoping to bump into some of my favorite patriots.

Finally back at the hotel, we relaxed a bit changed and back out to dinner.

The next day we got in our car and we decided to go check the same area where we were the day before because we wanted to see the Korean War Veterans Memorial, what an amazing memorial to see. It was beautiful to see a platoon of statues of soldiers from the Korean War, they look real, people taking photos there, and we also had time to see the World War II memorial.

The one thing that I noticed was that this was Sunday morning and some of the garbage cans were still full, but there was not one piece of paper on the ground anywhere throughout the whole area, it was spotless. 500,000 people and the place was spotless, that shows what type of people were there, and even though they had children with them the place was still spotless. I was telling Joe that if it would've been an illegal alien rally, we would be jumping over dirty diapers, food, beer cans and bottles, garbage galore! This is what separates true respectful Americans from people who hate our country, but love our money.

Just thought I would let my friends in on our "Restoring Honor" experience. I wonder if Al Sharpton's area where they had the rally was just as clean? Mmmmm.....Just wondering, LOL.

Check out attached photo with the Cowboy from Cochise County, Arizona.

Take care my friends,

Carmen and Joe

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Thanks for sharing Digger and Carmen.

Posted by: captainfish on September 4, 2010 12:15 PM

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