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Rep Pete Stark: 'The Borders Are Quite Secure', Minutemen 'Who You Gonna Kill Today?' [Video]

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Just when you think you've seen the most outrageous anti-American, arrogant member of congress, another one walks up and waylays you. Congressman Pete Stark (CA-13) at a Town Hall meeting in Fremont, California shows so many levels of ignorance I simply don't know where to start. But start I must and one of the most ridiculous statements in the video below by Pete Stark was that "The borders are quite secure".

I warn you that if you watch the video below you will be angered. You will realize that there are outright traitors in our congress that are now being open about it. They say "Damn the American Citizen! Damn the American Taxpayer!" and they see nothing wrong with their statements. This is what a person with an F- for their immigration record from CongressGrades looks like when they are being honest. As a sidenote, nearly half of the Federal Congressmembers from California have a F or F- CongressGrade on immigration.

As you continue to watch the video below it becomes quite clear, quite quickly, that Congressman Stark has no idea what he is talking about. To him our borders and illegal immigration are all a joke. When facts are presented to him he is either arrogant and puts down the questioner or simply makes up some other statement on the fly.

Stark comes right out with it and declares that Minutemen are shooting and killing people along the border. Nevermind that there have been no incidents of violence along the order involving the Minutemen in the past 5+ years since they began patrolling the border. Stark launches into an angering rant that he'll supply the Minutemen with more arms so they can kill more along the border. "Who you gonna kill today?" he asks.

"I'm not the government"
- Federal Congressman Pete Stark
Stark then goes on to mockingly question what the attendees would do to secure the border since he isn't "the government" (Stark has been part of the federal government as a federal congressman for 38 years - since 1972). When people shout out that a fence should be built he asks "how high?". He says he wants to know how high so that he can go down to Mexico and start a ladder company so that illegal aliens can climb over it and continue to invade our country.

Stark launches into a rant about the seasonal worker program that is still working so well, where immigrants are brought legally into the country for a season and then return home. He was referring to the Bracero Program. Stark apparently doesn't realize that the Bracero Program ended in 1964. Attendees weren't stupid about "temporary" workers though and shouted out that many don't leave when their visas expire. Stark sat there with a smirk looking unconcerned.

"Don't go to Phoenix if you want to walk home"
It was also brought up that illegal aliens were crossing the border and heading into Arizona. One person pointed out that Phoenix is the number 2 kidnapping capital in the world. Stark seemed to not know this and simply grunted "huh?". He either didn't know or he was being an ass and making fun of the concern of the questioner. Either way it's shameful. Stark also didn't know that signs have been posted in Arizona by the federal government for citizens to avoid portions of that state because of drug cartel and smuggling infiltration. It is an absolute outrage that this congressman from California would have no concern at all for citizens of a neighboring state. In essence he is saying "screw 'em! we need the illegal aliens. And screw you for asking me about it!".

The issue of the second amendment was brought up by Stark. He asked in his arrogant tone whether everyone in Fremont should just go around armed. Members of the audience said that as a United States citizen if someone wants to they have that right. Stark simply yelled back that he didn't want to hear from the crazy people. You know the ones? The crazy people who believe in their rights.

A number of legal immigrants attended the meeting and voiced their outrage about illegal immigration, but Stark didn't respond in any meaningful way other than to continue to mock.

This man is a disgrace. In a normal country he would be censured by the House of Representatives for his treatment of citizens and then thrown out of office. In this day and age though, the elitist attitude to condescend to your boss (the American People) is smiled upon. I'm sure Mr Stark will go back to Washington (when he has time of course as he has the 5th most absent voting record) and get a pat on the back from his fellow anti-American traitors in congress. Then he'll vote himself a raise, better health care and a larger pension.

If there ever is another revolution in this country, people like Congressman Pete Stark will be one of the reasons why it occurred.

Congressman Pete Stark "The borders are quite secure", "The Minutemen have something to say? Who you gonna kill today?"

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And those in S.F. don't understand why, they have such a high crime rate. If they start arresting, and deporting those illegals I would bet the crime would drop.

Posted by: Bob on July 6, 2010 02:04 AM

The Blessings in San Francisco, is that 68% of the Couples, can not Reproduce, so they will eventaully Die Out. Why do you think the Mexican government is so happy to see their People Leave. They know what they have. If Mex Icans or Afr Icans could do anything Right,with the natural resources in their respective countries, They would not be below third world level countries. Blessed Be, Ryan Santos, American

Posted by: Ryan Santos on June 5, 2011 10:57 AM

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