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Multi-Language Business? More Places Demanding People Conduct Business In English

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It's no secret, and simply cannot be disputed, that providing services in multiple languages costs more money. I'm sure those at the National Council of La Raza or President Obama would try to argue otherwise, but really? There is simply no argument. La Raza, just like the government, doesn't produce money. La Raza steals it (by fooling people that they are a caring organization) or accepts donations from outright racist people and businesses playing the race-card angle. They then waste this money on worthless garbage, just like the government. So why would you take either of their opinion on anything relating to what's best for business?

To address the issue of business and multiple language use, let us go back to the lemonade stand. Would it be cheaper to accept orders in English or to have to hire a second "Spanish-speaking" person for those who refuse to order in English? Would your lemonade stand be profitable? Would it be more time consuming and costly (not to mention ugly) to have all of your signs in multiple languages? In the case of other businesses would it not cost you more to have all of your forms and processing of those forms done in multiple languages? Oh sure you may make an extra sale or two, but let's look at some simple numbers here and keep them in mind.

Lemonade Stand
The "Hispanic" community in this country (actually it is a bunch of separate ethnic backgrounds and not one single group, but don't tell our government or any thinking people that) makes up only around 14% of this country. That's around 44 million people. For the moment let us forget that of those ~14% anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of them are illegal aliens. So out of these ~14% how many speak Spanish only? How many of those ~14% could get along fine in this country even if everything was only provided in English?

I'll give you this, there will be a small percentage who will refuse to go into your English speaking lemonade stand. Let's be loose and use 1% of those 14% who are arrogant, hard-headed and racist enough to boycott your business because you didn't post "Se Habla Espanol" in 15 places and fly a red, white and green flag above the Stars and Stripes. Why do I use Mexicans as an example? Because they are the largest "Hispanic" ethnicity in this country, of which fully half are illegal aliens. They are also the loudest at demanding Spanish language use. I use them because of logic and reason not because of racism. But back to the example...

Here's the reality. Say you get 1,000 people to visit your lemonade stand and buy a cup. Of those 1,000, ~14% are "Hispanic". That's 140 people. Of those ~14% there's 1% that are racist, pro-chicano forces who demand that you post everything in Spanish as well. They demand that you spend $10 on new signage and employ a Spanish-speaking clerk at .50 cents an hour, either that or you must spends hundreds of dollars and untold hours learning Spanish yourself. You refuse to do so and now you will suffer my friend! You will suffer greatly!. Because that angry, racist 1% of the ~14% means that you will lose 1.4 sales out of 1000! Yes, at .25 cents a cup of lemonade you have just lost .35 you evil hate-filled racist (and I assure you that is what you will be called by those 1.4 people).

Every day people travel around the world to countries that they don't speak the language of. Almost all seem to get along fine. But for some reason over the past 2 decades or so our country - and all of its businesses - are somehow expected to bend over backwards and spend untold billions to make sure that things are provided in any language demanded by some individual or group that claims to represent them. In almost all cases these billions are wasted as the business would have taken place without their bowing to the demands of 1% of ~14% (which is .14% of the country).

In the end it all comes down to common sense. Of course that is severely lacking in this country. Also lacking is those who will to stand up and say "speak English this is the United States".

But there is hope! More places are refusing to bow down to this arrogance any more. Below is a report from Robin of California's Crusader who relays this experience from her recent travels (in California no less!)


Medical Lab - Upland, CA and DMV - SPEAK ENGLISH
by Robin Hvidston

A few weeks ago, I was waiting in the lobby of a private medical lab.

A couple entered the lab and spoke to the woman at the front desk. The man requested to speak to a Spanish speaking staff member.

"WE DON'T SPEAK SPANISH HERE," the woman at the front desk said, with conviction.

The couple and the woman at the front desk completed their transaction in English. So the man who asked for a Spanish speaking staff member, in reality, could and did take care of his business in English.

Last week, I was in line at the DMV. It was brutal. The line snaked out the door and around the building. The security guard was a no nonsense Hispanic young lady.

In front of me, in line, was a teen. She and her father were speaking to each other in Spanish. After their conversation, the teen's father approached the Hispanic security guard and began to speak to security guard in Spanish.

"I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH," the Hispanic security guard said firmly to the man. So the man and his teen daughter spoke to the security guard in English and were told they were standing in the wrong line.

It was very gratifying to witness both the medical lab staff member and the security guard setting the record straight - speak English!


As Robin notes above, both got their business done in English fine. There was no discrimination. In the past we demanded immigrants coming to this country fit into our country to continue to make it great. With the most mixed ethnic country on Earth there is simply no other way to do it to remain both productive, efficient and successful as a country. To demand that the many bow to the very, very, very, very, very few arrogant (and mostly those being illegal aliens it must be stated clearly) is of the utmost in ridiculousness and ignorance.

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Americans across the nation UNITE and insist that companies, schools, organizations write/speak ENGLISH! 300 million Americans UNITE under our language: ENGLISH!

Posted by: Robin Hvidston on June 29, 2010 03:04 PM

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