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Thousands to Rally in Support of Immigration Enforcement in Phoenix

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Press release from Voice of the People USA

Thousands to Rally in Support of Immigration Enforcement in Phoenix


May 30, 2010

Contact: Daniel Smeriglio,
(866) 990-7712 voiceofthepeopleusa@gmail.com

Phoenix, AZ - Thousands are expected from across the country to attend the largest rally in US history supporting immigration enforcement, June 5th in Phoenix, Arizona.

The "Phoenix Rising" rally will occur at Wesley Bolin Plaza Park across from the Capitol building from 3-6PM PST and be broadcast live by C-Span. Speakers will include former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Attendees are coming in support of enforcement of immigration laws, SB1070 and the state of Arizona.

Voice of the People USA, based out of Hazleton, PA is organizing the event with major sponsors including Team America PAC, DiggersRealm.com and Tea Party Nation.

"Those opposing SB1070 are demonizing American citizens who support the rule of law here in America," said Dan Smeriglio, President of Voice of the People USA. "All polls show that the majority of Americans want immigration laws enforced. Opponents are casting citizens who want secure borders, national security and interior enforcement as racists, but they couldn't be more wrong and we're going to show that Americans support Arizona and the rule of law".

Following the signing of SB1070 by Governor Jan Brewer in April, protests by illegal aliens and their supporters erupted in violence, including the attacking of police and supporters of the law with thrown objects. The law was also attacked by Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano regarding its constitutionality. Both later admitted that they had not read the ten page law.

"The continued attacks on this law by elected and appointed officials, without reading it, shows that there is a clear disconnect between the needs of the citizenry and their leaders," said Dan Amato, of the immigration enforcement website Digger's Realm. "The citizens demand safety, security and protection - both physically and financially - from this burdensome invasion and thousands of Americans are coming to Arizona to stand with their fellow citizens. An attack on one is an attack on all. It's about time we stand up".

The rally is a true grassroots effort with all organizing funds coming from individual donations from throughout the country. Self-financed and organized buses are expected from as far away as Ohio and eastern Texas. Motorcycle clubs with hundreds of members are also coming in from around the country and will kick things off with a procession around the Capitol beginning at 1:30PM.

"This rally is in sharp contrast to the protests held by those opposing the bill. They have been bused in from out of state by unions, well-funded ethnocentric groups and openly pro-communist organizations. Some of these groups even paid their attendees," Smeriglio said.

"The mainstream media, political establishment, and special interests groups are all lining up against Arizona, it is important that Americans show that we stand with Arizona and for the rule of law," said Tom Tancredo, the current co-chair of Team American PAC.

For a full list of speakers, events and other information see http://www.phoenixrally.com

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