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Illegal Alien Supporter March In Phoenix A Bust [Video]

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Supporters of illegal aliens held a protest march in Phoenix today opposing SB1070, Arizona and America. However, it was a huge disappointment as the organizers expected 50,000 and only saw 7-10,000 show up. They sure dumped a fortune to get people there, but still fell short.

Who are the racists in this debate?
Mayor Phil Gordon stands with brown racists and illegal alien supporters over Arizona and Phoenix residents

Here is from the AP this morning prior to the protest with organizer's expected estimates.

Opponents of the law are busing in protesters from around the country for a march Saturday morning on the state Capitol. Organizers say the demonstration could bring in as many as 50,000 people.

It's not just their over-hype of the rally. Note that it is the organizers busing people in. The majority of people aren't coming on their own. See that is the difference between those in support of immigration enforcement and those demanding amnesty for illegal aliens. Those wanting the laws enforced pay their own way. The other side is simply trying to buy legislation using false numbers they made up by paying people to come. And they still couldn't get people to go there!

Yes, the pro-illegal alien groups paid to bus people in from California, Texas and Chicago once again to try to show that there is actually a movement in this country in support of illegal aliens when in fact it is only a few corrupt groups, unions and businesses - and the illegal aliens themselves - who are against enforcing immigration laws. The news everywhere was excited about the protesters coming to town, with them actually pushing the protests and touting how there were people coming to oppose the law.

But the truth on the numbers was covered up in many cases. Here is from the Arizona Republic. And yes, they actually quote someone as saying the crowds are larger than they expected, though they were far below the 50,000 number they estimated to the AP earlier.

As the crowd estimated at more than 10,000 left the park...

Sandra Castro, an organizer with Puente and senior at ASU, said the crowds so far were larger than expected and protesters were being bused in from Texas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

While they claim 10,000, others have estimated it at only 7,000, so it really depends on who you ask. I'm wondering where the cheerleading AZ Republic got its numbers? Perhaps the organizers themselves? They don't note where the estimate comes from.

The Arizona Republic wasn't alone in showing its pro-illegal bias.

NBC Reporter Doesn't question the sign
An NBC reporter interviewed the woman to the right. You can remember all of the outrage at Tea Partiers over signs showing Obama with a Hitler mustache (which were actually brought there by the left-wing Lyndon LaRouche group, see my report here), this reporter doesn't even show any outrage at the "Republicans Breed Ignorance" sign the woman is carrying with swastikas on it. The fact the woman is standing there waiting to be interviewed obviously means she was chosen in advance by the reporter. It is simply outrageous - and need I even say media bias? It doesn't get much clearer than that.

NBC Reporter interviews swastika carrying protester

All of the news went on for paragraph after paragraph about the protest marches and at the end they mockingly noted that there was also a protest going on in support of the law in Tempe, Arizona at Diablo Stadium.

The Republic continues in this vain.

Another rally - this one in support of the law - is scheduled in the evening in Tempe.

But it was opponents of the measure who dominated Phoenix Saturday morning with an event that was expected to draw a large crowd from throughout the Valley and out of state.

Their other statement, that Phoenix was dominated by opponents of SB1070 in the morning, clearly shows their bias, as they just noted before that that the other rally was in Tempe and at night. So there was no real competing rallies on this day in Phoenix proper this morning - yet they word it as if the illegal alien supporters won.

And of course the Republic has to pull out at least one illegal alien sob story.

I watched the Tempe Stand With Arizona Rally via their live stream, they had thousands there in a stadium. I don't know the numbers, but I'll give my best estimate of 75,000 people. Oh, you don't believe my estimate? Well you shouldn't take the Arizona Republic's "estimate" they probably got from the organizers as the truth either.

The speakers at the illegal alien marches included such luminaries (who of course have no financial or power or control gains at stake by exploiting illegal aliens) as AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka and Eliseo Medina International Executive Vice President of SEIU (as if we need another international group sticking their nose in United States business). It still amazes me how the union leaders can stand there with a straight face and claim to represent the American worker, yet extol the virtues of allowing low-wage, undercutting, illegal foreigners into the country to take their jobs and drive down their wages.

If I was a union member I would be calling for their heads!

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For the "Stand with Arizona": AP is estimating 7,000 in the stands plus many more hundreds milling around the booths that were busy all night. We had an additional 17,000 unique viewers who watched online. Not all the viewers stayed for the whole event.

Nick D'Orazio (ran the webstream from the press box)

Posted by: Nick Dorazio on May 30, 2010 03:17 AM

I Igor family first victims Arizona law see at


Only papers they have were copies of Obama birth certificate(made by I Igor)


Posted by: Igor Marxomarxovich on May 31, 2010 02:10 AM

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