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LA Illegal Marches Show Ignorance, Trash And Socialist Revolutionary Elements [Pics, Video]

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Chad MacDonald of NumbersUSA took to the streets of Los Angeles on May Day 2010 to question some of the marchers on why they oppose Arizona's SB1070 law to crack down on illegal immigration. The videos, shown below, display a total lack of knowledge of the law and the complete ignorance of people at the marches. Some didn't speak English at all and others did not even know what their signs said.

The marches left masses of trash behind in a country they claim to love so much. If this is what they want to bring to America, then thanks, but no thanks.

Trash in the streets of LA following the May Day Marches

The trash aside, there is more going on at these marches than meets the eye.

If anything at all can be drawn from this it is that this group of people is being used by well funded organizations to push their cause. Those with actual knowledge of the law - and why they were there - were very few and far between. The media has purposely reported that these were spontaneously put together to oppose the Arizona law, but these marches have been going on for nearly 5 years and pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens. All of this has been occurring on the celebrated day of the socialists and communists of the world - May Day. The media overlooks this fact every year.

Schumer Immigration Plan = SB1070 Arizona
Throughout the videos you will see signs reading "Schumer Immigration Plan = SB1070 Arizona". These signs were professionally printed and contain links to Hermandad Mexicana Nacional. This group's national director is Larry "Nativo" Lopez. Lopez is also the national president of MAPA (Mexican-American Political Association). Lopez was recently indicted on voter fraud, and after repeatedly denying that he was the defendant actually had to face a competency hearing in March 2010. At the hearing "Nativo", who changed his name from Larry to "Nativo" so that he could sound more "nativist", refused to identify himself. The judge held him in contempt of court and remanded him into custody.1 He was released on his own recognizance after 3 days and MAPA issued an alert that Lopez was going to engage in a hunger strike.

Lopez served 6 years on the Santa Ana school board as its trustee until he was recalled in 2003. Yep, this race-peddler was influencing the school board for years. Lopez has certainly been around the block.

Nativo Lopez
In 1996, a congressional investigation found that Lopez registered voters in California's 47th district who then went on to vote before they were citizens. Some 748 illegal alien voters cast ballots in the Loretta Sanchez Vs. Bob Dornan race.

In 2002, Lopez agreed to pay a $600,000 fine after he used money granted by the US government for English language lessons and citizenship training to pay for his Santa Ana office.

Lopez is not alone in manipulating this group of people for his own goals though.

The SEIU was present at the rallies as you can see their large banners and ever present purple prominently displayed at the rallies. The SEIU wants an amnesty for illegal aliens since a large portion of their members are suspected of being illegal aliens and having them legalized would increase their membership even further. They are trying to use a wedge between the races to achieve their goals and if that includes lying about the Arizona law as being racist, well then so be it in their eyes.

The group ANSWER LA was also present and provided pre-printed signs. Time after time their group has shown up with communist propaganda and anarchist signs in their midst to rallies and marches. It is not very hard to determine their agenda. As you can see from the images below, Answer LA draws all sorts of anti-American and anti-Jew participants, from 9/11 Truthers to Anarchists. They will use anything to force that wedge in and destroy this country. Yet those opposed to illegal immigration in this country are continuously slandered as being racists when quite clearly there is racism coming from these groups.

Pictures courtesy of Ringo's Pictures from March 20, 2010 AnswerLA march.
Many more can be found here

There was also clear racism present at the illegal alien May Day marches in 2010 from regular participants. In the second video below at about the 7 minute mark a woman is asked if she is boycotting Arizona. She says yes, but will try to pick out Latino owned businesses in Arizona and solely support them. The obvious question is that if a white person was questioned and said he would only support white businesses, would such an answer be just brushed to the side or would it be front page news in the LA Times? These are the same people who objected to the factor of race being used at all in having a reasonable suspicion that someone stopped in Arizona for a crime or violation was in the country illegally.

In the third video below at about the 4:50 mark There is a large truck with the words Revolucion on the side of it and what sounds like a very professional sound system blaring their message loud and clear. Who are Revolucion?

Revolucion Truck
They are the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and when visiting their website it becomes obvious very quickly that they are advocating for an overthrow of the government. They are trying to create the "revolutionary leaders of tomorrow" who will stand up against the "colonization". Bob Avakian, is the Chairman of the RCP, USA.

The RCP might seem out of place and you may be wondering what they have to with illegal aliens and the marches. Bob Avakian answers these questions himself in a question and answer session called The Essence of Communist Leadership, and Bringing Forward New Leaders: Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About2

"somebody asked the question of did I think that as a white male I could actually lead the revolution. Well, the answer is no, not as a white male--but I think I could play a leading role in it as a communist [applause]," Avakian said "This comes up all the time: You're working with other people, you want them to take initiative. Well, what are the times when you really have to kind of walk together with them step by step to help them do it, until they can do it more on their own? And what are the times and circumstances when you just have to have a general discussion and then let them go, and get out of the way?"

The communists do not see a white power base for a revolutionary change to communism in this country, they see it being led by a minority and presumably by Hispanic Communists. That is their mission and that is their goal.

Avakian finished out his rant with this:

Yes, we have to bring forward the youth, we have to bring people forward from among the oppressed nationalities and from among the proletariat, and we have to develop them not only as communists but as communist leaders, and we are doing that and we have to do more. But it's gotta be on the basis of applying this ideology to change the world and to mobilize the masses of people and lead them to emancipate themselves, or else it doesn't mean anything.

It's quite simple really for the RCP. They want to march alongside the illegal aliens to foment anger and spot and bring up new leaders. These new leaders they want to control and help in steering towards the Communist Party. They have picked this ethnic group in particular because it is large enough and has a built in separatist mentality. Leaders of the RCP cannot openly lead a revolution themselves using these people because they are white. So instead they want to control the "new leaders" like puppets.

I argue that this tactic is not a far stretch, because after all most of the illegal aliens in this country now come from socialist countries, and time after time in rallies we see their communist and socialist views on complete display for all to see. From the "no human is illegal" to the "government must provide for all" type of signs their views and those of Americans do not mesh.

The sad thing is that a lot of people - and particularly the media - are ignoring the internal threat that is on open display, year after year...

Illegal Alien Marches In LA - Part 1

Illegal Alien Marches In LA - Part 2

Illegal Alien Marches In LA - Part 3

[1] http://totalbuzz.freedomblogging.com/2010/03/26/nativo-lopez-headed-to-trial-after-incident/32645/
[2] http://www.revcom.us/a/200/new_generation-en.html

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Posted by Digger on May 4, 2010 01:27 PM (Permalink)

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Illegal Aliens have turned Chicago into a slum. They have chickens in their backyards which increases the rat population. They have brought their 3rd world country diseases. We citizens are tired of raising property taxes to pay for their schools. These children do not even belong in the country! My opinion the new Arizona law does not do enough! They threaten to boycott! They could do a better job from the Southside of the border. American citizens need to read the 14th ammendment, then apply it. They should boycott their free healthcare and educational services. Legal Immigrants do not want these people here! They need to be all rounded up and deported and lets not break up families. Make sure none are left behind!

Posted by: Ed Jones on May 5, 2010 04:18 AM

Their anti-Israehell sentiments are healthy and well founded.

It looks like a mish-mosh of movements for sure. But there is nothing wrong with anti-jew. It is a healthy survival mechanism.

I guess you support out soldiers dying to protect people that hate and use this country good thing? Because thinking that we are protecting America by killing iraqi and afghani and pakastani citizens is helping us,, you are a bigger fool then you initially revealed.

Posted by: frank on May 5, 2010 07:34 AM

Hi Digger,
Great article. I always enjoy reading your in-depth look at whats happening in our world today. That said, why didn't the police get about 500 buses, hire Spanish speaking Americans and legal Latinos pissed off about this form of insult. Round up these people that are busy protesting, and bus pass em back to the boarders? They profess to love this country, yet wont get a green card, wont pay taxes, will work "under the table" to earn less then proper, and NOW they choose to follow only people that would lead them astray as they would in their own country. If they want a war between themselves, and mob rulers, and illegal activities, then take it back to the home "the profess, not to love" and leave out from this land. That said, I wish nothing but peace to people ready to learn English, and live by the rules that built this nation. Other then that, they need to crash these places and deport the ones with out 2 forms of legal ID's.

Posted by: sm on May 5, 2010 08:16 AM

What can I say? The dumbest people on the planet...even the traitor 'American' supporters. The illegals are just pissed because they know the party's over. As in no more freebees & handouts. lol

Posted by: JoAnn on May 5, 2010 08:35 AM

We need a mandatory nationwide E-Verify system to kill the job magnet that draws them here.It would be such a simple and inexpensive solution.Congressman Brian Bilbray [R-Ca.] says that the democrats won't even consider an E-Verify solution unless there is an amnesty attached to it.We all know that another SCAMnesty is exactly what we don't need. Our only hope is to gain a conservative majority in the house this november. See you at the polls.

Posted by: Will on May 5, 2010 03:24 PM

PLEASE TAKE ACTION TO STOP ILLEGAL ALIEN TAKEOVER! FAX YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TODAY! It's a FREE service... PLEASE do this ASAP!! Stay on top of this - do not let them get this NWO Agenda item completed! Bug your senators and congressman - let them know you mean business!


numbersusa.com is an awesome website - check it out!


Check out this video for a chilling expose' of how illegal immigration is destroying our country!
Immigration Gumballs Video:


Posted by: 1st Gen American on May 9, 2010 04:20 AM

Compare the trash to the Tea Party rally in DC on sept. 12. There was an estimated 2 million marchers but not one piece of trash left behind. That's because good Americans pick up after themselves. Illegal aliens leave their trash for the union goons to pick up after them.

No matter, it's all over except for the fat senorita singing. The USA will be transformed into a poor third world spanic speaking nation, whether you like it or not. They already have critical mass, zero interior inforcement, the 14th admendment, chain migration and most importantly, TIME.

Posted by: Jimi on May 19, 2010 01:34 PM

You know, looking at the pictures and film, and having seen it before, in fact, over and over, I have to ask myself, Can Americans really be so dense, so utterly dumb, as to not recognize what open borders with Mexico is doing to this nation? How stupid can we be?! Many of these people are simply not normal, but feel somehow empowered to do whatever the hell they please in this foreign nation that they have illegally entered. IT'S INSANE THAT AVERAGE AMERICANS ARE ALLOWING IT ALL. AMNESTY?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. DEPORTATION BY ANY MEANS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THIS CRAP.

Posted by: Bobby on May 19, 2010 08:24 PM

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