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Sara A. Carter - Laura Ingraham - Amnesty For Illegal Aliens [Video]

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Sara Carter In Waziristan
Sara A. Carter is one of my heroes! She has braved the depths of the heart of illegal immigration, from the border tunnels to the criminal element sneaking across the border. Her work as a reporter while at the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin was legendary in the immigration enforcement movement. In 2006, Carter was awarded the Eugene Katz Award from the Center for Immigration Studies for her tireless work at reporting on immigration. At the time I called for people to email her support and let her know that she was doing a great job. Since then, Sara has moved on to the Washington Examiner and branched out into braving war torn regions of the Middle East (seen in the picture at right in MaKeen, Waziristan) doing an excellent job as she always has. You can now reach Sara A. Carter on Facebook. Go send her a message that she's outstanding!

Laura Ingraham is unwavering in her opposition to an amnesty for illegal aliens. Throughout the years she has reported on the issue and been outspoken that we need to be tough on cracking down on illegal aliens. My only beef with her is that she tried to paint Sarah Palin as being tough on illegal immigration when she clearly was not.

Two great ladies, one great show as they take on immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Sara A. Carter - Laura Ingraham - The Coming Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

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Posted by Digger on March 27, 2010 01:06 AM (Permalink)

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I'm glad you posted this, I saw it last night on FOX

Posted by: REWHBLCAIN on March 27, 2010 08:12 AM

It takes two women to get to the bottom of this serious issue. These two women need to be commended for this brave and honest interview.

Posted by: JH on March 27, 2010 09:27 AM

I love Sara. She is the hippest and most informed reporter on illegal immigration there is in the U.S. Next to her, the rest of the media's reporters are only collecting a paycheck for going through the motions, like the liberal dummies and robots they are.

Posted by: Bobby on March 29, 2010 04:56 PM

Sarah A. Carter & lora Ingraham are two of my patriots who defends the U.S. against illegal aliens
and AMNESTY legalization of 20 - 30 million illegal aliens and that's why McCAIN lost the presidencial seat.

SARAH CARTER was v the first to write about the outrageous government prosecution of Border Patrol Agents RAMOS & COMPEAN for merely trying to apprehend a drug dealer from Mexico with 740 ponds of marajuana and when they tried to apprehend him they said he pulled a gun on them and one of the agents fired and hit him in the butt and ran across the border to Mexico. Later, the Mexican drug dealer filed charges with the U.S. Justice Dep't.and the 2 agents were prosecuted instead of the drug dealer.

Then at the request of Pres. George Bush, let Kangaroo Court Judge KATHLEEN CARDONE & JOHNNY SUTTON deliberately prosecute Ramos and Compean ans sentence them to 10 years in federal prison so as not to shake up the Mexican President VICENTE FOX who
was working out a deal to eliminate U.S. & Canadian borders to form their devious NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

This is the reason they needed McCAIN to pass his McCAIN-KENNEDY AMNESTY Reward for Criminals Bill so the 20 - 30 million illegal aliens inside the USA would become legal including Mexico's 7 million illegal Mexican aliens inside the USA. Thank God Pres. Bush was forced to free RAMOS & COMPEAN from their 10 year wrongful prison sentence.

McCAIN never should have chosen Sarah Palin who is not qualified presidential material and lets all back J.D. HAYWORTH wunning against Sen.JOHN McCAIN in
Arizona for the U.S. Senate seat.

We also have Sarah Palin speaking to TEA PARTY NATION
that is funded and controlled by DICK ARMEY who heads
FREEDOM WORKS and is taking over this group to obtain the Email list, funds and the TEA PARTY political policies he controls so as to keep them at arms length away from taking votes away from the Republican Party which is his major goal.

Please contact me if you agree with me.

Posted by: ENOS SCHERA,V.P.-CITIZENS OF DADE UNITED on April 3, 2010 10:53 AM


I have nuerous serious issues to discuss with you in private.


Posted by: ENOS SCHERA,V.P.-CITIZENS OF DADE UNITED on April 3, 2010 11:00 AM

Sarah A. Carter you are great! You are the only one out there who has any clue as to the depths of the illegal alien problem. Thank you!

Posted by: JIM on May 24, 2010 03:07 AM

A lot of the debate over illegal immigration is a smoke screen in my opinion. I believe it to be a case of "keep the minions arguing about points that don't matter and nothing will ever get accomplished that will jeopardize our plans and our system of priviledges".

The fact of the matter is that, like much of what is going on today in our country, the debate over illegal immigration is an economic strugle and debate.

The current policies of both our major political parties are currently racing us toward the very thing this country was designed to eliminate; a two tiered society. On one side you have the priviledged few sitting at the King's court and on the other side you have the huddled masses seeking to eeke out a living.

The presence of illegals in our land punishes all the productive workers who did not attend college. You do not see many illegals taking jobs from CPAs, or from lawyers, or Wall Street bankers. But the firms engaged in those professions will use the cleaning company that is hiring illegals so the cost of maintaining the offices is kept artificially low. They will hire the landscapper who hires the illegals so the lawns will be kept neat and trimmed at an artificially low cost. Economics 101 dictates that a shortage of something results in a rise in its cost. We definitely have a shortage in this coountry of people who want to work with their hands, work out in the cold and the hot sun and in the rain and snow.


In 1965 a new Ford Galaxy cost $2,500. A comparable full-size car today costs ten times that amount. In 1965 minimum wage was, I believe, $1.75/hr. By 1968 when I entered the plumbing trade it had risen to $1.90/hr. If the same inflationary factor that applies to the Ford were applied to the minimum wage in this country then the MW would be about $17.50/hr. Our allowance of illegals into the equation keeps the cost of minimally skilled, semi-skilled and even highly skilled workers artificially low. The statistics are even more staggering when inflation of real estate is used as the comparable factor.

Comrade Obama wants a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor and those of us to the right of center voice our disapproval. We are aghast at such a thought. Yet we say nothing about the transfers of wealth from the working man, to the moneyed class. The S&L bailout was such a wealth transfer. The current bailouts of the banks and Wall Street houses are a transfer of our wealth. The great contributors of campaign funds get their buddies in Washington to tax the blue collar guy to pay for their outrageous gambles. These bankers pay the math majors of our premiere educational instituions to come up with mathematical models that require massive "bets" on minisule anomalies in the market. They pocket the dough when they bet correctly, and the blue collar guy ponies up the losses in the form of increased taxes required to fund the bailouts.

Well connected individuals can buy the regulations and laws they need to skin the little guy. The fact is this happens on the left and on the right. Until it stops our nation is doomed.

Jefferson predicted over 200 years ago that once people realized they could vote themselves money it would all be over. Once all the power centralized in Washington, it would all be over. He even predicted this would take 200 -250 years. Bingo We are there guys and gals. We need to send the members of both parties a message; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. As Popeye would say, "I've taken all I can stand, I can't stands no more".

As voters we need to start with the Democrat party because they are currently vunerable. This November we must vote out of office every Democrat that is an incumbent. That will stop the bleeding.

Once that is accomplished we need to collectively point the finger at the Republicans and say to them, YOU'RE NEXT. And we never again can afford to have the same party in control of two branches of our government.


Posted by: PLUMBER 250 on August 8, 2010 09:46 AM

rightwing nutjobs = america haters

Posted by: dread on March 24, 2011 01:40 AM

Who do you think illegal aliens are?

Posted by: jacob khan on January 2, 2014 08:27 AM

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