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Mariann Davies Takes On Amnesty Supporters - Puerto Rican Panorama [Video]

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Mariann Davies of You Don't Speak For Me took on a couple of pro-amnesty supporters this morning on the show Puerto Rican Panorama.

Davies held her own and came off as the more logical of the guests. It was inherently unfair for the show to include two full blown amnesty supporters - from the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC), Regan Cooper the Director and Brad Baldia a Board Member - and had only one person who is opposed to amnesty. The person they chose in Mrs. Davies though could have taken on 10 amnesty supporters. She cut through the hysterical calls of the bleeding hearts to point out the real threats of damage to our nation when it comes to illegal immigration - national security, fiscal concerns and the general case for adherence to the laws of the land.

I almost cried a few times at the continued insistence that Americans should give illegal aliens an amnesty "for the children" and for the benefit of the illegal aliens and how it is racist to oppose illegal immigration. Nowhere in the arguments of the amnesty supporters were the American people considered. It was all about the immigrant.

Cooper of PICC tried to claim that the immigration enforcement groups are massively funded by anti-immigrant groups and White Nationalists.

"There is a very well-funded anti-immigrant movement in this country, that has given money to a number of organizations, including yours [Davies']," Cooper said "And there are ties from that movement to White Nationalists and I think that is a serious concern for communities to think about."

That those opposed to illegal immigraiton are "well funded" is laughable - and funded by anti-immigrant groups and White Nationalists? Paranoid and ludicrous. Groups like The National Council of La Raza are outright calling for special rights, funding and housing freebies for those who are only "Hispanic". La Raza together with The Southern Poverty Law Center, unions, Center for American Progress, the Catholic Church and the Chamber of Commerce have literally billions of dollars to throw into the ring of trying to get amnesty passed.

Almost every group opposed to illegal immigration is on a shoestring budget and based on grassroots people getting together and holding rallies and demanding that their representatives take action. Copper knows this quite clearly as she has worked with La Raza for years and held rallies in coordination with them over issues like the DREAM Act.

This seems to be a new tactic on the left. To try to make grassroots Americans into "well funded evil people", when most of these people work and spend their weekend free time fighting for their country to combat the billions of dollars being used against them.

As for the claims of racism and the paranoid delusions that there is a huge White Nationalist cabal out there... well they have been spreading this lie around for decades in order to raise funding. And trying to destroy good Americans lives and reputations in the process. People like Cooper and Baldia are disgusting, not because of their race, but because of their sick tactics and hatred of this country and its citizens.

I found host Diego Castellanos to be quite fair on the issue, though I believe he leans more towards an amnesty position. He didn't wash over the concerns of security or cost to the American people like the full blown amnesty supporters did. However, at the very end of the show he seemed to insinuate that there were more hate groups involved in groups opposed to illegal immigration than there are. I would just like to point out to Mr. Catellanos that these groups oppose illegal immigration. Most do not oppose immigrants, nor legal immigration. He is falling for the fringe claims of amnesty supporters.

Davies is also the co-founder of the group Kitchen Table Patriots located in Pennsylvania.

Mariann Davies Puerto Rican Panorama - Part One

Mariann Davies Puerto Rican Panorama - Part Two

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