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Letter From A Californian On Illegal Immigration

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I received this from Andrea, a third generation American whose grandfather came to America legally from Armenia. She has watched her state and town deteriorate under the weight of illegal immigration.


As a 3rd generation California resident, (my family has been here since my grandfather escaped the Armenian Genocide and came to the U.S. legally), I have seen the damage done to our neighborhoods due to the illegal aliens.

It's amazing that now that most jobs in the San Fernando Valley won't even hire you unless you speak Spanish. My Grandfather always spoke English once he arrived to this country, and would never speak Armenian, because he said he was a American now.

My grandfather also never wanted the taxpayers to pay for his services, that is why he payed for his children, and his grandchildren to attend private schools. He loved the U.S. because of all it had to offer, and the fact that he could come here work hard, and have a better life.

How is it, that many people come to our country, the wrong way, skipping the legal process, and expect us to just hand them everything our great country has to offer? It's funny to me, that the immigrants who come here legally, tend to be hard working and end up being very successful, but the ones who sneak into this country, tend to do nothing but complain that they are being held back, and are being stripped of their rights?

As for the people who claim we get so much from illegals coming to this country and working, I would love to know exactly what they think most of us paying our taxes are getting out of it exactly? As for the fruit and vegetables I tend to buy, there is usually a sticker saying that my produce came from another country on it, not from the US. I don't have a maid, so I clean up after myself. I don't eat fast food, (but during my teen's I used to work at one), so I don't need whoever is behind the counter that is barely speaking English to serve me.

My lawn is maintained by my husband, so no gardener for us. It seems like the only thing I'm getting out of the illegals are high taxes to pay for their stays in prison (over 60% off gang members are illegal aliens), paying for their children to attend public schools, giving them affordable housing, their medical bills (meanwhile hospitals are just disappearing due to the lack of funding), and higher car insurance rates because so many people are driving around without it.

I'm not opposed to people coming to this country, but they should be coming here legally (don't start your new life here by breaking the law), and show some pride in this country. Remember the old saying, "When In Rome...."


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