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Brown Wins! Dems Taste Tea, CNN, MSNBC Fun To Watch, Amnesty Toast

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Scott Brown
The repudiation of the ridiculous Obama Health Care initiative, back room dealings and political payoffs to "special people" like the unions began yesterday. Scott Brown, a conservative, wins the Senate seat of one of the most liberal senators ever, Ted Kennedy. In all honesty Brown could have been a little ugly troll who climbed out from behind a rock and ran for senate and still won. Why? Because of his stances and because the American people are sick of the arrogance and total disregard for the people of this country by the current crop of "leaders" in Washington.

One commenter at a story on the results hit the nail on the head when he asked the question of Dems "How do those tea bags taste on your tonsils?"

The fact is that true Americans who stood up were told to sit down and shut up. They were called extremists because they wanted government to be scaled back and to get the hell out of their life. They were called "Tea Baggers", in a derogatory manner, to try to denigrate their concerns. I ask the same question of these holier than thou arrogant people now. How does that tea taste?

There was indeed national support for Brown from these awakened slumbering giants. Going from 30 points behind a month before the special election, Brown won convincingly. Brown brought in a million dollars a day in donations the week leading up to the election. Truly a showing of Americans across the nation making their stance quite clear.

The travesty now is that the GOP is running around almost as smug as the Dems were days before. The truly happy are the conservatives of this country, the GOP is just looking for power, for there is a difference between the two. The GOP will find out their joy is short lived when people realize that they haven't changed their ways either. They're still the big spending fools they were.

Be that as it may, It is a joyous day! Flipping through CNN and MSNBC has tickled the funnybone. During the results last night, with about 60% in, CNN and FOX had the numbers at 53% to 46%, flipping over to the hyper-liberal MSNBC and Rachel Maddow though saw a numbers game. They didn't want to admit it was that quite that bad, so they went into the decimal system to point out that it really was only 52.6% to 45.4% ... wouldn't want to round those numbers up would you? It was comical their attempt at minimizing the tragedy for them occurring before their eyes. The worried look on Maddow's face throughout was also priceless as she sat in a Boston cafe talking with Howard Dean via satellite who was looking for ANY kind of silver lining. "Well maybe they haven't counted Boston yet?" Dean quipped. One has to wonder if Maddow was having Tea in that cafe.

Making it even taste even sweeter was the fact that this occurred in the state of Massachusetts, the tea had come home to Boston - and the Dems were dumped in the harbor with it.

As for the agenda coming with a Brown win? There is one issue near and dear to 80+% of Americans that Brown stands on the right side of - and it isn't opposition to health care. It is opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. Brown is firmly against amnesty and we will need that in the notorious sell-out senate where amnesty has reared its ugly head time and again. Amnesty is dead with Brown in the senate!

Many people are reading too much into this win with regards to how to run a campaign though and I find it quite annoying. The GOP is trumpeting around that Brown is a "new breed of Republican" and that he's showing the GOP how to run a campaign. Well that is total poppycock. Yes, I said poppycock! The Brown campaign itself was a fluke. It came at a time when the arrogance of the liberals was just dripping from their lips every time they opened their mouths. "Americans be damned" they seemed to say every time their slimy holes opened.

Brown's "campaign" consisted of having the right ideals and an opposition to their devastating goals when the Dems had a super majority. Even liberals in Massachusetts could see that health care "reform" was a horrible idea. The last year has been one riddled with corruption, cronyism, incompetence and outright bribery. You've got Senators like Al Franken telling Joe Lieberman on the senate floor that he can't have even one more minute of time to finish his point because there has to be unanimous consent - and Franken alone would not give his. Arrogance!

Don't even get me started on the arrogance of Harry Reid and (while not in the senate) Nancy Pelosi.

Anthony Weiner
One of the most arrogant Dems, Anthony "bend over and take it" Weiner of New York, came out today and spoke for liberals saying "we get the message". Give me a break! They couldn't see that they were that screwed up just a day before the election, but now all of the sudden they are different? No.

Does all of this sound familiar though? It should. After getting hammered by conservatives over amnesty, John McCain virtually said the same thing. That he got the message. He didn't change his tune, he was still for amnesty, he just packaged it differently. We'll "secure the borders first" he would state. The same goal, just wrapped a little different. As for the securing of "anything" first? Well the requirements for what determined a "secure border" were just not specified, they were conveniently left out. Anyone could just quip "the border is secure' and then they could implement amnesty as they wanted all along.

The point is that the Dems will do the same thing. They got the message alright. They got the message that people didn't like the packaging of their bitter pill. So they'll put forth the bitter pill again. This time however they'll put it in a more colorful box and do more flashy ads like the pharmaceutical industry does with hardly tested medicines. You know the ones I'm talking about right? The ads you see today for some pill that will provide birth control, cure depression, make you stop smoking and lose weight all at the same time! Ads filled with happy young women dancing around with their pets and handsome boyfriends in shiny clothes. Of course a year later lawyers are suing for clients because it turned their bones into Swiss cheese, made them gain 80 lbs. and get pregnant with a stillborn child. That is the pill you will get from the "new Dems" so that their friends can profit.

All of the above is why Brown won, it can't be duplicated in the exact way again. However, what the Republicans can do is actually choose some fiscal conservatives. They still haven't learned that lesson as the congressional race in NY-23 showed us, with the Repubs endorsing a candidate who was so liberal even Pelosi was jealous. I have my doubts the R's will learn one single lesson from this. They simply think that the sea change will continue and that they don't need to change what they were doing before. They may be right, or they may be just as arrogant as the Dems have been the last year and not realized that a lion has awoken in America...

... and that lion likes tea.

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Well written; your passion comes through.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on January 21, 2010 01:45 PM

I agree with your assessment of the GOP. They suck. Two wrongs (parties) do not make a right, and here's the proof.

As far as McCain pretending he wants the borders secure, his pal Chuckie "1986 amnesty" Schumer says they are secure.

Posted by: rjjrdq on January 25, 2010 10:14 PM

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