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Open Border Groups Trying To Destroy Successful 287g Program - D.A. King

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D.A. King of the Dustin Inman Society puts together a great column that appeared in the Marietta Daily Journal. He covers how those opposed to actual law enforcement - in particular immigration enforcement - are working to destroy the systems we have in this country to curb it. 287(g) has been successful, where it has been implemented, in deporting those illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds.

Unfortunately our border security is horrible and they keep returning. Those in favor of continued illegal immigration are trying their best to end all security in this country under the false premise that screening foreign born prisoners to find out if they are legally here is racial profiling.

King points out some successes and who is behind trying to destroy them.


With more than 15 million Americans out of a job and "undocumented workers" - primarily from Mexico - still sneaking over our borders, most of us recognize that illegal immigration is not and never has been about a "labor shortage."

From the illegal alien's point of view, it is about the reality that life in the USA is better than in the Third World. For now.

From the far-left fringe like the ACLU and the rabid, ethnic-based open-borders lobby, illegal immigration - and the growing constituency it brings - is about increasing political power needed to tear down America, its traditions, common language and our national unity. Not to mention the hated immigration laws.

Groups like the ACLU, La Raza and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials oppose every action aimed at punishment for the fugitives who have avoided capture at our borders. Their constant race-baiting smears have become merely a transparent reminder of their true allegiance.


The common enemy of all of the groups in this un-American alliance? Enforcement of American immigration laws. Which brings us to section 287(g) of the 1996 federal Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. Simply known as "287(g)," it provides for expanding the existing and inherent authority of local law enforcement to help the under-staffed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency locate and deport illegally present aliens who have been arrested for additional crimes. That includes any crime. 287(g) was never intended to focus only on illegals arrested for felonies. And that no one is deported for a broken tail light. The singular reason for deportation is violation of immigration laws.

Because it is far too successful, 287(g) is under relentless nationwide attack. The demand from those who depend on illegal alien "victims" is that Obama end the program that has been so efficient in repatriating illegals discovered in our jails.

Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren was the first in Georgia to use the 287(g) program. He has found thousands of illegal aliens in his jail and turned them over to ICE since July 2007. There are now three other sheriffs with 287(g) authority, with Sheriff Butch Conway in Gwinnett sending 18 deputies who work in his jail to be federally trained next week.

The open-borders extremists are apoplectic. Their assumption was that President Obama would somehow stop enforcement of immigration laws - especially use of 287(g) - when he moved into the White House. He can't. He must be able to at least claim he is trying to enforce immigration laws when he begins to peddle another amnesty early next year.

So the absurd howls that screening all foreign-born prisoners coming into local jails for immigration status is "racial profiling" and that removing illegal aliens from our midst somehow "makes the community less safe" have increased in volume and frequency.

As I write, the ACLU and a group called "Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment" are reportedly planning a Monday protest against 287(g) on Marietta Square. Interested readers can "Google" an ACLU "how to" publication on opposing 287(g) titled "Local Police and Immigration Laws Workshop" to see what to expect in the way of mindless talking points.

In the Gwinnett jail during a 26-day trial run for 287(g) this year, more than 900 illegals were discovered and deported. More than half had a previous criminal history. New charges included murder (13), rape (15), kidnapping (11), child molestation (23) and 154 for felony drug offenses.


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