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Rally To End Cross Country Trip To Save The Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial - Rally 9/17

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Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial Bagged & Boarded
There will be a rally held September 17, 2009 to end a cross country trip that was made to save the Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial. If you are not familiar with the story let me brief you.

The memorial was put up after World War II in California's Mojave Desert in the 1930's to memorialize our veterans. It stood there for decades with no complaints. Then one lone individual in Oregon decided that one day he might be traveling through the desert and might see the sign and be offended, so he contacted the ACLU and they filed suit.

The courts ordered that the monument be covered until the outcome of the case against the monument was resolved. So they went out in the desert and put a bag over the monument. Outraged at the action someone went up and cut the bag off of the monument. The courts then sent others out to encase the monument in plywood to cover it up. And that is how it stands now.

Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial

The Story of the Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial

If you would like to support their cause or would like more information on where the case stands, you can find out more information at Don't Tear Me Down

Imagine America without our memorials. How would we remember? How would our children remember?

The ACLU is threatening to tear down all monuments on public land that contain religious imagery. This fall, The Supreme Court will rule on whether these memorials will continue to stand for our freedoms, or if they will be removed permanently.

Returning veterans from Iraq were outraged at hearing this story, seven of them will be in attendance at the rally.

The details for the rally held to save the monument are below.


WHAT: A group of American soldiers returning from Iraq are taking a cross-country road trip to bring awareness to the plight of the Mojave Desert War Memorial.

The Mojave Desert War Memorial is the subject of an intense decade-long legal battle brought by the ACLU because it sits on public property and is in the shape of a cross. Today, it is boarded from view by a federal judge and could be torn down if the ACLU wins their legal case at the U.S. Supreme Court on Oct. 7.

WHO: Seven American soldiers returning from the front in Iraq; Chelene Nightingale, California Gubernatorial Candidate; Henry & Wanda Sandoz, memorial caretakers; American Legion Riders; RidersUSA; Veterans; and other special guests.

WHEN: Thursday, September 17th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

WHERE: Mojave Desert War Memorial, Near California & Nevada Border (25 miles east of Baker, CA). Exit Cima Road (11 miles right off I-15). Cima, CA 92364

Map here: Google Map

MORE: The soldiers begin their cross-country trek Sept. 14, in Fort Polk, Louisiana, and arrive at the memorial in the Mojave Desert on September 17, where they will lay a wreath and read names of fallen comrades. They will visit war memorials and gather signatures along the way. Veterans from The American Legion Riders and RidersUSA will join the soldiers for portions of the journey. Click here for a detailed itinerary of their journey. Liberty Legal is helping publicize the caravan, but is not organizing it.

The soldiers, who returned from Iraq days ago, learned about the case while still fighting overseas after seeing the Don’t Tear Me Down video released by Liberty Legal Institute in May. To date, there have been more than 1.8 million views of the video and over 135,000 people have signed the online petition at www.donttearmedown.com.

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