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Why Did Ted Kennedy Screw America On Immigration?

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"Why Did Ted Kennedy Screw America On Immigration?"

Kennedy Laughing Illegal Alien Immigration Amnesty
Ted Kennedy laughing while trying to pass amnesty in 2007
That is the question that Roy Beck of NumbersUSA asks in his latest piece (though not in those exact words).

Was it because Ted Kennedy had a hatred of American citizens and intentionally chose to change the makeup of our country from citizens to foreign nationals?

Was it all just for self-interest, a power grab, money?

Was it an emotional move? Did he just loved the poor too much or believe too much in what the Catholic church told him to believe on immigration?

Well Roy delves into all of these questions with "Ted Kennedy's Immigration Legacy -- and why did he do it?"

Roy lists these atrocities (my words) on immigration that Kennedy committed against the American people.

    "First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually.... Second, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset."
     - Ted Kennedy, 1965
  • The 1965 revamp of the entire immigration system. It ended 40 years of low immigration, got rid of solid numerical caps and opened up chain migration into every overpopulated country in the world, exploding annual immigration numbers.

  • Massive expansion of the refugee programs in the late 1970s, opening up massive loopholes and encouraging a domestic resettlement industry that became a major lobby for more and more overall immigration.

  • The 1986 blanket amnesty. Kennedy's skills may have been best seen here where he got legislators on our side to agree to the amnesty in exchange for enforcement rules that he made sure were written in a way that would not work. Within a decade, he would be using the inability to enforce the 1986 rules as an excuse for why we needed more green cards and more amnesties. An example of Kennedy's great skill was that he persuaded Ronald Reagan to enthusiastically support this bill.

  • The 1990 immigration act, which increased overall immigration by another 35%. The first Pres. Bush was Kennedy's co-partner, just as the second Pres. Bush was Kennedy's eager co-partner in trying to force through another blanket amnesty 2001-2008.

  • The 1990 act also established the lottery whereby we randomly give away 50,000 green cards a year to people in countries picked because they have the least ties and cultural association with the United States, and which disproportionately are terrorist-sponsoring countries. This was something of a compromise for Kennedy who was able to ensure that during the first few years, much of the lottery winners would be illegal aliens from Ireland -- his own ethnic group.

  • Annual US Immigration Now: About 1.5 Million Legally; More Than 1 Million Illegally
  • The H-1B visas which have enabled corporations to keep hundreds of thousands of American kids from getting a foothold in the high tech industry.

  • The total defeat of liberal civil rights champion Barbara Jordan's blue-ribbon commission recommendations to reduce overall immigration and eliminate chain migration and the lottery in 1996.

  • Six mini-amnesties that passed in the 1990s, primarily aimed at specific nationalities.

(For more on these individual actions see Roy's entry above.)

My take on it is that he didn't give a rat's ass about the American worker or citizen. He did it all for self-indulgence at the expense of the American people. There is no amount of good that can come from the massive numbers we currently have in our country and continue to see growing out of control.

The environment, jobs, congestion, health care, social services, education, crime and the destruction of the American culture of freedom, have all been touched by those coming here who don't care about our country, but what the country can do for them. The massive, uncontrolled influxes over the years have destroyed a good fabric of our society and we will all be paying for decades for Kennedy's sins.

We no longer have a country of Americans, but a country of "give me" people who could care less if our values and freedoms in this country die a horrible death - as long as they get theirs!

It's a disgrace and every American should question Kennedy's validity as an American senator as noted in history, but as the biggest world senator to ever sell out the American people.

It dwarfs any good you may have thought that the man every did in any way - and many think that was absolutely no good anyway.

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Posted by Digger on September 3, 2009 12:15 AM (Permalink)

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Chappaquidick was the least of his sins. I'm still celebrating his death and glad the SOB is gone. Should
have died 40 years ago instead of Mary Jo.
Good riddance - one less phony, self-hating Catholic !

Posted by: NObama 2012 on September 3, 2009 05:05 PM

And therein lies the real problem with health care in America, treating too many illegal aliens for free.

New England doesn't border Mexico, making those the most uninformed and misguided liberals in America. Oh yeah, they are all stinking rich too and live in huge compounds that protect them from poor people.

Good stuff Digger!


Posted by: JLancaster on September 4, 2009 10:57 AM

Ted Kennedy couldn't have damaged this country more if he were a soviet plant. I expected gushing praise from MSNBC, wasn't surprised by the other networks, but when FOX toadied on about him I gagged.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on September 4, 2009 04:29 PM

The worst traitor in the history of this nation,i am so glad he is gone,every time i go into a bar,i have a shot and a beer to celebrate that traitors,that murder,that spoiled little rich man boy passing,i hope he suffered a lot,and i know he is where he should be in hell,good riddance a$$hole.

Posted by: michael emch on June 10, 2011 09:40 PM

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