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Rigoberto Padilla, Illegal Alien Drunk Driving College Student And Activist, Seeks Stay Of Deportation

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Rigoberto Rigo Padilla
Rigoberto 'Rigo' Padilla, 21, an illegal alien who has managed to use taxpayer dollars to go through our school system and then attend Harold Washington College, is facing deportation after being pulled over for a DUI. Illegal alien supporters in Chicago are trying to make him out to be the poster child of a bad deportation - and they have the media working with them.

However, this is no ordinary illegal alien student, the guy is a race pushing activist. He has focused his college on attaining an Associate's Degree in Arts with a Latin American and Latino Emphasis. He is the former president of the Organization of Latin American Students and a volunteer for the non profits Casa Aztlán and Erie Neighborhood House

Both of these non-profits are heavily pro-illegal alien.

Obviously Casa Aztlan is a specific pro-Mexican group. Aztlan is in their name if that's not enough of a hint! Their mission statement also leaves no doubt what they stand for "Acknowledging the strengths of Mexican families, Casa Aztlán seeks to sustain the strong cultural identity of the Pilsen community by organizing and educating residents and providing supportive services in order to combat social violence, discrimination and poverty."

Erie Neighborhood House includes the words "La Casa Erie" below their logo just in case you accidentally thought it was for American families and states as their mission "empowers Latino and diverse low-income communities to reach their fullest potential" and "Our mission is to promote a just and inclusive society by strengthening low-income, primarily Latino families". Yeah screw the rest of America.

The disturbing part is the media's outright lying in their stories on Padilla. There is no mention of his working with these pro-illegal alien groups, nor the true crime that he committed.

Rosanna Pulido
Rosanna Pulido
ABC news "reporter" Theresa Gutierrez wrote the story after doing an interview with Rosanna Pulido - a Minuteman and former congressional candidate. Pulido passed on this news report after the ABC story that included her interview falsified their report by not mentioning that Rigo Padilla was arrested for drunk driving, but instead reported it was a minor traffic violation. They also refer to Padilla as an "undocumented Chicago resident". All of the ABC claims are refuted by a letter by Padilla to Senator Dick Durbin before illegal alien supporters got a hold of him and white-washed his entire life.

Here's what Theresa Gutierrez said in her "story" on "Rigo" Padilla.

A Chicago college student is about to be deported to Mexico, a country he hasn't seen since he was a young child.


Last January Rigoberto Padilla was arrested for a misdemeanor traffic violation five minutes from his home and taken to Cook County Jail where his public defender reported him to immigration authorities. Padilla is now facing deportation on December 16.

"I did make that one mistake. It was a misdemeanor. I blew a stop sign. I don't want that to determine the rest of my life. I don't want to have my career stopped and not become an attorney," said Padilla.

And pro-illegal groups and politicians are out in force supporting this lawbreaker.

Theresa Gutierrez is no stranger to Hispanic causes and pushing a Hispanic agenda. Her bio at ABC points out all of the awards she has won, including: the Latino Coalition on the Media Triunfo Achievement Award; the Sor Juana Lifetime Award, given by the Mexican Fine Arts Museum; the Woman of the Year Award, from the Indiana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; 2005 Anti-Defamation League's Women of Achievement Award; Hispanic USA Magazine selected Gutierrez as one of six outstanding broadcasters in the country.

Theresa Gutierrez ABC
Theresa Gutierrez
Theresa Gutierrez's English skills could use some work as well. Some of the quotes below are not even written in a meaningful way, though on the video they were quite clear. So much for needing a good education for being a "professional" journalist anymore. Now it's all about lies, propaganda and poor English skills. Apparently Gutierrez simply got ahead because she is Hispanic and a woman, both groups that she has been pandering to over the past 30+ years.
"Stop senseless deportation and enforcement while we wait for immigration reform," said Joshua Hoyt, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

"What is the point? How is this helpful in any way to destroy families, destroy lives and rob ourselves of the talent of the taxes of the work, of the education that these individuals stand to gain?" said U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (D) North Suburbs & Chicago.


"[The DHS Director] has refused to meet, refused to discuss this case. They don't wand to allow us into the building, the building our taxes paid for," said Hoyt.

However, this story is full of lies. With no mention of the DUI at all and a sob story that continued on in Gutierrez's report of falsities. In the video report on Padilla they interview him and he outright lies on camera that he "blew a stop sign". During that portion you can see him wince while saying it. He knows he is lying.

Padilla March
The recent press event included a march down to the DHS office, complete with American flags and 9,000 petitions to end deportation of illegal aliens.

Below is an open letter written by Rigo Padilla to Senator Dick Durbin and published in The Examiner April 8, 2009, wherein he admits it was a drunk driving incident.

In the letter below is where he mentions his affiliations with the pro-illegal alien groups and that his degree is a far cry from becoming an attorney as he claims in the ABC story above. It's lie after lie when it comes to this story.

Padilla also claims that he never knew he was an illegal alien until he was a senior in High School. With all of the lying from this guy, I take this claim by him as also suspect. His affiliation with the pro-illegal groups is not something that happens overnight. As can be read in the "open letter" Padilla has been trained well by the open borders groups. The letter is full of the typical euphemisms for illegal alien. For instance, he uses the term "Undocumented Student" repetitiously to the point of nausea.

Senator Durbin,

... I was never aware of my undocumented status until I was a senior in high school. ... In applying to colleges, the issue of being an undocumented student became a reality and it started to directly affect me. ...

Currently, I attend Harold Washington College and I am about to receive my Associate's Degree in Arts with a Latin American and Latino Emphasis. I have faced the same struggle of undocumented students in trying to continue their higher education. Although undocumented students are granted in-state tuition in Illinois, the cost of tuition has always been a problem.


At Harold Washington College, I have been the President of the Organization of Latin American Students. Also at the same time, I have remained active in the community. Before moving to the southside of Chicago, I was part of the non-for-profit organization, Erie Neighborhood House, in which a volunteered weekly. Currently, I have been volunteering at Casa Aztlan, another non-for-profit organization, which is located in Pilsen.

The purpose for this letter is to ask you to intercede in my deportation proceedings. I was arrested for a DUI without a license and now face deportation. I was transferred to Cook County Jail from the District 8 police station. At Cook County Jail, I was handed over to immigration once I was identified as a citizen of Mexico. I understand that Chicago has been recognized as a sanctuary city, but I feel that my case shows that there is not much enforcement of this law.

The most fascinating thing about all of this is that he was released back onto the streets under his own recognizance and Padilla claims that he has not a single family member in the United States that could sponsor him to stay here in any case. In other words his entire family and family line in the United States is illegal.

He argues that since the DREAM Act has been proposed in congress that he should be able to remain in the United States. It must be nice to be breaking the law in our country and then claim because unpassed legislation has simply been mentioned that you should be allowed to continue to break the law just in case it passes.

I understand that the DREAM ACT is up for consideration in Congress. I ask that because the DREAM ACT has been proposed, that my deportation proceedings be put on hold, if not cancelled.

Padilla then goes onto say that he considers himself American and doesn't identify with being Mexican. He states that he is now being penalized for being a Mexican, not because he is an illegal alien. This his playing of the race card is open and out there. All of this, of course, flies in the face of all of the groups he works with that solely focus on "Latino Pride" and "Latino Power". Padilla is just another of those people trying to play the American card when handy, but whose ultimate goal is the splintering of America by ethnic divisiveness.

I ask that you intercede in the deportation proceedings of other undocumented students that face deportation because they are being penalized for entering the country illegally. This issue is potentially a threat to all undocumented students, in the sense that a traffic stop or any minor offense could lead to being handed over to the custody of ICE. Once again, I urge you to take action in this matter because the Dream Act, which you have taken part in proposing, can potentially be my path and the path for other undocumented students to legalization. I hope that you take this letter into consideration and take action in this matter.


Rigoberto Padilla

So now not only do we have an illegal alien who has been sucking off the system and a group of pro-illegal alien supporters now getting behind Padilla - we have an outright liar in our country who is doing so to save his own rear.

Do we really need the likes of Padilla in this country? We have plenty of people who have already graduated and will not leach off the system that are also probably more skilled and talented than Padilla who are waiting in line to come to this country legally. I would choose one of them over this lying, dollar sucker who is playing the race and sympathy cards.

Padilla needs to go and he needs to go now.

Tipped by: Rosanna Pulido on Facebook

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Posted by Digger on August 28, 2009 01:07 PM (Permalink)

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How does the country benefit from deporting Rigo? It dosn't. Why are people so concerned the status quo of an obviously broken system. Stop making our country less secure, lets document who is here. Let America be America again.

Posted by: NathanArr on August 28, 2009 02:44 PM


I'll tell you how a country benefits from enforcing immigation laws - first in the case of this guy - we get rid of another drunk driver who has no respect for our laws in this country. Second - we don't really need more Latino studies people in America. We need people who want to be Americans and support OUR way of life and embrace it. This guy sounds like a Reconquista who buys into the notion that we stole land from Mexico. Our country does not benefit EVER from the presence of illegal aliens in our country, most of which whom are NOT educated and are about as skilled as a bag of rocks. These kind of people bring nothing valuable to our country. Go ahead and check in Mexico and see if THEY import unskilled and uneducated people into Mexico.

Not to mention, that we would be getting rid of a liar and a parasite who has taken taxpayer dollars for most of his life in this country and given nothing back. I don't see that he plans to give anything back to Americans either. Good riddance. Deport his sorry ass..

Posted by: Ruthiness on August 28, 2009 03:19 PM

This story is outrageous and Nathan Arr obviously does not care about the future of this country. They are called ILLEGAL immigrants because they are here ILLEGALLY. They have broken the laws of this country and, therefore, do not have the right to be here. "Let America be America again." What does that mean? We are a nation of laws. Nathan, you are so ignorant of what is going on this country right now that perhaps you should have your own American citizenship revoked (if indeed you are an American citizen) because of your ignorance.

Posted by: STOPILLEGALIMMIGRATION! on August 29, 2009 12:12 PM

Goodbye ungrateful, parasite Rigoberto Padilla! Once you arrive back in Mexico, perhaps you will appreciate the opportunity you squandered in the U.S. Probably not...

Posted by: Marla on August 29, 2009 01:17 PM

Oh my God! Did you read it? His focus was in LATINO AND LATIN AMERICA studies! Hurry! Tell the people at the farm!!!

Posted by: diggersqualm on August 29, 2009 05:45 PM

Oh NO! Even worse!!!! Latino and Latin America ARTS!!! Call the national guard...do SOMETHING!

Posted by: diggersqualm on August 29, 2009 05:47 PM

We have to stop calling them "undocumented resident" and start calling them "undocumented Democrats."

Posted by: Robert Klein Engler on August 30, 2009 06:05 AM

It could be worse; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee calls illegal aliens "undocumented citizens." I'm sure she supports immigration law, as required by the 14th amendment.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on August 30, 2009 11:31 AM

I just love the comments of the obviously young, indoctrinated non tax payers on here. Padilla is a POG, ungrateful, entitled, anti American whose entire family is apparently here illegally, ripping off taxpayers at a cost of approximately $10k per illegal per year. Round them ALL up and head them out to their country of origin. You hypocrites feel free to take every illegal into your homes, support, feed, clothe, educate and medicate them to your bleeding heart's content, but don't ever demand that the rest of us do so.

Posted by: ThisAmerican on August 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Nathan, let me tell you how the country benefits. By sending a message to potential illegal aliens that America protects it's borders (unlike now, as even you have called our system "broken."). By not giving even the slightest encouragement, we may be able to reduce the millions of Spanish speaking illegal aliens who are having a substantial negative impact on our language and culture.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on August 31, 2009 12:02 PM

"because they are being penalized for entering the country illegally."

Appears that Rigoberto's liberal education has been a major FAIL, or he would have learned that we expect illegal actions to be penalized.

"This issue is potentially a threat to all undocumented students"

That's why we write laws dingbat, so that people will understand the responsibilities they owe one another if they wish to participate in society. So they will know that bad decisions DO have consequences. Can't pay the price? Then don't do the crimes. Padilla is just another two-bit racist illegal alien hustler who wants to 'blame the system' for his DUI and his thievery. He can call it a 'threat' if he likes, but I call it a promise. A promise from our government to all of the People that they will be protected from criminals.

Deport him NOW. Maybe Mexico has a need for one more activist lawyer, maybe Elvira has a spare bedroom for rent in Tijuana. Don't care. Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish.

ThisAmerican at August 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Posted by: Nikita on August 31, 2009 01:47 PM

Deport this clown, it's obvious he does not want to be a good American citizen. We don't need another illegal activist in the country.

Posted by: Earl on September 1, 2009 02:33 PM

Deport his sorry ass. how the heck did he get the "people" to pay for his college education? this is called insanity! we don't need more illegal aliens and that is what he is!

Posted by: dan on September 1, 2009 03:18 PM

Wow. These comments really shock me. Don't any of you people know the meaning of this beautiful country. We are supposed to be known for our diversity.
First of all no human should be called an Alien. Secondly, i dont think this boy's life should be thrown away in a country he knows nothing about just because of one mistake. Don't we all make mistakes, and learn from them?
Obviously some of you are ignorant for you racist comments. If we get rid of all the Immigrants here who is going to do all the "dirty work"that they do? I'm pretty sure no one would like to work at their harshly paid jobs. Them being here isn't doing anything bad. They pay their taxes just like every other American so don't they deserve to live here legally?

Posted by: Christopher on November 14, 2009 04:42 PM


Posted by: Christopher on November 14, 2009 04:46 PM

who dosen't make mistakes when they are young? That's why even in our law system, there is a thing called supervision! One mistake that Rigo makes, his life is over. How could all of you not willing to give him a chance? What if this happen to your own child? Don't you deep down in your heart wish someone in charge will take a look at all the good things your child has done, and give him a chance? Rigo relized his status in the states is making his future defficult, so he wants to make a diffence in his community. Why can't you put yourself in his shoes and learn to forgive. What you so called illegal immigrants who use our tax payer's money go to our school system, most of them are cleaning after all the tax payer you talked about. They are doing the dirtiest job in this country of freedom rather than standing around the street corner begging for money like 2 millions of homeless people in the u. s. That's not enough for you. You would rather depart some 21 years old to a country he has not been since he was 6, who has no close family or friends. I guess it just makes you happy to see someone else is suffering. What a pity!

Posted by: Ya Ya on November 15, 2009 02:44 AM

um...tsk..tsk...for all these people.

Before you speaking you should inform yourselves about what illegal immigrants go through..

They pay taxes as all of us. and get nothing in return. So I do not know why people complain about illegal immigrants coming in to the United states and being complete "parasites" when they work twice as hard as we do. I am saying most of them do, I must adimt some of them do not work. We have to acknowledge that without "illgal immigrants" our economy would crash...

There is people who are American citizens who are on walfare and are complete parasites. Why dont we look at that first and then we talk....

Posted by: Cookie on November 19, 2009 11:08 AM

It is crazy to see so many people criticize a person who was doing something with his life. Yet, when it comes to rednecks, who get DUI's like its going out of style, people think its funny or they are just a good ole boys havin fun. These rednecks are also ones who live off taxpayers money by going on welfare to pay for more beer. Undocumented people at least work for a living. Sometimes more than one job to better there lives. They work jobs that are too HARD for some Americans and rednecks.

Posted by: Claudius on December 2, 2009 06:35 PM

Wow, you're such a sad and angry human being. What's even more sad is how many of you there are -- just putting all of your negative energy into destroying the lives of people who are much more constructive than yourselves. I'm not saying a DUI is no big deal, but I think you and your right-wing zealots need to take some anger-management counseling, learn how the least of us live, get educated on why people come to this country in the first place and just mind your own damned business for a change.

Posted by: davey crocket on December 3, 2009 02:20 PM

You idiots, undocumented immigrants ARE tax payers. They pay the same taxes you do but don't have the same access to social services because of their undocumented status.

America is supposed to be about embracing diversity, and his Latino studies degree is just as American as any other degree at our STATE University. His community activism and service is the epitome of American values. Pull your heads out of your hateful asses and realize that this young man is an asset to our country.

And please, stop with the made up overgeneralizing statistics. Unodocumented immigrant men are employed at a higher rate than men who are documented, and these people are among the boldest and brightest. We could take a page from their book.

Posted by: Gucci on December 4, 2009 06:38 PM

I'd like to add that Rigo has been paying for school out if his own pocket. He has no financial aid and he pays his taxes. He was driving only a couple of blocks to his home and was stopped by the police for running a light. Any documented person would have gotten away with a slap on the wrist or perhaps a misdemeanor. Rigo is a bright young man with high ambitions who is working towards his goals despite of the obstacles documented students do not face. If you balance the pros and cons of this situation you would see that everything he has contributed to society, his community, and his goals for the future outweigh his misdemeanor, and his legal status by a landslide. We must not forget that he is a human being. He could be your son, your brother, your lover, your best friend. He hurts and thinks as you do. If you wouldn't do this to someone you know and care about, why would you do it to him? He is only 21! He is a kid for crying out loud! Would you be just as willing to say these nasty things about him if he were 12 years old?!

Posted by: Sky on December 5, 2009 02:34 PM

For the record, Mr. Padilla was arrested for a DUI, as he himself says in his letter to Sen. Durbin. I have little sympathy for people who get DUIs while driving without a license, but it seems absurd to deport someone who was brought to this country at the age of six. I don't care if he "knew" he was an illegal alien or not, because I doubt most six year-olds really grasp the basics of international law. The US grants American citizenship automatically to anyone born here; it seems unreasonable to treat someone brought here as a kindergartner in the same way we would treat a 30 year-old illegal alien caught with opium. What exactly should Mr. Padilla have done? Turned in his parents when he was 10, and figured out that he was here illegally? Voluntarily deported himself from the country he'd lived almost all of his life in when he turned 18? The immigration crime is the burden of Mr. Padilla's parents; he should have two deal with the DUI to the full extent of the law, but not that.

Finally, two thoughts:

1) To the left wing: "illegal alien" is not a pejorative term. It is a legal one, and accurate. Euphemisms like "undocumented workers" (or the laughable "undocumented citizens") sound nicer, but obviously and painfully elide a question that law-and-order Americans find central: they describe people who entered the country illegally. Concentrating on the fact that most are hard workers eager to share in the American dream and get ahead, pay taxes, use few services, and are pro-family is a much more effective tactic. "Undocumented citizens" just pisses people off.

2) Digger's use of the phrase "pro-illegal alien" in conjunction with "Latino," however, is just ignorant. The word "Latino" is generally used to refer to people whose origins are in Central and South America (Mexicans, Colombians, etc.). Use of the term is no different than saying that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is "Italian." It is emphatically NOT anti-American to be proud of where you came from (try telling Irish Americans in Chicago that it is, but only if you're prepared to lose all your teeth). Every single American comes, more or less recently, from a family of immigrants, a fact often forgotten in these debates. Personally, I think that it's a little narcissistic for Latino students to major in Latino studies, but a lot of Italian students are Italian American, a lot of students taking Polish have Polish origins, and so on. They are all Americans, and entitled to explore their heritage if they choose. Is Aztlán super-liberal on immigration issues? I'm sure. Is it wrong to take pride in being a Latino? No way! Should we deport people who came here as six year-olds? Nope. If you want to convince people of the peril and terror of illegal immigration, find a better example.

Posted by: Rob on December 6, 2009 05:21 PM

some of the comment here sicken me.i cant belive people would say things like that, just because he does not have legal documents it means that he is a parasite to the country.he is just a person who is a very succesfull students and just want te live the american dream. He should have the right to stay.
and one more thing, racist people is another name for uneducated people.

Posted by: joseph on December 8, 2009 12:57 AM

I don't think he should be deported, the kid has nowhere to go. He has worked hard and been able to get a college education. That alone is a great accomplishment.

What sickens me the most is how people claim that being latino can help you get benefits. FUCK i should be rich by now if that was the case.

If your are white you have privilege
if you are not then you are gonna have a hard time getting through.

How many of you would want to be black? How many of you seriously think that you could get into better colleges? Better Jobs?

Wake up people!

Posted by: Silver on December 8, 2009 06:39 PM

The country DOES NOT benefit from deporting any kind of pple...deporting laborers will just create a deeper hole in the economy, since LAZY AMERICANS dont want the jobs they leave. Just remember how many california plantations gone broke since they had nobady to pick the vegetales..deporting graduate students will have a shortage of professionals in the future since Americans dont prefer playing their faancy video game consoles than actually studying.

Posted by: SS on December 19, 2009 06:55 PM

How would you feel if you were deported to europe somewhere where your parents are from and you've never been there? I'm sure its easier to judge than to understand. The reality us this: by 2060 our minorities will become the majority. Wake up people because whether you want to admit it or not, undocumented immigrants are going to stay and become the future of America, founding by just that: immigrants.

Posted by: anonymous on March 10, 2010 09:34 PM

Illegal aliens deportation has been an issue way back in time. This is an ordinary case that needs to be addressed to the higher sector of the government. We have to be aware that this issue doesn't reflect the small portion of America but its majority. I do hope this can come to an end.

Posted by: Jeffrey on August 17, 2011 10:59 AM

Hey digger why do you hate illegal's did you catch one boning your wife,mother or sister it sure seems like that Get a life BIATCH

Posted by: Mis Pelotas Me Chupas on October 16, 2011 10:27 PM

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