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Southern Poverty Law Center - A Danger To America, Must Be Destroyed

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the most despicable organizations currently in the United States. They have openly slandered, libeled and deemed racist any group that is against their views and opinions. One such incident occurred a few years back when some older ladies founded a group in Pennsylvania opposed to illegal immigration. These two gentle and loving grandmotherly types were listed by the SPLC immediately as a hate group, right along side the likes of the KKK and Aryan Nation groups. The SPLC later recanted their slander against these two women after public outrage, but it just shows their tactics to shut down any dissenting view to their amnesty for illegal alien views.

William Gheen of ALIPAC has now called for the open dissolution and political destruction of the SPLC by Americans due to their attacks on the basic rights of Americans to free speech and to peaceably assemble. I call on all lawyers out there to fill the SPLC's upcoming calendar with court dates defending their slanderous, libelous and hate actions against everyday Americans. They need to be challenged, defeated and shut down!


A once revered civil rights group named the Southern Poverty Law Center has now become a threat to the freedoms and security of American citizens due to their repeated attacks on all First Amendment rights and their utter debasement of the political process.

Due to the severity of the consequences of the SPLC's actions on our nation, their well funded and organized repeated attacks on American freedoms of speech, the press, the right to peaceably assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances, let us as Americans of every race and creed unify in our calls for the dissolution and complete political destruction of the Southern Poverty Law Center...

While in the past the SPLC has targeted "hate groups" or groups deemed racist and potentially violent, such as the KKK and Neo Nazi groups, the SPLC has recently used their reputation for righting these groups to go after moderate and mainstream Americans, journalists, and show hosts and anchors in an attempt to suppress free speech.

Read the rest of the article by Gheen where he goes into their attacks on Lou Dobbs to shut him down. The latest from the SPLC... a press release from the president Richard Cohen trying to tie Dobbs to James Von Brunn who attacked the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

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Posted by Digger on July 30, 2009 03:11 PM (Permalink)

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Amen!! :)

Posted by: laura on July 30, 2009 10:21 PM

Sigh, they will just regroup into another organization. I believe Morris Dees is behind this organization. And Digger is right, they have gone American citizens who want the law enforced, calling US the radicals.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on July 31, 2009 09:43 AM

The SPLC is a jew run organization. When will you get that fact? The jews are the #1 driving force behind multiculturalism, PC, and open borders.

But you're too much of a pussy whipped PC drone to realize that. You keep licking the jews' boots and defending them as they spit on you. Wake up.

Posted by: Jim Miller on August 2, 2009 06:16 PM

SPLC Director Morris Dees is a Communist Jew !

Malcolm X 1964 :
"The Jew uses the negro to deflect white Christian
hatred directed at the Jew."

Malcolm X 2009 might say :
"The Jew uses the illegal aliens......"
See a pattern ?

Jim Miller is right - Jews(ADL) are behind illegal alien
immigration, multiculturalism, Hate Crimes, and all that Diversity & Tolerance bullshit!

Posted by: Malcolm X Lives 2009 ! ! ! on August 3, 2009 05:38 PM

Finally, Gheen gets something right. For a change Gheen is on the side of White Americans and not his own exclusively. But do you think he'll put anything out there, beside his statements?

The SPLC and the ADL are criminal jewish organizations. They are hell-bent on the destruction on our culture and communities.

They are a TOTALLY anti-White apparatus. You do not even have to be targeted as 'racist' to feel their impact. They "own" the education of law enforcement with regards to 'racism'. Check out their literature, there are only groups in their literature that the jews consider threats.

We are the biggest threat to their world wide agenda, that is why we are the first target for elimination. They have the police and the government in their pockets.

They, like all others of their ilk are inherently corrupt and evil.

Posted by: frankie on August 6, 2009 09:30 AM

THis is UN-American. This comments area sounds like the white-power forums that William Gheen of ALPICA routinely posts on. (Google it.) It's NOT the jews everywhere. Digger you should be ashamed of supporting such hate mongers.
Can't work it out? Do I have to figure this out for you ? WOW...
By your NOT condemning their anti-hebrew or anti-semetic comments on this guestbook, Digger and his friends are supporting Jewish hate mongers.
Is that so hard?
Those who don't take a stand on this, their silence is construed as acceptance. Is this just over your head or what?
But, prudent people won't buy this anti-semetism, Digger. My comments stand strong, too bad yours didn't when given a chance to take a stand. Obama-Digger, hypocrisy anyone? I can't see how anti-semitism is such a hard issue to take a stand on. It's UN-American. WOW....somehow i can smell the fiery cross & gasoline when i read this type of low-life comments here. Digger you should be so proud of yours buddies in white sheets ! Shoddy Americans....

Posted by: Anti-Semitism AGAIN, sheesh ??? on August 8, 2009 03:48 PM

By your NOT condemning their anti-hebrew or anti-semetic comments on this guestbook, Digger and his friends are supporting Jewish hate mongers. Is that so hard?

I suppose I hate myself then too since I allow comments that call me a racist. As a matter of fact your comment points out that I allow views from all sides to appear even when I don't agree with them. If I was truly anti-semetic I would have deleted your comment that calls me a racist and anti-semite. Use your brain for once.

I have nothing against the Jews and have pointed out many times that it is the Jewish groups (like the ADL) that need to be crushed, not the Jewish people. Just as I have said that racist groups like La Raza need to be done away with and I don't hate Hispanics. Groups like the NAACP need to be ended, not the black people. Groups like the KKK should go away, not the whites.

It is the racist groups like those above that need to be destroyed as they are the ultimate in anti-Americanism that is trying to destroy this country from within. Yet, I am the racist for calling on the end to groups based around race and ethnicity to benefit only those of their kind at the expense of the other citizens of this country.

Your comments are ridiculous.

Posted by: Digger on August 11, 2009 03:59 PM

I am Black, I agree who the hell do this people think they are. FINALLY AMERICA IS WAKING UP, WE MAY BE ABLE TO SAVE HER FROM USURPERS AFTER ALL.





Posted by: marlene on August 12, 2009 09:29 AM

Brilliant!!!! I see others here are Naming the JEW! It's Die Judenraus, Danny, It's Die Judenraus - and it's ALL about Race. Judaism is a "religion" of race, bloodlines, and self-worship.

Get rid of all of the Octopus.The Fed is their vampire heart. The "Fed - the JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW counterfieting scam is the source of their power. The ADL, the SPLC , AIPAC - all are one. It's called ZOG.

Zionist Occupied Government

Noachide is the Rule of the Land,

NAME THE JEW. The DEVIL JEW. John 8:44 Dannyboy.

And start telling the truth about WHY you left CA, Danny. You left to flee the Mestizo invasion. You left cause you didn't want your White @ss to drown in the Mud. Race is Nation, Nation IS Race. STOP LYING. YOU are complicit in the murder of this Nation when you tell the LIES of ZOG, Danny.

Posted by: Ciaran on August 25, 2009 10:30 AM

Finally you cret6in, STOP insulting Racially Aware and WIDE AWAKE White in the Klan, and Aryan Nations, and EVERY OTHER front line White groups. THEY the the boots on the ground. THEY are the ones that have been telling the TRUTH for years. THEY are the ones that have put their bodies and lives on the front lines, all along, to save thier Race.

Are they crude? Are they violent? Have they done really stupid things?


The so-called "decent" Whites abandoned THEM decades ago, in order to pander to and flatter every non-White savage that wandered into America's Sacred Shores, at the behest of the Kikenvermin. The "decent White WRACE TRAITORS are more responsible for the state of affairs in this Nation than ANY-ONE. They follow the false doctrine of "diversity" and "tolerance" implanted by the Devil Jew. THEY are dripping with the blood of countless murdered Whites. And they are too ingnorant and arrogant to even know it.

ALL for ZOG. Race Traitor Whites are monstrous, dangerous fools.

The White Nationalist groups are the only ones that have ever tried to sound the warned, and save Whites.

In the end - THEY are the ones that all the cowardly lying toads like YOU, Danny Boy, will be running to, begging for help, and salvation. So stop LYING and slandering THEM, you little lying B!TCH. Your perfidiy and cowardice has been duly noted.

Posted by: Ciaran on August 25, 2009 10:42 AM

To all you Whining Yids - if the yarmulke fits!

You SOB's are the WORST Anti-Semites in the world. You been murdering real Semites- ARABS - PALESTINIANS - at worse rates than your murdered MILLIONS of White Christians, in the 20th Century.

Most of you are Khazar. Turcic. So SHOVE your crap "anti-Semitism". Total BS. The trick is losing it's power to fool any-one, anymore. If you want to end the CENTURIES of RIGHTEOUS JUSTIFIED hatred towards Jews - then END your MILLENIAL BLOODLUST against ALL OTHERS. DESTROY THE TALMUD.

Stop worshipping Lucifer. YOUR God.

The Talmud is the Sataic Bible. Themost evil thing on Earth. The policies your follow lead you to your continued ruination. LOOK at yourselves.

It's YOU. Yor hatred and evil against every-one else is what CAUSES all your woes. It's you.

Jews don't get persecuted - they get CAUGHT.

It's YOU.

Posted by: Ciaran on August 25, 2009 10:54 AM

In the end - THEY are the ones that all the cowardly lying toads like YOU, Danny Boy, will be running to, begging for help, and salvation. So stop LYING and slandering THEM, you little lying B!TCH. Your perfidiy and cowardice has been duly noted.

Hehe and people like that "Anti-Semitism" commenter above claim that I'm the hater.

Posted by: Digger on August 27, 2009 12:44 AM

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