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Tucson Medical Center Selling Birthright Citizenship To Mexican Women

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Tucson Medical Center in Arizona is selling package birth deals for $2,300 to affluent Mexican women who want their children to be born in the United States. Hospitals across this country routinely deliver babies to illegal alien women and under the current twisted view of the 14th Amendment, that was added to give citizenship to slaves born in the United States, these babeis are being given US citizenship.

This is generally known as an "Anchor Baby" and it allows this child and the family to qualify for thousands of dollars in US Taxpayers funds and services. It also gives the family the "woe is me" defense when they are caught illegally in the country and face deportation. They use their child as a shield.

But there's a catch to the "woe is me" defense in the case of Mexican illegal aliens that is not noted often enough.

By virtue of the laws of Mexico any child born to Mexican parents - even in a foreign country - that child is also granted Mexican citizenship. So by having a baby in the United States, that baby is thus granted dual citizenship for the United States and Mexico. Which torpedoes the argument when illegal aliens are deported that their children are United States Citizens and therefore should not be deported. The fact is that they are also Mexican Citizens and in the end it is therefore not cruel to send them home with their parents to a country they are a citizen of.

It is quite literally a disgusting practice, this birthright tourism, and it is being allowed to continue as long as our so-called leaders do not address the birthright citizenship issue.

However in the Tucson Medical Center case I believe they are breaking federal law. They are actively promoting and encouraging foreign women who are pregnant to come to our country and have a baby so that it will be a US Citizen. They are selling US Citizenship. All so that they can make a buck... and at US taxpayer expense.

Arizona Star

... marketing materials leave out a key draw in the arrangement: U.S. citizenship for the newborn.

Expectant mothers can either schedule a Caesarean section or arrive a few weeks before their due dates to give birth at TMC. It is one of 13 packages aimed at Mexican families, some of which include a stay at a local resort and shopping excursion.

TMC's maternity package costs $2,300 for a vaginal birth with a two-day stay and $4,600 for a Caesarean section and a four-day stay, assuming no complications. That includes exams for the newborn and a massage for the new mother. There is a $500 surcharge per additional child.

And the sickest thing is that this is outright stated as fact by the Mexican Consulate in Tucson and nobody in Washington DC or Arizona is doing anything about it.

The Mexican consul general in Tucson said parents naturally want to give their children every advantage and securing U.S. citizenship is something a small percentage of Mexican families can afford.

"This is not a new phenomena," said Juan Manuel Calderón Jaimes, who says he's seen the practice for almost 30 years. "Many families of means in Sonora send their wives here to give birth because they have the resources to pay for the services."

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Posted by Digger on June 23, 2009 12:20 AM (Permalink)

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Children of illegals should go with their families when the parents are deported. After all, we don't want to be acused of "separating families."

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on June 24, 2009 07:24 PM

I am doing research for my college on immigration. I was born and raised in California although I reside in Alabama now. I agree that changes need to made on immigration, however I am half Mexican and damn proud and half American. My mother was born in New York and my father was born in California. I was married for 16 years to an illegal Mexican, (now divorecd) My children DO NOT have citizenship to both countries!! And why is it your wack web site only picks on Mexicans? What about all the other illegals? It's not my fault a Mexican will work their ass off at a crappy job that a white man thinks is beneath him.But bitches when he says he can't find a job!! My aunt works for DHR (the welfare dept) in my city, there are 3% of Mexican's on assitance while 63% of spam sucking trailer trash is getting assitance!! I work and go to school and can't even obtain any assitance, but if I am a lazy ass with a million snot nosed kids, I get money, food and medical..Maybe you should bitch at the hospital's for your so called allegations.Oh and last time I checked Mexico was robbed of the soil in which you call Arizona, California and Texas.Funny the U.S was not complaining when over 8000 illegal Mexican troops came willingly and fought and died with the U.S against the French on what (we) know as Cinco De Mayo..No idiots, it is NOT our day of independence, that is in September. Not to mention how the illegal Mexican's fought and died in Desert Storm!!! Do some research, I see how uneducated you and your click are...One pissed off Chicana!! Pinche' gringo's..

Posted by: Ms. Lopez on August 7, 2009 10:57 AM

Funny thing that...People always seem to forget that California, Nevada, and Utah (and the states south of those) were given to the US by the Mexican government in 1848 and the southern end of Arizona (up to about where Tucson lies) was purchased from Mexico a few years later. I can maybe give you Texas, since they fought for and gained their independance from Mexico (also in the mid 1800's). I don't know about you, but to me the "Mexico was robbed" argument doesn't seem to have a leg to stand on any more...

Posted by: Alden on October 30, 2009 05:38 PM

I believe that obama should give illegal immigrants from Mexico their citizenship and rights in America. i believe that the reason for violence in Mexico is because they are less likely to have a job and they have nothing better to do. In America they will be able to work and they will probably make more products than any other continent if they are allowed to be in America. I sure do want obama to give illegal immigrants their citizenship in America

Posted by: ms ruiz on March 1, 2010 12:42 PM

Mr Lopez stated, "I see how uneducated you and your click are," It's clique so who's uneducated? Also, two of my white sons-in-law would love to have one of the jobs they compete against illegals for in landscaping, roofing, construction, janitorial, etc. They wouldn't have to support their children by scavenging for recyclables. They wouldn't have to rely on food stamps. Trailer trash??? I proudly raised four daughters in a trailer and none of us are trash! The United States stole Mexico? Check your facts again. Illegals fought in Desert Storm? How did they prove their legality to do so? Lastly, while this website may single out illegals from Mexico, I don't care what country you're from, whether it's Norway, China, Vietnam, Wales, Ireland, wherever, you have no right to be here if you're not here legally. My ancestors came here legally and I'm damn proud of that! They cared enough for their descendants to not want them to ever have to defend their citizenship! 982630

Posted by: R Yarbrough on February 14, 2011 09:57 PM

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