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A Profile In Dividing America: Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk

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Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk is a delegate from Prince George's County Maryland who recently voted in favor of driver's licenses for illegal aliens in the Maryland House. She said the following after admitting that it was an amnesty "[voting for the bill] means you have a heart, you take care of those 200-and-something-thousand people so they can continue to have a life and continue to get to their job.” As I was putting that report together I delved a little into Mrs. Pena-Melnyk to discover a little more on why she would be voting in favor of the bill.

Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk
Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk
Let's take a look at Joseline Pena-Melnyk and see what she has done to understand where she is coming from. For instance she is a member of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland and Women Legislators of Maryland. Caucuses that are based on race and gender - and not on issues - are outright racist and sexist. They are calling for benefits for only their race or gender and should be outlawed. The funny thing is that members of these "caucuses" - read extortionist gangs - will be the first to call for "equality for all" - except of course when it comes to their race or sex. Just imagine a Men's Caucus or a White Caucus. Yet these people continue to get away with it, including Joseline Pena-Melnyk.

She has been on the Board of Directors of Casa de Maryland, the pro-illegal alien group. For some reason on her delegates page though it shows her as just a "former member" of Casa de Maryland. I particularly like this description of Pena-Melnyk's qualifications for running for her house seat in Maryland.


Her qualifications were excellent: In addition to being an attorney and an experienced City Council member, she spoke Spanish in a district that has a growing number of Hispanic immigrants and she had close ties with the community, having served on the board of directors for Casa de Maryland, a nonprofit social services organization.

Wow, go figure, a common language in her community got her to where she is.

But the really telling thing - other than the fact that she is a former member of Casa de Maryland - is that she sponsored the bill that formed the Task Force on the Preservation of Heritage Language Skills in Maryland. A task force that she sits on of course. "What pray tell is their goal?" you may ask (then again you may not use "pray tell", but something along the lines of "WTF is that?!?") Well here's a little ditty from their mission - ask yourself if this taskforce's goals are a unified America moving forward into the future as one. Also ask yourself if the founding fathers of our country meant for government to be spending money and involved in stuff such as this.

... to investigate current language preservation efforts and to develop new strategies in preserving world language skills in our State. To our knowledge, this is the first state-sponsored task force on heritage languages in the United States.

Maryland is home to an unusually diverse and well-educated immigrant population. Newcomers recognize the preeminent importance of mastering English, and many also strive to maintain their heritage languages, speaking them at home and hoping their children will become fluently bilingual. Heritage language speakers represent a vital resource to our commercial, educational, and cultural communities. In order to maintain America’s competitive edge in such vital sectors as trade and national security, it is critical that we provide for the preservation of our heritage languages, while assuring that our new Marylanders have ample access to effective English language programs.

My whole question to the above statement is: Why?

Why is this not something a private group is doing and why are Marylanders being forced to pay for foreigners remembering their native language? It's utterly ridiculous!

Yes, those who are in favor of illegal alien driver's licenses are also pouring money and time into making sure that they also remain speaking their own languages and that other immigrants do as well. They make it sound as if their goals are to preserve foreign languages as if they are rapidly disappearing in this country. I've traveled widely and I can assure you that that is not the case in the United States. You can't throw a stone in this country without hearing some foreign language.

Why these same people aren't for integrating immigrants into American society is beyond me - oh wait it's not beyond me! They do it for votes, power and money. Divisiveness makes these lawmakers relevant. Without divided Americans along racial lines these people would have to crawl back under their slimy rocks they came out from under.

No longer are these people they describe being called children of immigrants, they are now being called "Heritage Language Speakers". And in doing so another politically correct and divisive group has been formed and now I'm sure they will be looking for taxpayer funds to support them. I can see a "heritage language speaker scholarship" right around the corner. Here is how they exactly define "Heritage Language Speakers" in their Jan 2009 report (1MB PDF).

Maryland’s heritage language speakers are descendants of immigrants and raised in homes in which foreign languages are spoken.

And the goals of the task force are of a national and international bent, not just in the state of Maryland. Here are their stated goals:

  • Study methods of advancing and preserving heritage language skills in Maryland;

  • Consult with educators and other experts in the field of world language training and development;

  • Review and identify the best practices of heritage language programs that are being or will be conducted by government, schools, community groups, religious groups, and ethnics groups in the State, across the U.S., and internationally;

  • Compile data on the number of actual and potential heritage language speakers in Maryland;

  • Develop a process to identify priority heritage languages that is flexible enough to meet current and future national security and international business requirements;

  • Consider new, cost-effective, and innovative ways to encourage and facilitate heritage language learning while also encouraging new citizens of the U.S. to learn and master English;

  • Recommend actions and programs that ensure maximum preservation of heritage language skills and identify measures of success for each.

So what we have above is their stated goals to study methods of not just preserving, but actively advancing foreign languages in Maryland. Note that they don't use the word foreign anywhere. They state that they will be working with national and international groups to push these "heritage languages" in Maryland. They are trying to make this look as if it is American to reject English and promote your own native language. And hey, if you pick up a little English along the way good for you!

The most humorous goal stated above is that they will try to compute the number of "potential heritage language speakers". As noted above they define heritage speakers as those who grew up in foreign language dominated homes. So how someone could "potentially" be a kid of an immigrant who only spoke a foreign language in the home is beyond me.

The reality is that there should be no government task forces regarding language unless it is regarding how to get more immigrants to voluntarily learn English on their own (not at taxpayer expense). They want these people to remain speaking their home languages and hoping their children can pick up enough English to get by - at least until English is gone as a "heritage language". Oh and a nice touch by throwing the words "trade" and "national security" in there in order to cover up your divisive goals in our country. They laughably threw in "national security" as if they care about our national security and America. Obviously not because they are trying hard to destroy what America is.

People like Joseline Pena-Melnyk are continuing to be the force that will destroy this country as it balkanizes and fragments into hundreds of diverse societies that cannot relate to one another and cannot even speak to one another. At some point the line will be crossed where these groups attempt succession. And of course when that happens people like Pena-Melnyk won't be found and probably won't even feel bad for the millions upon millions they claimed to be helping being killed in bloody conflict.

For that is what Pena-Melnyk is pushing for and can be the only result of forcing segregation into pockets of areas that have a near 100% totally foreign culture. Balkanization has never worked in a peaceful way and it won't work in America either.

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