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Montgomery County MD MS-13 And Latin Kings Gang Violence Up Dramatically

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Police Chief Manger Receives Award from the Illegal Alien Community

In my old stomping grounds of Aspen Hill, MD - about a block from where I used to live - a gang banger was stabbed after he encountered other gang members and they exchanged signs. Apparently his was the wrong sign and he's now in "extremely grave condition". Call me callous, but if he's a gang member I'm not wishing him well.

It has gotten so bad that back in November an MS-13 gang member, Hector Mauricio Hernandez, shot up a bus in the community killing a 14-year-old honor student and wounding another 14 and 15-year-old. The three wounded were not in a gang and Hernandez shot indiscriminately into the rear of the bus.

At a recent press conference the Police Chief, J. Thomas Manger (seen above receiving an award from the illegal alien community), sounded like a freakin' idiot stating that the gangs are targeting each other because they have a "mutual hatred". Wow really? This guy must be a brainiac.

The real cause of the increase is that Chief Manger and county officials have made Montgomery a "sanctuary county" over decades. Illegal aliens join gangs roam free among the citizens threatening, attacking and generally causing mayhem. And in interviews officials and Chief Manger sound like they aren't really concerned about it.

In the most intelligent quote in the article below, Brad Botwin founder of Help Save Maryland said this regarding the increasing gang violence.

“What a shock, I’m falling out of my chair”

I laughed and laughed, because apparently Botwin is the only one that can truly see what is occurring while the leaders in Montgomery County keep playing games with the issues of gangs like MS-13 and illegal immigration. When questioned on what the police were going to do about gangs Chief Manger declined to comment saying it was too confidential for public discussion. Well judging by his past record his solution is probably along the lines of "dodge and move" whenever questioned about it and avoid actually do anything worthwhile.

I mean after all bleeding hearts may call him a racist for cracking down on gang bangers who happen to be Hispanic. In their eyes it is OK for people to be violent, threaten and kill people as long as they are Hispanic. To these racists, posing as bleeding hearts, being Hispanic instantly means you have family values and a unique culture that is superior. You are a "protected class". Also according to these "bleeding hearts" Hispanics are just too stupid to do anything right and therefore should be given a pass on everything wrong they do - even if that includes murder and violence.

Washington Examiner

Botwin said Manger and the county’s elected officials had made the county so inviting to illegal immigrants that it was an attractive place for violent gang members as well.


Manger said he didn’t know how many Hispanic gang members were illegal immigrants

Does it matter if gang members are illegal aliens or if illegal aliens are gang members? Does it matter if a gang member commits a violent crime or not? Apparently so according to Manger. As for most other thinking people being an illegal alien is a crime. Being a gang member is a crime. The "violent" portion is irrelevant.

Manger said the larger Hispanic gangs “are all over the county,” but the majority of gang activity occurs in Wheaton and Silver Spring.

There are about 40 active gangs in Montgomery County with 1,150 members, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Good to see the police chief is doing his job... doing his job in favor of the gangs and the criminal element in the community, not for the law abiding working people.

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Posted by Digger on March 23, 2009 01:06 PM (Permalink)

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And Progress by Pesach and the AJC, and George Soros, and every other Jewish group, want totally Open Borders. Because of the Holohoax.

Posted by: Ciaran on March 24, 2009 10:14 AM

Unfortunately, being in a gang is NOT illegal. However recruiting for a gang may be depending on the state. Especially if the target is under 18. You cannot be arrested for being in or suspected of being in a gang. Sure, you can be brought in for questioning and they can "register" you as a gang member; all of which border on civil rights violations, but HEY! this is America....anything for a fale sense of security.

On that premise, being a Guardian Angel is just as criminal as being a Crip. In my opinion it should be, but that is another story.

Posted by: Frank Falzone on March 24, 2009 11:44 AM

Here in PA Gov. Ed Jewdell wants a sanctuary state. Also, he loves to march with Faggots in every Gay Pride Parade. Typical pervert loving Liberal Jew.

Posted by: Mexican Flag Burner on March 24, 2009 06:36 PM

yea and the main problem is that New Yorker Jesus Mercado bringing the Vampires in Maryland he leads the Vampires they are dangerous we don"t know who these guys are they are not Bloods or Crips they are some kind of New York thing but i will say this he is well connected to a lot of whats going on we need to stop him

Posted by: Jermaine Palmer on May 27, 2009 07:51 PM


By: Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

As a Cherokee Native American Activist and a former member of the Richmond California Violence Prevention Movement, I have seen close to 515 homicides in the City of Richmond from 2001 to the present.

The declaration of a 'war on violence' by the Richmond city government was not the panacea, instead it failed miserably.

I have often stated in town hall meetings and on television, the best way to win the 'war on violence' in Richmond is to 'TEACH THE VALUES OF PEACE'.

In the killing fields of Richmond, most of the victims of homicides are youth or young adults. Teaching the values of peace begins with our youth and young adults. From a Native perspective, winning the war on violence begins in the home with a strong, spiritual belief and value system.

We believe that Creator made all generations, past, present and those of the future, holy people. This is what our Elders teach us from the time we are born.

Our families and Elders teach our young people that they must tear away the images and stereotypes that mainstream society has placed upon them as Native peoples.

Violence and killing is not traditional in Native culture, it is a learned behavior from mainstream society.

We teach our youths not to attack, punish or beat themselves up for crimes that they have never committed in regards to racism. Our Elders and families teach our young people to have good self-esteem, self-worth and self-value, for as the original holy people this was Creators plan.

Native people know that it is both family and community responsibility to teach the values of peace to our young people.

We teach our young people honesty and accountability concerning violence. It begins with accepting responsibility for self and acknowledging any past use of violence.

Admitting any wrongdoing, communicating openly and truthfully to renounce the use of violence in the future places our youth on the right path. We place a heavy emphasis that all life is sacred.

The final lesson in teaching the values of peace is quite simple. It is helping young people understand their relationship to others and all things in Creation.

Be responsible for your role, act with compassion and respect, and remember ALL LIFE IS SACRED. Native culture is prevention!

Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

Posted by: Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney on August 3, 2009 10:47 AM

It's legal to be a gang member. Only large corporate-style organized crime groups are affected under the RICO act, smaller crews and sets are mostly independent.

Posted by: Christopher on March 26, 2010 11:25 AM

damn this shit is full of crap 3s3 u f33l m3 chal3z i b33n i th3 M.S 13 since i waz 12 yrs old but ieen tryna get out of it but since ure in u cant get out

Posted by: angel on April 5, 2010 05:12 PM

F**K MS-13, I'm ALKQN for life MS are nothing but a buch of Rapists and Killers they have no reason in life they are some shit...

And yes the f**king Meirda Seca guy obove me is right once ur in MS-13 or ALKQN (Latin Kings) ur in for life.

our main saying is Black and Gold will never fold, which means we cant fold our flag so where in for life or till death do us part.


Posted by: King Cut on July 30, 2010 10:31 AM

It's all a huge joke. The crime in Montgomery County is going up. The homicides might be down but look at ALL the violent crime. I am in law enforcement and I have seen it first hand. When you let illegal's come in and live here ILLEGALLY what do you think will happen? Look at Mexico. Talk about a messed up country.Murder, drugs, robbery etc. It's off the charts. A lot of these people have told me when they get locked up that" It's O.K. in my country." Guess what? You're not in your country anymore. Over the next 10 year's the crime is gonna go through the roof. Part 1 crime(violent crime) has continued to rise every year for the last ten years in Montgomery County. The stupid people that live here just don't want to hear it. News is often not reported or kept a secret from the community. The predominantly wealthy liberal community. It's a joke. The cops will tell you. ask them. Who knows better than the men and women who are making the arrests? If you think it's soooo safe in MOCO then walk down Georgia or New Hampshire Ave. at 10:00 at night when the scum is out. Walk through Wheaton, Silver Spring, Old Towne Gaithersburg. I have seen the worst of the worst. I promise you it will get worse here. Especially with a Chief that gets awards from the ILLEGALS because this is an amnesty county. Watch as thousands upon thousands of illegals come here because of this. Tired of pressing 1 for English now? Just wait. 76% of the people who visit Shady Grove Hospital DO NOT speak English. This is taught at orientation for the hospital. There are not enough Police Officer's to fight the oncoming crime wave. My sister was mugged in BETHESDA in broad daylight by an ILLEGAL alien.Was that reported? Ofcourse not. Crime in Bethesda? No way! Not in such a rich white part of the county. That doesn't happen here. My favorite is when people say, " I never thought that would happen here." Are you kidding? It's 2010. Not 1950! The violent youth of today would much rather shoot you or stab you. They don't fight with their fists like we used to.

It's everywhere you look in Montgomery County. Just open your eyes and stop believing that because the schools are great and jobs are plentiful everything is perfect. Look at Pennsylvania and Virginia. You can legally carry a gun concealed and the crime is way less. Also in West Virginia. Get your heads outta your rear end. Start wanting to protect yourself and your family. Start wanting to protect what you've worked so hard for. Guns don't kill people.....people kill people. Do you blame the car for killing a person or the drunk driver behind the wheel? I thought so. Times have changed and MOCO is about to change for the worst. Just wait and see. If I am wrong I will apologize and never write about MOCO again.

Posted by: FED UP with MOCO on August 24, 2010 09:22 PM

I am baffled by the angry reactions of my long-time friends -- horrified at my departure from I guess what they expect to be a liberal party line --statements against Montgomery County's Sanctuary policy and how this has contributed to making me a crime victim. I am STILL a liberal. But last time I checked, even liberals were supposed to believe in a government of laws. And what is the point of having laws if you don't enforce them?

Becoming a sanctuary county is a HUGE MISTAKE for Montgomery, and it is VERY BAD for our law abiding citizens, especially those of us who are not wealthy enough to live in the enclaves of Potomac and the various communities in our large county wherein roaming bands of young hispanic men would immediately attract watchful attention. Sadly for me, I cannot afford to live there, so here I sit in Wheaton.

My car was broken into twice, in one case, a laptop belonging to my employer was in the trunk and stolen. The laptop was later found in the possession of a young El Salvadoran day laborer, when police were called to a bar where he was inciting a brawl, "throwing down gang signs." He made up some story about buying it off a guy in a parking lot to send to his sister in El Salvador. I was calle to court as a witness, but the arresting officer didn't show up; he was on his honeymoon, said the county attorney. I got to watch as the interpreter -- a kindly, grandmotherly looking woman paid for with OUR tax dollars -- sympathetically placed her hand on the bangers shoulder, and spoke for him, since he spoke not one single word of english. Also while waiting in the courtroom I noticed him making friends with every other hispanic thug defendent in court, walking out with a hugely muscled tatooed scary looking guy he'd met on the bench. The defense attorney also PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS argued that he should just be let off -- because the state didn't have its case ready. The judge, fortunately (although watching him for the day he struck me as a frustrated social worker so I was surprised he didn't dismiss the case) denied their motion, and continued the case. I return some months later and the cop doesn't show up again. This time he's on leave due to an injury while on duty. You'd think they would have notified the court and rescheduled the case. But NO that would be expecting the state agencies to coordinate, which is too much to ask. (Although it's not too much to ask to give free defense to illegals). AGAIN the defense attorney, paid for with our TAX DOLLARS argues that the case should be dismissed because the state doesn't have it's act together. Again, to my relief, the judge grants a continuance, although he makes it clear if the police and other necessary witnesses don't show up the next time, there will be no more continuances.

Through all this, I've taken two days off work to show up myself. My employer is none too happy about the stolen laptop, and I'm watching my tax dollars be used to try to get the likely illegal gang member off scot free because the state can't coordinate. At that point I write letters to County Executive and chief of police telling them I am writing letters to the editors of major papers if the policy are "no shows" at the next court date. I get calls from all kinds of officers at that point reassuring me that the cop will be there. Which he finally is (I am now on my third day off work for this.)

In court, I learn this "day laborer" has 2 or 3 priors in Florida. Theft and fraud, if I recall correctly. He is to my relief convicted, and sentenced to serve I think some really minimal time in jail (like 30 days or less). But I learn that his defense attorney files an intent to appeal, and again, WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS is out the same day. Oh, and he showed up in court that day on crutches. Given that the cop said he was "throwing down gang signs" and starting a bar brawl, I'm not surprised. Also, during the period between court dates, he , stested positive for cocaine. And he KNEW he was going to be drug tested, still he wouldn't or couldn't refrain from doing coke.

He never showed up for his appeal date; there is now a warrant for his arrest. When I looked it up, someone with the same name also has been arrested for theft again since. I am almost certain it's the same guy, same age, etc.

I called ICE field office to see if I could find out if he was illegal. They told me I would have to file some public records request, made it sound very complicated. I've not done so but it is clear to me, since he has already committed a MINIMUM of 3 crimes, possibly as many as 5, at least three of which he has been convicte of -- yet Montgomery County still will not deport him because none of these crimes is classified as "violent"?

When asked about his Florida convictions by the judge prior to sentencing, he whined (through his reassuring and motherly interpreter, paid for with our tax dollars) about the woman accusing him of theft being unfair to him, accusing him wrongly, he just took the bicycle out of her yard and moved it down the street for some bs reason. Made it off like he was the victim of unwarranted profiling. But he'd been convicted of that, yet he still takes no responsibility.

Why would any of this illegal immigrant gang members take our laws seriously? Not only do they come here in violation of these laws knowing full well they are welcome to do so, but then when they commit crimes, our justice system pays for attorneys to get them off, so that they can continue committing crimes.

3+ convictions, failed drug test, and he's walking free. Why in the world would they have any respect for our laws?

And why should we, as citizens, be placed by our government at the mercy of latin gang members? Why are they more important than we are? CASA maryland must be doing a hell of a job.

For the record, I don't have strong feelings either way on otherwise "law abiding" illegal immigrants. I am on the fence there, I can see both sides to looking the other way or deporting. But once a known illegal has been convicted of even 1 crime, it makes NO SENSE AT ALL to let them stay, to put our citizens at risk, waiting for them to escalate to "violent crime."

Is there any doubt that he will in the future commit a violent crime? Numerous thefts, lies in court, positive coke tests (even KNOWING he was going to be drug tested), gang member, starting fights in bars?

Why did he move here from Florida? Is it because we are a "sanctuary county" and he wanted to continue stealing from citizens (and companies, in my case) to pay for his hot-dude club duds and cocaine?

I feel like I am being dangled in the air as a sacrificial tidbit by the county.

I am as liberal as they come. But the argument that illegal immigrants shoudl be permitted to commit crimes against citizens and promised no deportation, have us citizens spend money coddling them and keeping them out of jail and fighting to retain them in our county -- that's not liberal. That's crazy, it's anarchic.

Last time I checked, most liberals still believed in laws. Having and enforcing laws. This is nuts. It's bad for our county.

BTW, two houses on my street sit boarded up. The former occupants -- large groups of latin americans who had lots of noisy parties -- one day just disappeard. The grass grew long, notices were posted. It's been 2+ years and neither house has sold. I think these were foreclosures. So, thanks alot for making our street look and feel like a trash heap. Now I couldn't sell and move elsewhere if I wanted to. And I do want to.

Screw MoCo.

Posted by: LiberalDoesntMeanNoLaws on January 16, 2011 02:49 PM

BTW, once upon a time, the Gazette used to print the racial and ethnic profile of crime perpetrators. I recently picked up a copy and noticed that none of the crime listings for the week included that information. Maybe it was just that week. But I had to wonder -- was that the result of CASA lobbying too? Lotta good it does, "Male, approx 5'9", robbed a woman on Georgia avenue at knifepoint." Great perp description, wow, you really make it easy to catch those guys.

Posted by: LiberalDoesntMeanNoLaws on January 16, 2011 02:56 PM

Last time I wrote was Aug. 2010. The crime is still bad and more illegals have flooded Montgomery County.I have since moved from Montgomery County to West Virginia. I don't like the 1 hour commute but I love the fact that wherever I go, people understand English and the amount of patriotism is wonderful. The crimes I see in Montgomery County by illegals is startling. Is it all reported? Absolutely not. If the general public knew the crimes the illegals were commiting the laws would probably be changed. Not all illegals are Hispanic in Montgomery County. There are thousands of African illegals and Asian illegals as well. The vast majority of crimes however are committed by Hispanic illegals. Montgomery County is nothing what it used to be. Every cop I know is disgusted. If you saw the things we see on a daily basis you would be too. Good job liberals. You have taken a once beautiful county and turned it upside down. Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Germantown are like third world countries. Crime, trash, poverty. These areas used to be wonderful. Don't forget Montgomery Village. Ask the police why the Montgomery Village McDonalds gets robbed at gunpoint all the time. Wake up and take your county back. 74% of all Mexican males have felony records in Mexico before they enter illegally. Did you know that? Probably not. "They come over to have a better life" They also come over to milk the liberal counties for everything, sell drugs, molest young children, drink and drive, steal your info. join gangs, sell more drugs, abuse the hospitals, have children as soon as they get here, over-populate every area they relocate to etc. Arizona got it right. They were sick and tired of their citizens being murdered by illegals. Do me a favor please..... stay in Montgomery County where the crime will continue to skyrocket and don't move to beautiful, affordable West Virginia!

Posted by: fedup on October 29, 2011 11:02 PM

Vampires aint bloods and they aint a gang its a family, they follow god, if anybody attacks them they will deffend themselfs, cops and lawyers got it twisted, they dont know squat, streets know. 5^ 7^ v^ god bless

Posted by: 47 on November 27, 2012 10:13 PM

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