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Must Watch: Glenn Beck Shows National Debt Chart [Video]

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Glenn Beck National Debt

Our national debt is out of control and there is pretty much guaranteed to be - as the business people like to say - "a correction". The simple fact is that you must watch the video below as Glenn Beck shows how our national debt has climbed to proportions unheard of in United States history. Anyone who can watch the video below and come away saying that there is no potential for a collapse is simply off their rocker.

It is simply amazing to me that most Americans can go about their daily business without paying attention to what our government is doing to us, but as history has show time and again that is the case. Most people of a country ignore situations they see as out of their control - even up to the point where they are homeless on the street. They think it is something they did that put them there and in some cases they are right. However in this case it is not what people are doing that is about to cause them some serious pain, it is what they are not doing that is going to cost them.

They are not taking action and demanding more from their leaders. They are floating along on the illogical path of emotion and how politicians present themselves on TV and what they say, not what they are doing. Politicians these days are media savvy. You cannot believe a word they say in their dolled up makeup and fine suits, all you can do is go by their actions. Unfortunately this society has become one of all looks and worship of celebrity and in the meantime they are being manipulated by this into believing that these sellouts and traitors are looking out for your best interests and not their own.

Well I'm here to tell you now they are not looking out for your future or your family's future. They are looking out for their friends, contributors and themselves, all at the cost of you and your family.

It's time to take action folks. Call your representatives and say enough is enough. Tell them to stop selling out our future. Say it angrily, but without profanity, as that will give them a way out to ignore you. Many won't listen to you anyway, but in my opinion they better start listening soon because I believe there are enough angry people in this country at what is being done to them and the country they love that talk will soon be something that they wish was an option to them.

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Glenn Beck on the Out Of Control Debt

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Posted by Digger on February 5, 2009 02:49 PM (Permalink)

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I saw this on Beck's show and was quite stunned. What was even more interesting was that NOBODY is talking about this in the media or anywhere else. Once again leave it to Glenn Beck and his crack research staff to point out what ails this country. I think the reality of this graph is deeply disturbing.

After I saw this particular episode I contacted my Senators and Representative and suggested that enough is enough. I would rather take the pain now and spare my children than drop this on them years down the road. And make no mistake they are going to pay for our selfishness dearly.

Posted by: Political Lipskip on February 8, 2009 07:57 PM

This can all go away in 3-5 years.

Use the CAFR money. It's been there compoundig for decades and no one talks about THAT.

Alex Jones tried bringing it to light...to no avail.

It goes without saying the govenement is robbing us blind.

Check it out and decide for yourselves.

These reports are published yearly and most are available on various government websites.

Check out (do google search for URL): Infowars(Alex Jones), Cafr1.com, and cafrman.com.

Seriously, it doesn't have to be this way. The budget is not the real financial picture, it's just the cropped image given to us to manipulate the public opinion.

Posted by: wilson on February 9, 2009 08:23 AM

The budget is not the real financial picture, it's just the cropped image given to us to manipulate the public opinion.

Well looking at that chart above, the public opinion isn't going to be good.

Posted by: Digger on February 9, 2009 01:02 PM

Exactly....but eventually "we" will concede to higher taxes or less services or both.

It's easier and that's the way the message is packaged.

The "Budget" is only one side of the ledger.

I strongly suggest cafrman.com.

They have actual cafrs from just about every state (previous years) with the numbers...

Posted by: wilson on February 10, 2009 01:07 PM

I also saw this on Glen Beck and that got me to thinking about the underlying data. With a little online research I found all the past data as well as the data tables for President Obama's proposed budget. From the data, I have developed a number of charts that not only show the deficit and growing national debt, but have expressed the data in today's dollars so the past is correctly reflected for inflation. Some of these charts can be found at:

Posted by: Ross Wirth on March 10, 2009 01:39 PM

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