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Miguel Contreras, Candidate For Head Of ICE, Asks Bush To Pardon Ramos And Compean

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Miguel Contreras, a current candidate to replace Julie Myers as the Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has written a letter to President Bush asking for the pardons of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Of course, as expected, he hasn't received a response back from Bush. Bush has not even responded to letters or petitions from congressmen and senators. He is a disgrace. Anyway, back to Contreras.

Contreras Immigrated to the United States legally in 1968 as a migrant worker. He has a long 30-year history in law enforcement. Upon finding out that he was a candidate for the position, he immediately penned the letter to Bush calling for the two agent's pardons. While I applaud him on this action, Contreras is the Founder and Chairmen Emeritus of the Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association and the fact that he is being contemplated by pro-illegal Obama should make you question his appointment.

As Joe Loya, Ramos' father-in-law, says in the article below though, every little bit helps to get these two agents freed.

Bush is set to pardon more on January 15, 2009.

El Paso Times

A candidate for assistant secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement urged President Bush in an open letter to pardon ex-Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Miguel Contreras, a retired federal investigative official, said he wrote the letter in hope the president will grant the two El Pasoans a pardon or reduce their sentences.

"I reviewed everything I could find related to their cases, and based on my extensive experience, Compean and Ramos should be released and reinstated to their former jobs," said Contreras, who lives in Yuma, Ariz., and retired as a federal supervisory criminal investigator. "I have not received a response."


"I don't know Miguel Contreras, but I am thankful, because every little bit helps," said Joe Loya, Ramos' father-in-law. "We understand more pardons and commutations are coming down Jan. 15, and we are praying Compean and Ramos are included.

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