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Disgusting Anti-McCain Website Crosses The Line [Pic]

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I am not going to link to this site, but you can view an image of this disgusting John McCain bashing website. Click the image to the right to see a larger image. On the website is shown injured children, a statement as if written by John McCain and it also contains a copy of John Kyl's signature at the bottom as if he endorses the website.

Below you will also find an email that I received announcing the website. In it you will also see more vile and hateful language, including saying Obama is a homosexual

I am not voting for McCain, he supports amnesty for illegal aliens, but the website mentioned goes one step too far.

The hateful left cannot simply state that they are against anything. They have to post hateful, disgusting images, effigies of people hanging from nooses and other vile manner of things.

I think the McCain campaign needs to hunt those down responsible for the website and sue the hell out of them because the website is not a parody in any way and is posing as an official website, with signatures.

Here is the announcement email I received from the website and at first I thought it was from the John McCain official website until I started reading it. So clearly they are not being a parody, they are being deceitful and hateful:


My friends, it's not looking too good for my plans for the White House. But, there is still time! Here's some specific things YOU can do to help ME get elected:

1. Take a look at my bold, maverick plan for Iraq. Then pass it on. If you're lucky, your family could be part of the solution in Iraq:

2. Pay no attention to Republicans like General Colin Powell or Scott McClellan who have recently endorsed Barack Obama. And, please don't consider the fact that more US troops have contributed to Obama's campaign than to mine. My friends, I assure you, if I'm elected, not only will I finish the job in Iraq...I will also send troops to finally finish the job in Vietnam!

3. Finally, please take a gander at my favorite News and Youtubes:

*Don't forget: Obama is a Muslim, Arab, Terrorist, Socialist, Communist, Homosexual Elitist who wants to tax the air you breath and send the money to Al Qaeda! With your help, my friends, Obama will lose!

May God bless America's Wars for Peace!

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Posted by Digger on October 28, 2008 04:53 AM (Permalink)

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This is quite funny satire. Here in California Obama will win by 1/2 million. Given that the election plays by Republican rules (the winner gets 100% of the state) I am free to vote who I really like, Libertarian Bob Barr.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on October 30, 2008 11:34 AM

The person who built that site is an immature knucklehead and likely has no connection to the Obama campaign. Additionally, you calling Obama a leftist is acting just as immature as the guy who created that McCain website.

Posted by: Chuck U. Farley on December 12, 2008 09:30 AM

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